Historical Data Issue  [SOLVED]

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Historical Data Issue  [SOLVED]

Postby Guest » 21 Feb 2006

I recently built a chart with data going back to 1/2/05. My quotes went down overnight so I had to refresh the data. Once I did this I knoticed that my data only went back to 11/29/05. I checked the symbol settings and the dates requested were still set to "1/2/05-present" I tried to start a completely new chart with the same symbol and it still wouldn't go any further back then 11/29/05 . I tryed another symbol. I could get the data going back to 1/2/05, however, once I refreshed the chart it would not go any further back than 11/29/05. How can I fix this problem. I know the data is there but multicharts just won't display it after I refresh.

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Andrew Kirillov
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Postby Andrew Kirillov » 22 Feb 2006

Dear Sir,

What is the datafeed, chart rsolution and symbol? Make sure you have data for appropriate resolution in Edit Data window for this symbol.


Postby Guest » 23 Feb 2006

Esignal is the data feed, and I'm using the data provided by TraderLogic. I tested it for 6J #f and 6E #f on a 25 point range chart. I have it set to go back to 1/5/05. First time I got the data, however, once I refresh the chart it cuts it short to 11/29/05.

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