Pause / sleep / wait

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rondot samuel ws
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Pause / sleep / wait

Postby rondot samuel ws » 05 May 2011


looking for a solution to have a sleep / pause / wait, just 1 or 2 second before send market order.

Seems to be crazy, but can avoid cross order.

For the moment, I played a sound file. but if better solution exist. I take it.



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Re: Pause / sleep / wait

Postby janus » 06 May 2011

You could write a DLL that executes the MS Windows Sleep or SleepEx function to wait so many milliseconds, but I think I saw somewhere how one can access the MS functions directly out of a study. I can't recall the details though. Perhaps I was dreaming.

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Stan Bokov
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Re: Pause / sleep / wait

Postby Stan Bokov » 17 May 2011

You can try placing limit orders and then using the built-in functionality in MultiCharts to converts them to market after x seconds (it's in the Strategy Properties > Autotrading tab)

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