How to Enable Extended Logging

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Why do I need extended logging

By default real-time data reception is not logged to avoid influence on performance and system resources.
For a Feedback report to include information about real-time data, extended logging should be enabled.

How to enable extended logging

  1. Close MultiCharts and all its applications including QuoteManager. Make sure that no MultiCharts processes are left in Task Manager -> Details tab -> Description column.
  2. Right-click the MultiCharts shortcut -> Properties -> Shortcut tab -> click Open File Location. The default path is C:\Program Files\TS Support\MultiCharts64
  3. Run ExtendedLogging.exe
  4. Check Shaper.dll and a dll corresponding to your data feed
  5. Click Apply
Hints to find your data source on the Modules list:
BC - Barchart
DDE - Universal DDE
Dukas - Dukascopy
GC - GAIN Capital
GS - GlobalServer
IB - Interactive Brokers
IQ - IQFeed
MS - MetaStock
PS - Patsystems
RT01 - Rithmic 01
TS - TradeStation
TT - Trading Technologies 2020