Update Every Tick  [SOLVED]

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Update Every Tick  [SOLVED]

Postby Guest » 21 Aug 2006

If update every tick is UNCHECK, does it mean the indicator is GUARANTEED to update at the close of BAR, regardless if its a tick, volume, minute or seconds chart ?

And If update every tick is CHECK, is it guaranteed to update on every tick ? again for all bar types ?


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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 21 Aug 2006

If the "update on every tick" checkbox is not checked, the indicator will be recalculated at the close of every bar, whatever may the resolution be.

In reality the disabled option "Update on every tick" does not presume calculation only once per bar. It is meant to decrease the computations load and the calculation is performed not on every tick but only when really necessary. Suppose you have an indicator that uses for calculation 2 series and the first one has a lower resolution than the second. If the indicator is calculated only once per bar of the first series, this will be totally wrong as part of higher-resolution second series bars will be missing from the calculation.

There may be other examples where recalculationg several timer per bar is necessary, so please do not suppose that disabling Update on every tick is identical to once-per-bar calculation. If the logic of your indicator or strategy requires calculation once per bar, please use in the code the barstatus reserved word, it can assume the following values:

2 = the closing tick of a bar
1 = a tick within a bar
0 = the opening tick of a bar

So everything within a bar will be calculated once on the close if barstatus = 2 then begin...

If the indicator is to be updated on every tick, so it will be - please keep in mind that keeping complex indicators updated on every tick can be very resourse-intensive and can cause performance lags.

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