Lag when opening and closing a trade, and other issues.

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Lag when opening and closing a trade, and other issues.

Postby Soma » 22 Feb 2011

There is noticeable lag between the time you click the buy/sell Market button and the trade actually gets entered. I know that liquidity, ping, etc., can affect this, but it happened time and time again in market conditions that should not be a problem. Also no other programs running and ping was 19ms. The same happens when you press the Close button to close a position. However, I found it strange that if you press the "X" on the chart marker to close the trade, the trade closes faster than if pressing the close button. This happens consistently.

Also, when you close a trade, the info in the section you selected closes before info in other areas. Which feels odd. For instance, if I press close in the right panel of Chart Trader, the trade markers remain on the chart a bit longer, even after the trade info on the right has disappeared. The opposite happens if you close a trade in the Chart. Then, the markers disappear but the trade info remains in the right panel a bit longer.

Lastly, the PnL in the chart trader and marker shows incorrectly for pips and %. It only shows correctly for $. This is with MBTrading in case it matters.

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