Optimisation Report - Change default saving folder???

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Optimisation Report - Change default saving folder???

Postby Jupp25 » 17 Sep 2022


1. How/where can I set the folder where the Reports are being saved. After reinstalling they are now in a different folder and I cant remember what/if I changed something in the previous installation.

2. what does "Save report in workspace" actually mean? the reports are saved in the folder of the file system, no matter if that option is activ or not. the wiki says, that that option may consume considerable amount of resources. does that mean the reports are also saved in the workspace and every performed tests adds to the workspace size? how would you access those older reports? And if thats so, since the workspace dont seem to "shrink", after turning that option off, is there any need to "clean" a workspace from old reports?
the wiki does not really help on that subject.

THX :-)

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Re: Optimisation Report - Change default saving folder???

Postby Polly MultiCharts » 19 Sep 2022

Hello Jupp25,

  1. All the Optimization Reports are saved in the Documents folder by default. You can specify another file location, when you click the ‘Save’ button. Next time you click the ‘Save’ button, the file location will be defined from a previous saving session.
    If you don’t specify any location, the report will be saved in the Documents folder.
  2. When you enable the ‘Store optimization reports within workspaces’ box, the optimization report is saved not only in the Documents folder, but with the workspace as well, i.e. when you open the saved workspace, you will have access to the report at once. In the workspace when the new report is created, the old one is rewritten with the new one. All the old reports can be found in the Documents folder by default, if the ‘Keep the reports from previous optimizations’ box is checked.
    After you turn the ‘Store optimization reports within workspaces’ option off, next time you save the workspace, the reports will not be saved within it.

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