DDE Server Question  [SOLVED]

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DDE Server Question  [SOLVED]

Postby kai » 13 Aug 2006

Dear Stanley:
Can you make online vedio again for connecting DDE excel server for more than one symbol connections with both data sources in one excel spreadsheet!

My topic is quite different with the online '*' vedio method, that I can not change the Last with '*'
for example

When I coonect two symbols at once, the chart shows a mixing of data problem on the chart

Also. What is the difference between Standard tab and the Advanced tab
How to use it? it is not in the Help manual

thank you

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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 14 Aug 2006

The request need to differ in some way, i.e. must include the symbol name. Otherwise all the incoming data will be naturally charted together in a jumble.

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