Realtime Recording / Historical Loading

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Realtime Recording / Historical Loading

Postby damageboy » 04 Nov 2006

I've noticed that when MC uses live feeds, the bars generated on screen and stored in DB are according to the computer clock.

However if for some reason there were data communication errors or hickups, the data generated from realtime will actually differ from that loaded from the provider.

To "Fix" this, a user can delete the bar/tick/whatever data from the DB using the Quote Manager's "Edit Data" functionality.

I think that MC needs to change it's behavior in some way regarding this.

I think it would be nice for bars to be retro-fitted, perhaps when re-opening the chart window with historical data.

This is mainly an issue with bars that have no data at all (like a 30 second bar which occurred during a provider breakdown)...

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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 06 Nov 2006

Data saved in realtime will never be truly identical though in theory it should, you can check it with other programs and data sources.
Sorry, could you please explain your suggestion in more detail, we don't see to catch the idea.

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Postby damageboy » 06 Nov 2006

My suggestion is simple:
Instead of reading historical bars ONLY when the data is missing (backfills), do it EVERY time the chart is re-loaded, regardless whether the data was previously recorded in real-time.
only when the data stored within MultiCharts database,is the one retrieved from the historical data source, the backfill may be avoided.

This way, opening charts, at-least for the second time, or on different computers will not generate what seems to be a data-discrepancy issue.

additionally, I would like multi-charts to detect disconnections from the data provider and when this happens, reread historical data to fill in data gaps generated in real-time, because of disconnections. this historical backfill should be triggered by disconnections or missing data rather by chart reloading per se.

Other than that, I have no issues with real-time data being slightly different from data. I would get by reloading the chart at a different time.
if I recall correctly this is the behavior practiced by TS as well.

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