Problem with IB forex order generation in strategy

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Problem with IB forex order generation in strategy

Postby gpw797 » 27 Oct 2010

I have a strategy that works fine with futures but when applying the strategy to forex eur.usd I get the following error from MC when a trade entry signal is generated "Message: No security definition has been found for the request"

eur.usd ideal pro is in IB TWS and MC is charting fine off that symbol. Please advise, thanks.
mc order error.png
screen shot of error
mc order error.png (166.78 KiB) Viewed 224 times

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Re: Problem with IB forex order generation in strategy

Postby Anastassia » 29 Oct 2010

Hi gpw797,

The error message you get appears due to incorrect Symbol Dictionary settings.
Please go to Symbol Dictionary for Interactive Brokers (Strategy Properties -> Autotrading -> Select Broker Plug-in -> Interactive Brokers settings -> Symbol Dictionary) and make sure you have the correct settings there.
If you added eur.usd symbol manually, go to QuoteManager -> Instrument -> Add Symbol and this time add it From Data Source. That way you won't need to manually change the settings in Symbol Dictionary because the correct ones will be set automatically. Then, go to Symbol Dictionary and delete corresponding line from previous trading session.

Thank you

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