Control of Candlestick Body Width

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Feb 25 2006

I find that the Format Symbol Style tab width controls have no effect on the candlestick up and down (i.e. candlestick body) components. Only the wick component width control has any effect. This problem is present in the latest Beta as well as the earlier versions.

This is a particularly critical problem when the chart scale is compressed to show more bars on the chart. I find that very quickly in this case (in multidata charts often long before most of the candlesticks are even touching!) the software causes the candlestick body to compress to the same size as the wick, which causes the candlestick to lose all of its character and clarity. Without independent candlestick body width control, the user has no ability to overcome this effect.

This is most annoying on a multidata chart. For example if a 15 minute data series is placed in data1 and plotted as candlesticks in subchart 1 and a 1 minute data series is placed in data2 and plotted in subchart2 (as any type of plot even dots or line on close), the candlesticks in subchart 1 lose all their body width and character and as soon as any of the plots in data 2 get near/touch, even though there is still tremendous spacing between the candlesticks in subchart1. I would ask that if you cannot easily allow independent control of candlestick body width that you at least correct this bug that causes the candlestick body to prematurely flatten in multidata charts.

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Andrew Kirillov
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Feb 25 2006

Dear trader39,

We are aware of this defect. I beleive it will be fixed soon but exact date is TBD.