A FAQ For Beta Users Needed?

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A FAQ For Beta Users Needed?

Postby denizen2 » 20 Nov 2006

We have a FAQ for questions relataed to use of the Forums. I suggest that another separate FAQ be added for questions related to Beta-testing, as well as other MC-software upgrading, backup, and maintenance issues.

You guys probably get tired of answering the same questions, right? Then please make it more easy for us to review questions already asked and answered, other than the search and perusal of the whole Forum. Perhaps, the same web-page could also have the complete run-down on the Beta links and update-documentation?

The format currently being used where all of this informaiton is just part of a long-running dialog in the 'Beta Announcement' topic in the Forum. That format is welcomed and useful, but not really sufficient for the sake of clarity or expediency (i.e., from the user's point of view).

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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 20 Nov 2006

We have a knowledgebase to which we add as many usable FAQs as we can.

Here's a link to the FAQ search:
http://www.tssupport.com/support/base/? ... 39&string=

A FAQ on the installing, basic repairs, backups etc. will be developed in a short while and added there.
If you have any FAQs you think can be added there, please share.
Searching the forum is actually a great source of information - the Search function works great with a well-selected combination of keywords.

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