The launch of a new MCFX quote server in beta-test mode

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The launch of a new MCFX quote server in beta-test mode

Postby Stanley Miller » 27 Dec 2007

Dear clients,

First, we would like to thank everyone who continues to use MCFX despite numerous problems with data. We are certain that these problems will soon be a thing of the past.

We are glad to announce that we finished the development of the new quote server. Implementing this project from scratch took a considerable amount of time, and we are sure that our efforts resulted in a reliable, fast, and scalable system.

This service is currently in beta-test phase and you may discover some shortcomings. However, even in beta-test mode, the system is many times more reliable than the current production version and we strongly urge you to install the beta version of the program in order to avoid the data feed interruptions that have been common up until now.

The installers are located here:

Please report any problems and forward comments to our customer support or post them in the forum.

Known limitations of the new server:

- The quantity of data can not exceed 100,000 bars. This limit is in force only while the data compression algorithm is being improved. We expect this limit to be lifted by March 2008.

- Point charts currently could not be used. This will also be resolved by March 2008.

New features:

- Fractional Pips
- Plotting Speed
- Server-based resolution conversion results in many-fold increase in the speed of data download.
For example, to build a 240-minute chart for one year, the platform used to download 360,000 bars and convert them to the desired resolution. This operation required a few minutes. Now this takes only a few seconds because the required conversion is performed by the server and only 1,500 bars have to be downloaded.

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