MC6 Optimization: feature requests and minor bugs(?)

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MC6 Optimization: feature requests and minor bugs(?)

Postby mr_uef » 30 Jul 2010

Hi, here's a number of suggestions/questions I have for the optimization part of MultiCharts.

1. FEATURE REQUEST: It would be great to let a user establish relationship between optimization parameters. For example, when you want to test all possible values for a 2-Line MovAvg signal, it is reasonable to constrain Fast Line length to be < Slow Line length. Or, for example, you may want the parameters of your entry/exit signals to be equal in order to design a strategy with symmetrical parameters for certain markets. This would also help to reduce the number of combinations tested, speeding up the process.

2. FEATURE REQUEST: Feature that prohibits entering a greater “from” optimization value than “to” is rather annoying, leading to extra click and keystrokes. I understand it is done to keep user from entering wrong values, but it better be replaced with an error message as you launch optimization. Meanwhile, if a value looks wrong, it could be highlighted in red to attract attention.

3. FEATURE REQUEST: A nice bell-and-whistle to add would be rotation of a 3D optimization chart after you pull-and-release the chart box, as it is done in Google Earth.

4. FEATURE REQUEST/ QUESTION: Is there a way to import optimization results you once exported? Would be nice to add, if none.

5. BUG OR FEATURE?: In the table with optimized sets of parameters, whenever you choose a new sorting order, and the order of parameter sets changes, the selection does not remain on the selected set. Instead, it just keeps it position in the window, highlighting another set of parameters. It would be more logical if it behaved otherwise.

6. BUGREP: When you export optimization report, there is garbage in “File Types” listbox in “Save Strategy Optimization Report As…” dialog (ver.6 beta 2 build 3102).


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