Thanks for fixing missing ticks

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Thanks for fixing missing ticks

Postby bowlesj3 » 20 Jul 2011

I want to thank the MultiCharts people for fixing the missing ticks problem. I know a while back I wrote two scripts to determine what the problem was (all inspired by Robot Man) Super and I did a lot of testing to determine how bad it was. I did a retest and it seems pretty much fixed (for me that was more than good enough but for people using volume it creates a serious problem if not totally fixed). I have not retested it since released since it is somewhat of a none issue for me. Super might. So great. Thanks so much for fixing it.

Along with that work, I came up with the idea of being able to audit the tick path so we know when studies are executed, where bottle necks occur in our EL code, etc. I forget the details at the moment. Maybe I will get around to finding that request and putting it into the Project Management.
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