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Postby Guest » 28 Feb 2006

I would like to keep this post on the first page and wait patiently for an answer.

Again: High/Low in the status line is ok at startup, when a new high/low occurs during the session its not updated.


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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 28 Feb 2006

We have no access to the COIL symbol you sent in the screenshot ; does anything similar happen to other symbols, for instance ES?

Also, does restarting MC fix this status line update lag?


Postby Guest » 28 Feb 2006

The same problem with ES from Interactive Brokers, see attached screenshot.

The low on the left side was 1281.5 (and displayed in the status line), the low (that was the true low so far) on the right side was 1281.00, not displayed in the status line.

As soon as I click 'Reload' the prices in the status line are correct, a restart is not necessary.

By the way: The retracement line price label for the low does not show the low of the bar (1281.50), it shows 1281.49, sometimes more imprecise. The snap mode was set active. In this case the exact values of the chart bar should be displayed. Same at the high 1294.5, your retracement price label shows 1294.52.

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