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Cycle Analysis > CICLES

Article/Author: Omega Research Inc., 1996

Download: CICLE.ELA

File Includes:

Indicator - CICLE
Function - CICLE (Protected)

Category: Indicator > Cycle Analysis


Plots Cicles similar to Radio Waves. Can be applied several times in same Subgraph scaled to Price. Should be applied to different Subgraph from Price data.
NOTE: Use negative number for CicStart if you wish to start plot on Down Slope.


The most popular method of using a cycle is to accurately predict events in nature: bird migrations, the tides, planetary movements, etc. One can also use cycle analysis to predict changes in financial markets, although not always with the accuracy found in nature.

The prices of many commodities reflect seasonal cycles. Due to the agricultural nature of most commodities, these cycles are easily explained and understood. However, for some securities, the cyclical nature is more difficult to explain. Theories as to why certain securities exhibit cyclical patterns range from weather and sun spots, to planetary movement and basic human psychology.

Everybody knows that prices are a consensus of human expectations. These expectations are always changing, shifting the supply/demand lines, and causing prices to oscillate between overbought and oversold levels. Fluctuations in prices are a natural process of changing expectations and lead to cyclical patterns.


CicEnd - end of cycle
Incrment - increment
CicStart - start of cycle

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