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Aug 20 2006

A long time ago I remember that it was announced that New Versions of MC could be installed on top of old versions,without UN-installing first.

Then I recall there were problems,and it was advised to UNinstall and also to save a bunch of stuff Before a new version installation.

What is the Present status? Can a trader download and install a newer version without all the hassle of uninstalling,saving certain files,etc?

If not,what is the exact procedure?


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Alex Kramer
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Aug 21 2006

The installer of Multicharts presently starts inMaintenece mode if there's an existing installation detected, so it can be removed with a single click.

Due to problems, e.g. related to corruption of the indicators folder, it is not recommended to install the new version on top of the previous.

If there has been an issue with studes missing, mixing up in tabs, not compiling etc. it is advised to perform a full uninstallation as described in thread ; otherwise the lingering files may lead to the problem not being reolved by reinstallation.


Aug 22 2006

Thanks for the reply Alex.

It appears that an uninstall is still needed along with saving a host of files.

Hopefully in the near future those problems will be fixed.