Indicators State Machine

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Thomas Mann
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Indicators State Machine

Postby Thomas Mann » 15 Nov 2007

I was wondering if Andrew or someone who wrote the functions in MC could answer a quick question. I have developed a custom trading script using TradeCommander's DLL interface to IB. This allows me to send trades to IB automatically from a indicator. The issue I have noticed is when I have a trigger condition that handles my trailing stop I notice that if my profit target is hit while the tick is paused or idle I do not see a condition process until the tick goes active again. This causes me to miss my profit a lot of the time since the $ amount usually drops on the next tick activity. In other words I reached my target of profit, but I could not get the stop adjusted fast enough. Does the program only process the conditions at the beginning of each tick ? I would think you would process when Tick = 0 since the bar is complete and the next bar is coming.
Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 15 Nov 2007


There are two scenarios for calculating indicators: on every tick or on close.
This can be adjusted in the indicator's properties: just go to Format Study -> Properties and either check or uncheck the option Update On Every Tick - depending on when you want to have the indicator calculated.


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