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Oct 06 2006

Notice with my MC, when I start the program it is loading MCActiveX and it will keep trying to load but will not load until I unload my F-secure Virus scanner. Also when MC is loaded and running one of my F-Secure executables fssm32.exe continually hogs CPU resources 50% - 75% until I shut down MC. I give up on MC. Can't get the bloody thing to work with OpenTick properly. I've had it. Take it and you know what. No I don't want to contact your help tech and do remote whatever.


Oct 06 2006

I have the same problem. In fast markets i have to disable my GDATA Virus scanner to get the data without any lag. If i have the Virus scanner enabled the IB-data lags about 7-10 seconds and the CPU resources rise over 80 % with a P4/2,4 GhZ

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Oct 08 2006

if MC is the problem, then everybody using MC with IB will experience the problem you described.

There are lots of people here using MC with IB.

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Alex Kramer
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Oct 09 2006

Dear customers,

For the beta version we have enabled detailied logging, with numerous events being logged every second in ASCII format; various antivirus software may attempt to analyze this traffic and this consumes much resources.

One the beta stage is through, we'll disable detailed logging and this problem will no longer be outstanding.