New Charts Slow to Load  [SOLVED]

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New Charts Slow to Load

Postby Guest » 27 May 2011

Sometimes charts appear in 4 to 5 seconds when New Chart is selected, but many times charts may take between 1 to 2 minutes to appear. Is there a remedy for the slow chart loading?

Also is there a way to navigate to the previous chart that was loaded after selecting another chart through New Chart? For example, I may open a new chart for ZCN1, then open a new chart for ZSN1 and would like to return to the ZCN1 chart without having to select it again through New Chart list.

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Stan Bokov
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Re: New Charts Slow to Load

Postby Stan Bokov » 31 May 2011

Charts taking some time to load is normal. The data is being downloaded and arranged so it can be displayed on your chart.

In terms of charts - if you create a chart for ZCN1 and then another one for ZSN1, you first chart is still on your workspace, it just may be hidden. Try minimizing your currently visible chart, or all of them, and you will be able to see it again. Or you can go to Window > Arrange All to lay out all charts that you currently have open.


Re: New Charts Slow to Load

Postby Guest » 31 May 2011

I don't see a way to minimize just the chart, and clicking the dash at top right to minimize will minimize the whole screen. However, selecting "Window" and "Arrange All" works, and I see clicking "Window" shows all open charts allowing me to select any one I want to display. This solves this issue for me, and thanks for the help.

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Dave Masalov
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Re: New Charts Slow to Load  [SOLVED]

Postby Dave Masalov » 01 Jun 2011

There are two minimize and full screen buttons, one for the whole MultiCharts (the one you are clicking) and the other one is right below that one. But since Arrange All works for you, this is just FYI.

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