Question on pivots, grid lines and spacing

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Sep 19 2006


I'm wondering if anybody has any experience with the following items on Multicharts. I'm trying to customize them on Multicharts.

1)Pivots - I'm actually very used to the traditional pivots, mainly line pivots that looks the same as Fibonacci retracement lines on a chart. anybody here managed to get them on MC?

2)Grids - Mainly price grids. I'm trading FX and I would like to configure a 15 or 5 minutes chart to display a grid line on every 1 pip, eg.. 1 line at 1.2700, 1 line at 1.2701, 1 line at 1.2702 and so on. Anybody manage to customize it?

3)Spacing - Upon loading Multicharts, the candlestick are located at the extreme right hand side of the chart, is there any way I can pull it away from the right side so that there will be a space between the current candle and price axis on the right.

Will appreciate any advise. Thanks

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Alex Kramer
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Sep 19 2006

1) Various implementations of pivot indicators exist in EasyLanguage and can be added to MultiCharts, so hopefully you'l be able to find one that suits you.

2) With careful tweaking and smooth manual resizing of the price scale it's possible to display a grid line per pip, see attached screenshot, but it's up to you do decide whether such presentation is convenient.

3) In the Format Window dialog, X-Time Scale tab there's a Space to the Right field that reserves the indicated number of bars free between the last data bar and the vertical axis.
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