Trial user - first post

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Trial user - first post

Postby rsahgal » 15 Apr 2006

Just wanted to say configuring the DDE server for use with MetaStock QuoteCenter(MSQC) was so easy I cant believe I did it myself. Just keeping my fingers crossed now that it works fine in trading hours.

Question - Every time I try to compress the data into daily bars, the history that I have imported is made up of hourly bars, MultiChart freezes up and crashes. This is irrespective of MSQC beinng functional or not. Any clues on how to resolve the issue. Thought I will ask other users for pointers before I burden the support guys.

TIA for any response/info.



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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 17 Apr 2006

Thanks for the kind words about our product. As to your freeze/crash problem, it deserves close attention.

I suggest we use remote desktop connection to observe this, retrieve logs etc.
Please call us at 888-817-6385 Monday-Friday from 6:30am till 2:00pm ET. We'll use remote desktop connection to research your issue.

Before that please go to, download the HelpDesk program and run it when we start the phone conversation.

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