Why I cannot plot ZB ZN or any CBOT IR instrument correctly.

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Aug 21 2006

why I cannot plot ZB ZN or any CBOT IR instrument correctly?
Looks like all quotes are converted to decimals, which is of no use for any interest rate chart user.

Does MC plans to fix this in the future ?

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Stanley Miller
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Aug 21 2006

Please go to the QuoteManager, find ZB ZN in the symbol list, go to the symbol settings and change the price scale to the proper one.

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Alex Kramer
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Aug 22 2006

Sorry for the miscommunication, emotta; the fractional price scale has not been implemented yet.
Changing the settings won't do anything - our apologies, we'll be working on it.


Aug 24 2006

I brought this to their attention 2 months ago, still nothing. I bought this software 2 months ago and have not seen one update, not one.