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MultiCharts is a trading platform that offers a range of tools designed for market analysis, strategy development, and trading.
Here are some of the key MultiCharts tools for traders and financial analysts:

  • High-definition charting and market scanning
  • Built-in indicators and strategies
  • Strategy development, testing and optimization tools
  • Simulated trading and market playback
  • Portfolio analysis and trading
  • Connection to various brokers for manual and automated order management and execution

Watch MultiCharts Intro Video to get an overview of the platform.

Beginner's Guide

These pages will help you get started and set MultiCharts up according to your goals and needs.
Each section contains links to detailed pages for further information:


PowerLanguage Guide

PowerLanguage serves as the backbone of MultiCharts, empowering traders to craft personalized trading solutions.
This section provides an overview of PowerLanguage's fundamental aspects, offering insights into its functionality and the range of possibilities it presents for traders.

Download PowerLanguage Keyword Reference in PDF format here.

MultiCharts .NET

MultiCharts .NET combines the best features of MultiCharts with the robust potential of the .NET framework.

The main difference between MultiCharts .NET and MultiCharts regular is the ability to develop in .NET languages, such as C# and VB.NET. Any IDE can be used to create scripts, from the built-in editor to Notepad++. A very tight integration with Visual Studio makes this IDE a perfect choice.

Here are a few features in MultiCharts .NET that are not available in MultiCharts regular:

  • Access all data from scripts for instruments that are not even charted
  • Create custom toolbars
  • Draw objects using GDI
  • Access all the Order and Position Tracker information from scripts

Watch a short intro video to get an overview of the .NET Editor and the tight integration we created with Visual Studio.

The PowerLanguage .NET Help file with descriptions of all of functions is located in the PowerLanguage .NET Editor itself and can be downloaded here (you may need to unblock the .chm file to be able to see its content: right-click the file → Properties → check Unblock on the General tab → click Apply).

The MultiCharts .NET Programming Guide describing the process of creating and applying studies in MultiCharts .NET can be found here.

.NET Programming Guide

Indicators and signals for MultiCharts .NET can be written using C# and VB.NET programming languages. The following information requires that the reader has basic knowledge of any C# or VB.NET programming languages. If not, then we recommend reviewing the following reference before continuing.

This Programming Guide describes the process of creating and applying studies in MultiCharts .NET.
A description of all PowerLanguage .NET methods and classes can be found in Power Language .NET Help: PowerLanguage .NET Editor main menu → HelpPowerLanguage .NET Help.