CPU Upgrade

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CPU Upgrade

Postby clint454 » 28 Mar 2024

I am upgrading to either a dedicated server or VPS with GPU. A Dedicated Server has a better and more efficient use of its resources as there is no level of virtualization like in the case of a VPS. However, CPUs handle limited threads, while GPUs tackle thousands simultaneously. This makes GPUs optimal for data-heavy tasks like certain trading analytics and chart rendering.

I only have 8 charts open but my custom indicators are resource-intensive and typically load 180 days of tick data for manual backtesting on charts (no auto strategy backtesting).

Is this post below from 2013 still accurate?
‘MultiCharts is multi-thread enabled. However, each chart will only be loaded into a core... ONE core only. One core can take multiple charts, but one chart will not (and cannot) be distributed into multiple cores.’

Given my resource-intensive charts, I am trying to determine which is better for my situation. They are about the same price. The Institutional Server at $190 monthly and the GPU VPS at $200 monthly. But, if a resource-intensive chart cannot be distributed into multiple threads,, then the GPU VPS would not be beneficial.

The dedicated server is shown in the link here. See Institutional Server

Or GPU VPS here?

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Re: CPU Upgrade

Postby HellGhostEvocatorX » 02 Apr 2024

Please pay attention to its spelling: GPU is the graphics card. CPU is the processor on the motherboard. Multicharts is primarily CPU-heavy and threads refer to the individual cores of the CPU (not GPU!).

There was also a very extensive post in this forum about why GPUs cannot be used for complex tasks like those in a trading platform like multicharts - just google it again :)

No complex graphics are displayed in multicharts, so a simple GPU is usually sufficient for image output.

There will certainly also be options to run calculations via the graphics card, but these are not integrated into multicharts...

Therefore, choose a PC with a good CPU (high clock frequency for fast calculations) and many (real!) cores if you want to complete many tasks at the same time. A good RAM can also help.

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