Trading Technologies problems

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Trading Technologies problems

Postby Bob » 16 Nov 2011

I have been using MCDT with Zen Fire with no problems.

However recently I switched to broker with Trading Technologies data feed, and I have the following problems: (I am using version 7.1 beta 1, Build 70)

1) Order and Position Tracker - On the accounts tab, the Balance, Equity and Open P/L are not showing any values (displays "n/a")

2) I am using simple bracket Exit Strategy. After the take profit or the stop loss is filled, my position is flat but MCDT still thinks that there is a position open.

3) If I enter another position, MCDT doubles up the order so that there are two positions opened.

4) If instead I disconnect the broker and re-connect, MCDT correctly reports my position as flat

5) However when I enter another position, the open price displayed is incorrect (seems to be based on the opening price of the previous trade). The actual transactions and bracket orders are correctly handled, it is just the open price shown in the DOM is wrong.

6) If I open two contracts, and close one of them before the take profit or stop loss order is filled, the bracket order quantity is correctly adjusted down to 1, but the prices are changed (it may be placing the bracket orders around the incorrect open price, but I'm not 100% sure about that)

Over the weekend I downloaded the new 7.2 version, but this also has a serious bug... it closes the position immediately after opening the position for a 1 tick loss. I realise that MCDT 7.2 has not officially been released yet, just thought I'd let you know

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Re: Trading Technologies problems

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 17 Nov 2011

Hello Bob.
Multicharts DT 7.2 is oficially released.
Unfortunately Balance, Equity and PnL are not provided by Trading Technologies API, that is why this information is unavailable in the Order and position traker, Accounts tab.
The marker on the chart shows the Average entry price received from the TT broker.
There are two options for calculation of this price (File->Broker profiles->Manage->TT->Edit->Trading accounts).
This price should correspond to the price in the X-trader TT software.
More information in this post.

Please come to our live chat Monday-Friday 6:30 am - 4 pm EST to investigate TT issues further.
We will do our best to help you.

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