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Trade Bar

Postby evanscje » 13 Apr 2011

Can you direct me to a place that explains how to use the new Trade Bar in version 7. I need to use it but need to enter the right settings so trades go to (in my case) TT. I have highlighted TT as my "broker" but i still can't enter trades.

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Stan Bokov
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Re: Trade Bar

Postby Stan Bokov » 14 Apr 2011

Explanatory videos and documentation are coming, in the mean time you need to do several simple steps.

Start by filling out your TT connection settings in QuoteManager > Tools > Data Sources > TT > Settings.

Then, create a broker profile for TT, if you have not done so already. It should copy your settings from the QuoteManager. If you have already created the profile, you will need to type in your settings manually. You can also delete your existing profile, and re-add it to get the info automatically.

Then, add the proper symbols into the QuoteManager. If TT is your data provider, go to QuoteManager > instrument > Add Symbol > From Data Source > Trading Technologies. Add the symbols you want.

Then, in the Trade Bar, right-click on the TT tab, choose Connect Trading Technologies. The light should become green, if you entered of the settings correctly.

Then, type in the symbol name as it appears in QuoteManager, or press the little magnifying glass icon to display all of your added symbols for TT. You can also add more symbols from the dialog window that pops up after pressing on the magnifying glass.

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