How to solve digital rights management system connection problem

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If you see the following message it means that MultiCharts cannot connect to the authorization server:

"There is no connection to the digital rights management system. No real-time data will be available."

There are 2 possible reasons for this:

  1. Internet connection problems. Please check your Internet connection.
  2. An anti-virus or firewall connection is blocking MultiCharts authorization. Please try to temporarily disable your anti-virus and firewall software and see if it solves the issue. Also, please make sure that MultiCharts has access to,, servers and Ports # 443 and # 80 should be open. You can try to open page in your Internet Explorer browser (as MultiCharts is using its components for the authorization) and if you can see a picture of a plant and “We’ll Have More Soon” text, you should be able to connect to the DRM system.

If the problem persists, please contact MultiCharts Support