About the upcoming optimisation feature

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About the upcoming optimisation feature

Postby duration » 21 Feb 2006

Dear Sirs,

I have heard that backtesting and optimisation are soon to be implemented into MultiCharts. We would gladly pay any price for the software if the following were included:

- Genetic Optimisation

- Unlimited number of tests

- FULL SUPPORT OF HYPER-THREADING, DUAL CORE, and 64 bits CPUs for faster optimisations. The Ht and dualcore feature should allow you to either run several optimisations in the same time, or to optimise one very fast. I am sick of seeing powerful CPUs being exploited at 25% capacity by TS.

I am very experienced with optimisation and have various types of computers at my disposal, and would be happy to help you test, should you need to.

Many thanks,

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Stanley Miller
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Postby Stanley Miller » 23 Feb 2006

Dear Duration,

Thank you very much for the suggestions, your assistance will be definitely very helpful when the optimization option is ready for beta testing. Please visit our web site and forum to be in touch with the latest events and make sure you don't miss that release.


Postby Guest » 23 Feb 2006

I know there aren't any charting/optimisation platforms that take advantage of the dual core/64 bit processors. I agree that this would be EXTREMELY useful and put MultiCharts at the Cutting Edge. I too am sick of waiting for optimisations to finish, and would love to see them take advantage of the new technology available.

Just putting my vote in to make a 64 bit version of MultiCharts!

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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 23 Feb 2006

Sure, fully implemented 64bit and multicore/HT/SMP features can do a lot for Multicharts performance and we'll devote time to them. Thanks for pointing our attention to them.
Presenty, in keeping with the roadmap (as posted earlier on this forum) this has a low priority.

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Postby duration » 27 Feb 2006

May don't forget SSE instructions as well!

I believe some of them have are specially made for regular memory access patterns and data independent control flow.

Many thanks,

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