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Quote Manager - Manageability

Postby fundjunkie » 22 Mar 2006

Hi All,
As you know QM creates sybols with default settings determining how, amongst other things, that symbol will appear when charted. I'm finding that for certain commodities I need to change the price scale and labelling. I don't mind doing that once or twice but it becomes a pain if I have to do it every time I add a new contract month in Quote Manager.

Would it be possible for groupings to be configured for commodities under the parent group so that, instead of editting each symbol in that group I could, instead, edit the settings for the group? Any symbol then added to the group would inherits the group's global parameters.


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Postby Chris » 22 Mar 2006


have you tried to edit the exchange settings or create a "own exchange" for similar symbols? Then you can use this template which contains the session times, proce scale, big point value etc..

Maybe this is a workaround for you.


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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 23 Mar 2006

That's exactly the solution, thank you very much Chris :)

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