backtesting signal question

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backtesting signal question

Postby benysl » 20 Aug 2006

if open tomorrow < low[1]
then buy at Open tomorrow stop;
exitlong at Low[1] limit;


the above strategy work well on TS, however when I put it on Multicharts complilation there is a lot of error.
Anybody has any idea. The concepts is a gap concept.

If today open is less then yesterday low, I will buy straight at market open.
Exit is when it hit yesterday low prices.
Stop loss of 500 and a exit at market close if neither the profit or stop loss is hit

any advise will be appreciated

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Stanley Miller
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Postby Stanley Miller » 20 Aug 2006

ExitShort and ExitLong from TS 2000i syntax is not supported, you have to use Sell and Buy to Cover expressions from TS 8. Also you have to specify a bar for your signals:

if open tomorrow < low[1] then
buy at next bar at Open stop;
sell at next bar Low[1] limit;


Please note that setstoploss and setexitonclose words are not supported so far.

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