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Trade Bar

The Trade Bar is a standard order entry method that’s been around since beginning of electronic trading. It’s simple and precise — type in the exact price, choose the order type and buy or sell. The Trade bar has tabs, one for each broker profile created. A key benefit is that you can trade through many brokers at the same time.

Quickly switch between brokers

Connect and trade through more than one broker at the same time and easily switch between them. All information about a particular broker is stored in a profile. Just click through the tabs and select the one you need to start trading. Simply pick which order to submit, enter the symbol and type in the price – or use a convenient Price Locator to save time. You can also select the order type and how long the order will be active. For technical information on this feature look at the related article.

Trade Bar

Accessible from anywhere

The Trade Bar is accessible from anywhere in the platform and it is never obscured by other windows or charts. Orders can be entered quickly at any time and from any point.

Choosing Order Type

Pick from market, limit, stop and stop limit orders by simply choosing one from the drop-down menu. Only relevant controls for that order type appear which makes the screen cleaner and easier to navigate.

Setting Order Quantity

Enter the number of contracts by hand or use a convenient calculator tool. The calculator automatically stores the last amounts used and allows quickly picking them from a menu. It is also easy to add a certain number of contracts to the amount already owned.

Price Locator

This tool is very convenient when selecting prices a couple of pips around the current price without having to calculate them beforehand. It continuously streams last price along with current ask and bid prices. Price Locator shows the current price over a green background; click it to see an interactive menu with prices close to the current one.

Account Selector

Some brokers support a group of accounts and Financial Advisor accounts like Interactive Brokers. All available accounts are automatically listed in the Accounts drop-down list. Simply click on it and choose the account you want to trade.

Time in Force

How long is an order to remain active? There are several options - DAY (good for the rest of the day), GTC (good till cancelled), GTD (good till date), IOC (instant or cancel). Please note that these options are not always enabled, it depends on the order being placed. Please note that not all brokers support all of these options.