Using Stored Tick Data for indicator calculation

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Using Stored Tick Data for indicator calculation

Postby damageboy » 22 Oct 2006

Does MC have or has planned a feature for using stored tick data when calculating indicators / back-testing strategies?
If it is currently possible, how do I invoke it for an indicator/strategy?

I know that I can check the "Update Every Tick" check box in the properties page for an indicator, thus having it run for every tick in "live" mode...

I would like to be able to "extend" the usability of this feature for loading historical charts (and their indicators) and running back-testing...

I know that TS has a limited feature of this sort, allowing for tick-data to be used while running strategies in back-testing (but not for ordinary indicators).

Any comment from the MC team would be greatly appreciated...

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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 24 Oct 2006

We are working on making the data playback completely integrated, so it will support all kinds of indicators, resolutions etc., with actual timestamps of corresponding bars displayed.
Sorry if I can't give an estimate when, but this is an important addition and will be implemented.

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