MCActiveX.exe = 564MB ?  [SOLVED]

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MCActiveX.exe = 564MB ?

Postby Guest » 27 Aug 2006

I have 5 wsp open, and the MCActiveX.exe is 564MB, tsServer.exe is 227MB.
These numbers look large. Are they normal ?

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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 28 Aug 2006

This depends on the type of workspaces you have open - please tell wat are they?
For instance, a single workspace using Bill Schamp's techniques and charting a set of 49, 343, 2401, 16807, and 117649 voulme bars for a year of data will easily consume half a gigabyte of memory.
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Postby Guest » 28 Aug 2006

yes, I have a few of those. But only 2 months data.
I guess it is "normal".

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