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Order and Position Tracker

This window gives a detailed summary of orders, positions and accounts across all brokers being used for trading. Cancel or modify pending orders, or even flatten entire positions directly from this window. All information is in one convenient place – it can be sorted and filtered to zoom in on needed details. This information can also be exported into Excel for further analysis.

All information in one place

Order and Position Tracker contains the information from manual and auto trading activity on different brokers and accounts. A trader can monitor all the relevant data like the order status, the filled quantity of an order, positions history, the account equity across all accounts and more. Access continuously updated Profit and Loss across all positions. See which orders were submitted and which were filled – all in real-time. For technical information on this feature look at the related article.



Logs of all messages from brokers are updated in real-time. If an order is not going through, then see exactly what’s going on so appropriate action can be taken.

Dockable window option

Depending whether you want to always monitor your positions and accounts, the Order and Position Tracker can be docked to the main MultiCharts window. If docked, it will always remain visible and non-obscured by charts and other windows.

Save to Excel

Analyzing completed trades is an essential part of improving trading skills. Save the complete trading report to Excel to perform further statistical or other types of analysis.

Complete interactivity with orders

Don’t be limited to just watching orders, change positions as needed directly from the tracker. Cancel orders, modify existing orders, or flatten entire positions with a simple mouse click.



Filter the data

Find information by filtering reports by broker, by time filled, by order status and other qualities. It’s easy and fast – just use the intuitive drop-down menus.