**Bug overlaying 2 symbols with different number of bars !**  [SOLVED]

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**Bug overlaying 2 symbols with different number of bars !**

Postby Guest » 31 Mar 2006

This is to report a bug when overlaying 2 symbols in the same chart windows which has different number of bars.

Here's what you can do to test:
1. Plot any symbol A in a chart window.
2. Plot this indicator on the symbol
if ticks=highest(ticks,5) then
else plot1(ticks,"N_TEST2");

This code is just for illustration.
The indicator will start plotting on the sixth bar on the chart.
3. Plot another symbol B in the same chart window but put it at another subchart.
Symbol B should be thinly traded and have less data then symbol A.
4. Plot the same indicator on symbol B

Here is the bug, the second indicator will plot on symbol B on the sixth bar.
The first indicator will also only start to print align to the sixth bar on symbol B !!!!
This is a problem because B is thinly traded and the sixth bar on symbol B could be align to the 50th bar on symbol A. And the first indicator did not print for symbol A from its sixth bar to the 50th bar. Which is impt information that i want to see too.

Please fix this.

I suspect this has something to do with barnumber.
you can plot
if ticks=highest(ticks,5) then
else plot1(barnumber,"N_TEST2");


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Postby Alex Kramer » 03 Apr 2006

This behaviour is the same as in TS up to build 3006; we'll update this in a while and this won't be an issue. We're keeping to the TS compatibilty principle.

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