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Time and Sales

Tape reading has been successfully used by traders since the middle of the 19th century. Time and Sales shows at which price a trade was filled - at bid, ask or between them. Also, it displays the amount of volume that each trade includes. This information tells you whether there are currently more buyers or sellers, and also what prices they are buying and selling at.

Keep your finger on the market pulse

There are 100,000's of transactions each day and a trader needs a tool that is capable to filter noise and to aggregate the information for decision making. Set up the desired number of rows, choose windowed or full screen mode, add more info to the status bar and set up colors for data grouping. For technical information look at the related Wiki page.

Time and Sales

Full picture of the market

You can use the “Aggregate Ticks with Similar Price” option which combines all trades with the same price and direction into one line.

Refresh as often as you like

If you have a powerful computer then you may want to choose updates every 1/10th of a second. Reducing frequent updates helps reduce the load on your CPU.

Choose update direction

For your convenience we implemented an option to where to add new lines: on Top or Bottom. The latest data will always be in front of your eyes.

Save space with Compact Mode

Organize your working area just the way you need it. Time & Sales has a Compact Mode to save on space, or you can go Full mode on a larger monitor. Easily switch by clicking the Switch Mode button.

Pause the flow when you need

Don't miss a thing with our AutoPause feature on Time & Sales. Simply left-click anywhere on the window or scroll and updates will pause to give you time to analyze the situation. Click the window again or scroll back to where you were to resume real-time updates.

Easy access to your filters

We designed a special Filter button on Time & Sales window that lets you turn on/off filtering with one click. You can set up filters once and then activate whenever you need them. Filter trades by time, price, volume and/or Filled At/Above/Below/Between Bid or Ask. You can use one or multiple filters to see exactly what you need right away.