Cannot connect to MBT

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Cannot connect to MBT

Postby 3man » 20 Jan 2012

Versions: OS = Win7 Enterprise
MBT Desktop Pro =
MC = 7.4 (4953)

Current situation: I can login to MBT Desktop Pro with no problem, ie. I know the UN/PW.
I shut down MBT Desktop Pro.
I have configured the Broker Profile in MC with the appropriate UN/PW.
I have manually added my currency pairs on the "Forex Exchange".
When I attempt to connect I get the "connecting RT: offline" showing on my chart as well as the yellow light on the tab.
There are 7 MultiChart processes running.
I went back to MBT Desktop Pro and tried logging in, it failed. I called MBT and sure enough my account had been locked out due to too many failed attempts. Do I need to add something to the un or pw in MC?

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Re: Cannot connect to MBT

Postby 3man » 22 Jan 2012


This is a clean install, run as administrator, on a completely updated system (Microsoft/Windows updates).

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Cannot connect to MBT

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 23 Jan 2012

Hello 3man,

Please make sure all processes of MBT Desktop Pro are finished in the Windows task manager.
Then start MultiCharts and try to plot a chart and connect to MBT broker profile.
If you still fail to connect-please send us the logs for analysis.

Here's how to find them:
1)You can find log files here "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application
Data\TS Support\MultiCharts\".
You should paste this line in Start --> Run and in the window that will pop up make a zip-folder.
2) please click on the Windows Start button-> Programs -> MultiCharts ->
make a right click on Logs-> then click on Properties.
Go to the Shortcut tab and click on "Open file location".
In the appeared window please compress to Zip folder called "Logs".
Send this archive to this email and we will analyze it.

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Re: Cannot connect to MBT

Postby 3man » 25 Jan 2012


I was working with MBT to unlock my account and he had to reset my password, he also asked about any 'characters' I was using and recommended using the string character in place of a brace that I was using. The connection tab in MC was green instead of yellow, which was the first good sign, I then had to remove and re-add my symbols in QM. When I removed and added a chart in MC all was good.

Thanks anyway for your prompt response and willingness to help...


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