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Strategy Development

Got an idea for trading the markets? First, you need to check its validity, which requires programming the idea as a set of rules. MultiCharts is perfect for people without advanced programming experience. It uses a coding language designed for trading rather than relying on a conventional programming language – it’s very easy to use.

Strategy development for non-programmers

MultiCharts offers you PowerLanguage that is an evolution of EasyLanguage. It allows the creation of simple strategies without requiring any special education. Simply looking at the built-in scripts is enough to understand the logic and begin programming. If a strategy requires complicated logic and thousands of lines of code, then PowerLanguage has practically everything you need. If you need something that is not available, then a DLL in any other programming language may be used.

PowerLanguage Editor

Flexibility when you need it

Strategies can be based on events (new market data) or on changes in market position at the broker. A strategy can consider both resulting in a complete picture. MultiCharts can recalculate a strategy on every tick, on a bar close, or based on a user-defined timer. Trading strategies can also react to changes in market position and be triggered at a particular level.

Carefully crafted architecture for productivity

Our engineers spent hundreds of hours optimizing MultiCharts’ architecture, resulting in greater productivity for MultiCharts users. For example, you can choose Fast Execution or Fast Compilation in PowerLanguage Editor depending on what you’re going to use at the moment – trading or strategy development.

Convenience at your fingertips

PowerLanguage Editor has syntax highlighting, ‘IntelliSense’ (auto-completion) and a built-in syntax checking. Keyword Reference is conveniently located directly in the Editor.

Speed to keep up with you

Independent studies state that PowerLanguage works faster than EasyLanguage and has significant advantages over other competitors. In addition, MultiCharts Optimization uses all available cores on your computer, which results in a dramatic speed increase.

Binary code for ultimate performance

High calculation speeds are possible because code is compiled, not interpreted. Your code is translated into binary language (0 and 1), which automatically results in a dramatic increase in performance.

Build strategies out of smaller pieces

MultiCharts allows you to build your strategy out of many trading signals, without any additional programming. For example, you can make a strategy by combining the built-in Channel Breakout Long Entry with a Profit Target Long Exit.