Resetting the "price scale"

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May 24 2006

When the "Y" reset price scale (or the "all scale") icon is clicked, it resets the Yscale for all studies in all windows. It should only reset for the current window.
I'd like to manually set the volume scale because I use a line to plot both Volume Up and Volume Down. I would like to somehow
make them both scale to the same volume scale, but that doesn't appear possible unless the scale is manually set.

This, in itself, is a pain, but at least upon manually setting, the Volume Up and Volume Down lines correspond to their correct indications.

Please see the attached explanation with screen shots for a clearer idea of what I'm talking about.


Volume scale bug and desired feature.pdf
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Alex Kramer
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May 25 2006

When you scale or reset the Y-axis, this only affects the object (data series or study) for which the subchart was originally created.

If you mean there's something else happening, please send an example workspace where this occurs.