IB as a Data Source - How good is it for trading

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IB as a Data Source - How good is it for trading

Postby ofurbaldur » 05 Apr 2006

I am using MultiCharts with 3 different data sources.
1. IB mainly for Idealpro FX prices.
2. eSignal for stocks, futures.
3. ASCII for longer history for various symbols.

I am having the most problems with IB so just wondered if anyone else is having problems.

I tend to have my computer running through the week so it records each tick from IB but however sometimes when Multicharts crashes I load the charts up again and it has gaps all over them, how can this be when the data already excist in the local database or does Multicharts send a request to IB even tho it is already held on the local database and at that time their history database might have problems?

When Multicharts requests historical data from IB is it delivered in ticks or 1 min bar?

It would be good if anyone from the developement could explain how the data request from Ib works and tell about any problems that happen quite often at their end so you dont start blaming Multicharts for it ;p



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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 05 Apr 2006

Data from IB is received in ticks, minute bars and other resoultions are built from them.

It's possible that whan MultiCharts crashes, there'll be gaps in stored data; please tell how, why and how often does this happen?

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