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Postby Guest » 19 Feb 2006

Guys any response on this ?
Both test and test1 shows a minute chart with the tick chart set to invisible.

test1 is a zoom in view of test.

As you can see, even though the tick charts is invisible , it still takes up space, and thus the minute charts is hard to see.

My problem as i state again, is that overlaying tick data with minute data, even after setting the tick to invisible, the tick still takes up space on the charts even though i decrease spacing to the max. As such the minute chart which is still visible on the chart looks very narrow and cannot be easily seen.
Could you please post here the screenshot to demonstrate what you described above?

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Stanley Miller
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Postby Stanley Miller » 19 Feb 2006

Dear Sir,

As I've mentioned above MultiCharts allows you to decrease bar spacing as necessary. So I don't see any problems in analyzing of minute charts. Please see the attached screenshot and let us know your thoughts.
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Postby Chris » 19 Feb 2006


which version of MC are you using? If you are not using the beta release, then you can't decrease the scaling that much.


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