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Jurik Research

Postby just21 » 23 Feb 2006

Can I load the Jurik research indicators into multicharts? thx

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Andrew Kirillov
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Postby Andrew Kirillov » 23 Feb 2006

Dear just21,

It is better to ask Mark Jurik directly regarding this matter.

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Postby t123knight » 25 Feb 2006

I asked Mark when they might have the indicators ready for MultiCharts. He sent the following.


Thanks for inquiring about Jurik Research tools for MultiCharts.

We need to rewrite our C code to make it utilize TS's new SDK for DLLs. The magnitude of that task means it will have to wait
until we complete our official release for Metastock.

So my guess is that software development with the new SDK will start about March 20. After verifying it works on TS, we then
need to make sure it also works with MultiCharts, as well as produce
user manuals. (very time consuming)

So, if all goes well, I would say we'd have a release for MultiCharts
around April 10.

- Mark Jurik


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Stanley Miller
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Postby Stanley Miller » 27 Feb 2006

Dear t123knight,

Thank you very much for the information. We are very much looking forward to integrate Jurik research indicators into MultiCharts.

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the latest from Jurik Research

Postby liang323 » 25 Mar 2006

the following is the latest answer regarding the progress of indicators from Mark Jurik


We have fallen behind in our schedule. We are still working out
MetaStock code. We then go to TS's new SDK. Once that is
done, getting it to run in MultiCharts should take less than a week.

So, putting it all together, it's looking like MAY 1.

- Mark"

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