problemes with compiling !!!

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problemes with compiling !!!

Postby daniel » 12 Oct 2006


i had downlonded the neu versin 644.1126.exe and it work good only i have probleme when i want add one of my indi in my chart that i have wrietet with easylanguse in PLeditor that ciming this message " stuy 'mgm2' is not compiled. use powerlanguage to fixe possible errors and compile the study.'' <<<< of corse i have bevore compile my indis.

with TS is very easy and simple but i can said you , MC it will a very good product but why it is not simple to add our indis ?

please can any one helpe me to resoudre this probleme ?

peurhaps MC support can us some video or online manuel to understand how we can add our indi strategy and signals .

thank you

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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 13 Oct 2006

Were there any compilation erros in the PLEditor log field?

Please send the code to us for a look - you can use the private messages function or email it to

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Stanley Miller
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Postby Stanley Miller » 14 Oct 2006

Dear Daniel,

After the installation of the new version all your custom studies become uncompiled. This is the way the current installer works. All you need to compile you studies is run PLEditor, open your studies
and hit F3 to compile them. Please let me know if you need further

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