Stock Splits and correcting IB data

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Stock Splits and correcting IB data

Postby GD » 03 Aug 2006

I see that IB does not adjust its data base for stock splits. I assume that other data sources do. However, what is the easiest way to adjust the IB data for a split? Will there ever be a feature for automatically doing this in MC?

Also, what is the proper procedure for correcting the data base? I see a mistaken LOW value for July 20 Goog. I deleted the symbol, added it again, deleted the cache, edited the data, refreshed the symbol (control-R) in On-demand mode. The error is still in the plot. When I go into the Goog database, the July 20 Low is back to the erroneous value.




Postby Victor » 04 Aug 2006


I also got this problem and see what I did to correct data. I export the data from MC database to ASCII file. Than I wrote the program to correct all the prices (O, H, L, C) and than import back as ASCII source.

However, in this case, whenever I try to reload quotes (to get recent data) it reloads all the data. So every dat I have to enter recent quotes myself.

This is the only way I found to get all quotes adjusted to splits.
I already asked MC support about that and you find any better way of doing that, Please, let me know. Without that, all studies area scrood up 50 bars after aplits( or evem more, depending on study level).


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