PowerLanguage Editor - stable or not?

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PowerLanguage Editor - stable or not?

Postby Alex Kramer » 25 May 2006

Dear users of MultiCharts,

If anyone of you is or has been recently having problems with PLEditor (suddenly closing, or other editor issue), please post your complaints here.

Indicate what version of MultiCharts were you using, if possible - what study did you have open in the editor when the crash occured? Thank you.


Postby Victor » 25 May 2006

Hi, Editor is not stable, very often, when I execute my study, Editor closes itself.

I use link: http://tssupport.com/products/multichar ... charts.exe

Question by the way: How we can be notified about new versions, if not looking at this forum? If software doesn't update itself, why every time we start MultiCharts it says: 'Checking for software Version'?

Thanks a lot.

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