QuoteManager in Workspace? :?

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QuoteManager in Workspace? :?

Postby denizen2 » 15 Nov 2006

Why is the QuoteManager (when launched) placed inside a specific Workspace window?

Shouldn't the QuoteManager be treated the same as the PLEditor when lauched?

I would like to be able to launch the QuoteManager and then minimize it to the desktop-TaskBar on the bottom of the screen (just the same as already done when the PLEditor is launched). Then, when I want to see it again, I can just like the icon in the TaskBar. Now, I have to open a specific Workspace where it was last 'put', OR re-launch it? :wink: Since everything that is done in the QuoteManager effects ALL workspaces, then it would be most consistent to associate it with the 'desktop', rather than any specific workspace, right?


Postby 3 » 16 Nov 2006

I agree Denizen-good idea.

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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 17 Nov 2006

This will be considered; in the future implementations, actually, it we plan enabling to move any window, be it chart or QuoteManager, out of the workspace bounds, mainly to facilitate multi-monitor use.

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