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Open Bug report MC-2546

"UNDER REVIEW" appears as soon as I post an issue

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Clearly this is a MAJOR and FUNDAMENTAL flaw in the Project Management system.

Can the software engineers fix this please. Clearly no one is reviewing my post the second it is posted.
It is in fact a BLATANT LIE.

Even worse, I have UNDER REVIEW next to some of my posted bug reports/suggestions that were made YEARS AGO.
How utterly absurd.

I have often commented how flawed the PM system is. Great in concept, but executed with almost bizarre inconsistency.

MC management also have the belief that issues shouldn't fixed unless people vote on it. This is just so wrong.

Only a tiny % of MC owners will ever log onto the PM site regularly, and an even smaller percentage will actually vote.
And you are assuming those people voting actually know what they are talking about.

Seriously, to Management, you guys need to make executive decisions, take responsibility, and code stuff in the order you feel is justified.
Waiting for lots of votes on something is an absolutely horrible way to prioritize things.

Clearly bug fixes should take priority.

You need to take into consideration overall usability of the program. When you keep adding adhoc requests etc, what you can often end up with years down the road is a complete mish-mash software, that isn't logical or usable.

So if a person makes a request, its important to consider whether other people are making similar or slightly different requests, and take the time to build it all into a singular package that fits in nicely and makes sense. I'm sure you do this already.

Wealth-Lab when owned by its original German developer also had a website based project management site, and it worked beautifully. When I bough MC years ago, I saw the same with you guys. But as the years went by, I discovered the PM was failing in so many different ways. I made these points to you guys multiple times over the years, but it just seems to fall on deaf ears. Ultimately, if things persist unchanged, there is a possibility MC will go the way of Tradestation, where people just give up on it and move to a different platform. MT4 and Ninjatrader have already zoomed past by a couple of magnitudes. Although being free is a factor here. But MC is the superior program.

Anyway just sharing some though when I saw the UNDER REVIEW appear as soon as I posted an issue today. Please correct it ASAP to some other nomenclature, as clearly the psot wasn't under review. Just as my posts from years ago aren't under review, even though the PM site claims they are.

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