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November 20, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 08:59  Feature request MC-2377 - Allow Position Execution and Order Generation to use Chart Data vs Broker Data
Scott (ascottwalls) : Issue created
November 07, 2017
bug_report_tiny.png 10:44  Bug report MC-2376 - xxx Bars Back Setting for Data Range loads appr. 3 months of data only
Zheka (Zheka) : Issue created
When selecting xxx Bars Back option in Instrument settings for a chart or in PT, MC loads only appr. 3 months of data.
November 03, 2017
bug_report_tiny.png 17:30  Bug report MC-2375 - Portfolio Trader with 2 oposing strategies running on same instrument with same timeframe & history, on same broker: PNL graph looks surprisingly incorrect: instead of one line, there are two taking totally different paths
andb (andrei.reiand@gmail.com) : Issue created

When applying two opposite signals in their own separate Strategies but on same symbol within a portfolio trader session, one would expect that when a backtest is run, the two completely oposing PNL Shapes would cancel eachother and result in a completely FLAT Aggregated PNL Line ... well, that's not the case: Aggregated PNL Line has actually two separated High & Low (green & red) lines ... which make little sense ... there should be a flat zero line.
bug_report_tiny.png 14:04  Bug report MC-2374 - not an issue. simple to type-over in blue. everyone else probably knows that already! :-)
waves (waves) : Issue created
format window > back space to clear pixels value with intent of entering new value. MC locks up. easy to simply type-over in blue. everyone else probably knows that already. nevertheless, the penalty for unnecessary backspacing seems too severe! :-)
November 02, 2017
bug_report_tiny.png 16:59  Bug report MC-2373 - Multicharts.NET latest: using System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.Charting; fails in PowerLanguage Editor but compilation succeeds in Visual Studio
andb (andrei.reiand@gmail.com) : Issue created
I was surprised to see a situation (as in the attached) where I can Build successfully the solution in VStudio but it errors out in PowerLanguage.NET Editor ... this is a bit strange, usually the two are consistent in the errors they output.
October 30, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 19:00  Feature request MC-2372 - Customizable MaxBarsBack for Data1, Data2,... to facilitate integration of Weekly Indicators such as COT in data2,... with Daily Data1
JoeTrader (gboulay) : Issue created

I currently use IQFeed to get data and they provide data for the Commitment of Traders (COT) from September 2007 forward which segments you can insert as instruments in data2, data3 and so forth. It is a weekly data. I also use a strategy (signal) based on daily bars with a 500 maxbarsback requirement to compute correctly. However, I am not able to insert a weekly indicator such as the COT in the signal because the computation of the indicator, either embedded or through a function, in the script of the signal creates a maxbarsback of 500 WEEKS which renders the strategy by itself and the indicator unusable, even without coding the COT indicator as a condition, but just by triggering the computation of this weekly indicator in the signal.

I was told to use or create a globalvariable dll to compute the indicator outside of the signal, but this is not supported by Multicharts, is not in easylanguage and would not work with MC Portfolio Trader, such that this is not a useful fix for the situation. From what I heard, Tradestation supplies easy access to the COT and allows easy integration within a strategy.

So, a fix for this would be appreciated, maybe simply but allowing the maxbarsback setup to be customized based on the various data1, data2 and so forth required for the signal. In order to work, I need 500 data1 bars and only some 15 weekly data2, data3,... bars.

Thank you for your consideration of this feature request.

I tried the fix suggested below in comments(1) and it doesn't resolve the issues described above with the signal.

October 29, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 10:14  Feature request MC-2371 - Add Python to the MC.Net usable languages. Python is the new hot language in finance
LomiK (lomik) : Issue created
MC.Net should give users the ability to use python to create strategies. There should be the same premade script in Python as they have in C# and VB. Everyone is starting to use Python. Quantopedia has a free platform that uses Python. MC.Net needs to stay current with the times.
feature_request_tiny.png 05:48  Feature request MC-2370 - Non-linear x-axis labels for tick charts + more time formatting options
picklerick (picklerick) : Issue created
For tick charts, it would be great to have non-linear x-axis labels & vertical markers. For example, check the prorealtime chart below.

Secondly, it would be great to have more flexibility with the time format. The hide milliseconds option is great, but I would also like to hide seconds. Less is more sometimes :) Another detail that prorealtime has, is bold text on each new hour label. These little tweaks make the chart so much easier to read, especially for a scalper.

Please let me know if you require any further detail.

![time](https://imgur.com/a/veIbz "non-linear x-axis labels")
October 27, 2017
bug_report_tiny.png 08:16  Bug report MC-2369 - Errors in position handling on OandA account
Ettienne (et1hugo) : Issue created
Hi guys

I've tested a few scenario's in adopting the position at the broker for a set of instruments using an OandA account and picked up some issues. The first issue is adopting the initial position and the second is that MC does not correctly close an adopted position. I've used a demo (fxPractice) account to test these issues that have the standard "Primary account" and then a "Multicharts account" sub-account defined on the broker side.

First issue - Adopting initial positions: All the strategies are configured to trade on the "Multicharts account" sub-account and I've tried to both assign positions manually using the "Initial Market Positions" dialogue and just automatic adoption without the "Initial Market Position" dialogue, neither work if you have access allowed to **both** the "Primary account" and "Mutlicharts account" when you authenticate/login at the broker. It should not matter whether I have access granted to both accounts, the selected account in the "Autotrading" properties should dictate which positions are adopted and which are not. Positions are correctly adopted when only the "Mutlicharts account" sub-account is selected for allowed access at authentication. As a final note, the open position is on the "Multicharts account" and not the "Primary account" the primary account is flat so I think the error is caused by MC getting confused between the positions retrieved for the "Primary account" and the "Multicharts account" and even though it's instructed to trade/adopt positions in the "Multicharts account" it does not do so correctly.

Second issue - Closing a position does not work: Once a position is open whether it is a strategy position or an adopted position you have the option to close the position on the "Orders and Position Tracker->Positions" tab. When you right click and select to close the position, the position would disappear on that specific tab but when you go to the "Portfolio Real-time Auto Trading" tab you'll see that the position is still there. Additionally, I check the position using the OandA app on my phone and it was still there, it was not closed.

Third issue - Autotrading and data selection: Depending on your selection of the "Data Range" on the "Data" tab in portfolio trader, when you enter autotrading mode, portfolio trader would not submit trades if the "Data Range" selection is not set to the first option. If you've been back testing using some historical data range and then enter autotrading mode if you have not selected the first option, e.g. "500 Bars back/Days back from <CURRENT DATE>" you would not get any trades submitted. I think that irrespective of your "Data Range" selection when you enter autotrading mode (or forward testing for that matter) the current date and latest data should always be used, the "Data Range" selection becomes irrelevant.

Thank you in advance for looking into these issues.

Kind regards
Ettienne Hugo
October 26, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 20:16  Feature request MC-2368 - Additional preferences under currency conversion server tab
Ettienne (et1hugo) : Issue created
Hi guys

Please introduce a way to configure the currency conversion server used on the preferences tab for "Currency Conversion Server" to point to a local defined data source. Currently there's only a number of servers on the GUI and I'm still running into issues with the default/MCFX server disconnecting from time to time. I've found this post on the discussion board related to this to reconfigure the default server, I have not tried it yet, while it's a good workaround it would be a nice feature to have this flexibility for all users to take the load off your servers:

- Close MultiCharts and all its applications.
- Make sure that all the processes are over.
- Run Registry on your machine.
- Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TS Support\*MultiCharts that you’re using*\CurrencyConverter\SymbolsMCFX_2
- You will notice the folders named “Item_0”, “Item_1”, “Item_2”, “Item_3”, etc. Each folder determines a Forex pair. Open the very top folder and go to Second folder.
- There are three key values that you need to change: DataFeed, Exchange, SymbolName.
- Double click DataFeed and change PrivateMCFX to the corresponding name of the data source. Here is the list of the data sources *the spelling and spaces are important*: AvaTrade, Barchart.com, eSignal, Dukascopy, FXCM, GAIN Capital, Interactive Brokers, IQFeed, IWBank QuickTrade, LMAX, MB Trading, OANDA, TS.
- Double click Exchange and change it if needed to the exchange that is used by the data feed and where the symbol is trading.
- Change the SymbolName format if necessary. Ex., EUR.USD, EUR/USD.
- Repeat the procedure for all the symbols that you’re using.

Thank you in advance for considering this.

Kind regards
Ettienne Hugo
feature_request_tiny.png 14:31  Feature request MC-2367 - MC and PT: add keywords to allow "phantom"/virtual trades
Zheka (Zheka) : Issue created
Portfolio money management functions (e.g. pmms_strategy_deny_entry() ) not only disallow sending orders to the broker, but also cancel them for a strategy altogether, as if they did not happen - which affects strategy statistics.
But to implement "Equity curve trading" (and in some other cases) such trades should be counted!
And while implementing EqCurve Trading by reducing the size of disregarded orders to 1unit would work in testing, it would be quite inefficient to implement in RT (paying a 2x min.commission for the 1-unit order).

So, please implement an additional keyword for that. An alternative - and simpler solution - would be to allow "negative" trade size for entry orders (and/or for "pmms_strategy_set_entry_contracts ") and treat such orders as "phantom" or virtual with the size of 1, counting them in strategy statistics but not sending to the broker.
October 24, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 17:27  Feature request MC-2366 - Save performance report with portfolio
Ettienne (et1hugo) : Issue created
Please add the capability to save the performance report with a portfolio when you close/restart portfolio trader. This would especially be helpful when performing forward testing or trading a demo account to have some continuation in the performance report between restarts of portfolio trader.
feature_request_tiny.png 11:17  Feature request MC-2365 - Portfolio Trader: show milliseconds in Order&Position Tracker and Logs
Zheka (Zheka) : Issue created
Date/ Time fields in OPT in MC shows milliseconds, but not in Portfolio Trader.

Please add the same functionality to PT, either by default, or via a Registry key.

feature_request_tiny.png 11:06  Feature request MC-2364 - WFO: align OOS/IS periods from the right (most recent period)
Zheka (Zheka) : Issue created
Right now, WF optimizer starts splitting data from the "earliest available" and then walks forward. This often results in the very last period of data to be an imcomplete OOS period.
Which is inconvenient -both in terms of statistics and trading: one would surely prefer to start the coming trading period (OOS) with a fresh set of parameters.
Please make MC split the OOS/IS periods from the most recent backwards.
feature_request_tiny.png 09:55  Feature request MC-2363 - Click a bar, and all charts scroll so the same date/time is at the right chart edge
MikeCondra (mikecondra) : Issue created
This request is to have a quick way to simulate what charts looked like at some time in the past. By putting the same date/time at all charts' right edge, one can do this. Maybe a new key combination with left mouse click, or a new tracking setting option?

Currently one may use Data Playback but this takes too much time.

October 23, 2017
bug_report_tiny.png 18:01  Bug report MC-2362 - Portfolio Backtester: for multiple strategies set on different symbols, backtester loops number = product of all params across all strategies = Grossly unexpected and missleading! This is a fault, not a lack of optimization. Strategy param sets should be
andb (andrei.reiand@gmail.com) : Issue created
Portfolio Backtester: for multiple strategies set on different symbols, backtester loops number = product of all params across all strategies = Grossly unexpected and missleading! This is a fault, not a lack of optimization.

Take a Portfolio with 2 different strategies defined, each with their own signal and their own different instrument.
The problem I see is following:

Optimizing Strategy 1 with the 4 parameters (Parameter 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D), we get 384 cycles when we run optimization only on this strategy (having Strategy 2 disabled)
Optimizing Strategy 2 with the 4 parameters (Parameter 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D), we get 384 cycles when we run optimization only on this strategy (having Strategy 1 disabled)

Running the Optimization for both in paralel ... I'm surprised to see that total number of combinations is full mesh across all 8 parameters ... with a total number of combinations of 147456 ... Unexpected ... why?
- There is no way parameters 1A-D can influence performance on Strategy 2 ...
- There is no way parameters 2A-D can influence performance on Strategy 1 ...
Hence, I would have expected that:
1) Both strategies remain independent in their Optimization combinations.
2) Total number of combinations when optimizing both Strategies in paralel is: 384 + 384 ... it should be their sum, not their product.
October 20, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 11:22  Feature request MC-2361 - Set the symbol list programmatically in PortfolioTrader
Ron (ron) : Issue created
add a method to Portfolio Trader API that allows you to set programmatically the symbols list by adding or removing a symbol to the list of traded instruments for a day.
October 19, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 02:11  Feature request MC-2360 - Walk Forward - switch to realtime trading & automatic re-optimization
andb (andrei.reiand@gmail.com) : Issue created
Would be nice to have a switch option within a chart - when a strategy is walked-forward optimized, to switch it to live trading, and also to do automatic re-optimization when the current out of sample interval gets to an end.
October 17, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 23:45  Feature request MC-2359 - Optimize each chart in a workspace sequentially without human intervention
momentum (momentum) : Issue created
I run a large number of strategies that need to be reoptimized every weekend. I would like to place each chart in a single workspace and just start one process that would then do an optimization overnight of each chart, one after another, without any further human intervention.
feature_request_tiny.png 14:21  Feature request MC-2358 - DATA2 DATA3 ETC
bomberone1 (bomberone1) : Issue created
Please add the possibility to trade from data2 or data3 or other data.
feature_request_tiny.png 13:16  Feature request MC-2357 - Add parameters used for optimizing of Walk Forward in reports
RockyLee (rockylee) : Issue created
Looking at old report can be really helpful when working so it would be good to add what where the extend of the parameters used:
Min-Max of each parameters
Which kind of optimisation (Extensive or Genetic)
Which kind of genetic optimisation if applicable
Number of generation and population
IS period, OOS period
Optimisation Criteria
Max number of possibilities

feature_request_tiny.png 13:11  Feature request MC-2356 - Transfert parameter from Walk Forward report
RockyLee (rockylee) : Issue created
On the optimization report, I can double click on a result to and then accept to transfert the parameters to the strategy (Which is a really nice feature btw!)

I would be really glad to see that feature applied to the WalkForward report as well, like this:

1.Double click on the like and a popup appear
2.Choose radio button for OOS, IS or Both period
3.Transfert Dates and parameters to strategie so we can backtest and look at the curves

Finally, if that would come to be implemented, it would be great to be able to save a usable WFO report that we can open later to transfert those parameters.

feature_request_tiny.png 11:44  Feature request MC-2355 - Request: Adding a linked text file application to a workspace
arjfca (arjfca) : Issue created

I'm suggesting add a Text file application linked to a workspace. Once linked, when a selected workspace is selected, a text file is opened.

The goal, keeping notes liked to a specific workspace. Selecting a new one would display the content of the linked text file. All done automatically. The the Text file windows to be floating so it could be displayed wherever is more suitable for the user

October 16, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 23:29  Feature request MC-2354 - Constrain Time and Sales window to realtime.
Retest (Retest) : Issue created
Simply switching securities during live trading when you have a linked Time and Sales window open triggers a pacing violation with IB data. The solution MC has proposed is to disable downloading historical data in the dataloader. This affects charts adversely and isn’t satisfactory.

I’d like to request an option to disable historical data in the Time and Sales window independently of the dataloader setting so Time and Sales is usable with IB data on multiple securities.

Many thanks
October 15, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 10:31  Feature request MC-2353 - Store strategy optimization parameters along with report
Clement (clementlim) : Issue created
When storing a strategy optimization report, it would be useful to store the strategy name and parameters that were used to generate the report. This feature would be especially useful when testing many different strategies and variations as it is easy to lose track of which optimization report belongs to which strategy and parameters being tested.
October 12, 2017
bug_report_tiny.png 14:11  Bug report MC-2352 - Money Management Settings in Portfolio Trader do not work when # shares or dollars are specified within a strategy
trader0311 (trader0311) : Issue created

I have a portfolio of strategies that I am using in the Portfolio Trader. These strategies all scale into positions with varying numbers of shares based on volatility and other factors. However, I noticed that when you specify trading limits (ie the number of dollars to allocated to a strategy) and do so in the actual strategy code, the money management settings do not work and you can end up trading on margin. That is, you can trade more than your account is worth.

The money management settings do seem to work when you enter the "dollars per trade" in the strategy properties, but not when you set the trading thresholds from within the strategy code.

I believe that this is a critical bug that needs addressed as soon as possible. There is no way to tell that you are exceeding your account equity when you backtest unless you do a substaintial amount of work to calculate it. People like me just assume that the money management settings are doing their job and are not allowing your account equity to be exceeded. So unless this bug is fixed, those that specify the number of shares to be traded within the strategy code, are at risk of over-levering themselves if they are using Portfolio Trader to place trades and to generate accurate portfolio level backtests.

Portfolio Trader is a great tool and I am hopeful that this issue will be addresses as soon as possible.

Thank you!
bug_report_tiny.png 08:34  Bug report MC-2351 - Portfolio Trader: changes in table columns to be displayed in OPT are not saved
Zheka (Zheka) : Issue created

By default, PT displays all available columns in Order and Position Tracker (in all tabs) in PT.

If one de-selects several columns, the changes are not saved by the PT.
October 11, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 15:33  Feature request MC-2350 - Ninjacators for Multicharts
WACtrader (wactrader) : Issue created
I think Multicharts should start a website that is similar to the Ninjacator website that offers a subscription to gain access to a library of strategies and indicators. Ninjacators even has a market insight newsletter. It would keep people engaged and develop more as traders.

feature_request_tiny.png 11:55  Feature request MC-2349 - Portfolio Trader: Equity curves per Strategy, Market and Market-Strategy
Zheka (Zheka) : Issue created
It would help immensely to quickly judge performance of a Portfolio, if a user could not only see the Total Portfolio Equity, but also its components.
There could be a 2-level dialogue window or - better- a table with toggles, allowing one select either entire strategies or entire instruments or choose market-systems at the intersection.

Ideally - also with a red vertical line on a chart to specify the beginning of a live trading period.
feature_request_tiny.png 11:45  Feature request MC-2348 - Portfolio Trader: Order aggregation per instrument
Zheka (Zheka) : Issue created
When trading multiple strategies on the same instrument via PT, aggregating orders and sending only the "net" amount to the broker would reduce transaction costs.
feature_request_tiny.png 11:35  Feature request MC-2347 - Portfolio Trader: make OPT "filterable" by StrategyName
Zheka (Zheka) : Issue created
Please make Order and Position Tracker in PT filterable also by Strategy Name - as defined in Feature Request #2346
feature_request_tiny.png 11:32  Feature request MC-2346 - Portfolio Trader: change StrategyName in OPT to those in Portfolio Tree
Zheka (Zheka) : Issue created
At the moment, the Strategy Name column in Orders and Position Tracker in PT just repeats the signal names used in Strategies. A list of them!
This is useless if one runs strategies with similar signals but with different parameters.
Expected Strategy Names are how they are named in the Portfolio tree by the user.
feature_request_tiny.png 07:41  Feature request MC-2343 - Combine traditional MC and MC.Net by Adding Powerlanguage to the .Net library of Multicharts.Net
Alex MultiCharts (Alex MultiCharts) : Issue closed
feature_request_tiny.png 07:31  Feature request MC-2345 - MC.net connected to Banca Sella
Alex MultiCharts (Alex MultiCharts) : Issue closed
October 10, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 18:24  Feature request MC-2345 - MC.net connected to Banca Sella
bomberone1 (bomberone1) : Issue created
MC.Net connected to Banca Sella.
They already have MC.easylanguage connected.

October 09, 2017
bug_report_tiny.png 18:43  Bug report MC-2344 - Invalid request to OandA causes an exception
Ettienne (et1hugo) : Issue created
Hi guys

An exception is returned at times by OandA due to an invalid request sent to their server from MultiCharts. The following error is logged in MultiCharts Portfolio Trader:

"10/9/2017 3:30:08 PM" "Warning" "OANDA" "" "-" "MakeRequest (POST) WebException: ; Message= "Insufficient authorization to perform request."; requestString= "https://api-fxpractice.oanda.com/**v3**/accounts/101-001-6358291-002/orders""

The problem is that the request passed is trying to access a version 3 of the REST API, OandA currently only supports version 1 and 2.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Kind regards
Ettienne Hugo
feature_request_tiny.png 15:38  Feature request MC-2343 - Combine traditional MC and MC.Net by Adding Powerlanguage to the .Net library of Multicharts.Net
ComputerGeek (computergeek) : Issue created
Powerlanguage is a compiled version of pascal. I think MC should be consolidated into one product. People should be able to pay for both and have access to both the MC traditional and MC.Net version. Use the same .NET IDE, compiler and debugger. It would add more value and be more streamlined.
October 07, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 14:11  Feature request MC-2342 - Adaptive Chart Settings and Scaling
Kent (kcramer@ntier.com) : Issue created
Provide ability to adjust chart resolution, scaling and other chart settings programmatically through Power Language. The following use cases are applicable to my need:

1) When charts are linked to a Watchlist the resolution and scaling should adjust based on selected instruments. For example, if the resolution of a chart is based on Ticks or Contracts, I would like to programmatically adjust the resolution based on average daily volume of the selected instrument to make the chart readable. Or when switching between Stocks, Futures and Forex instruments, I would like to adjust scaling to make the chart readable without having to manually adjust the settings.

2) My Contract charts are based on 90 day average volume. I typically adjust the resolution once a month but I would the charts to update automatically each time the workspace is opened.
October 04, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 05:42  Feature request MC-2341 - Read from file
Gaetano (gaetano) : Issue created
Read from file.
The powerlanguage editor has the PRINT keyword to write on a file, but an instruction to read from a file is missing.
May be something like that:

GET ([OutputTarget],Expression1,Expression2,etc.)

Currently the only possibility to exchange data among Multicharts applications is to use the Global Variables (but they have a limit of 10,000 locations) or an external .dll - EL Collections (but data cannot be exchanged among multiple Portfolio Trader sessions), and their use is not so friendly.

October 02, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 13:23  Feature request MC-2340 - Save a usable optimisation file
RockyLee (rockylee) : Issue created
When doing an optimisation, a really nice feature is being able to double click on a line of the results and then every variables are tranfered to the strategy for backtest or anything else.

I would be really nice to be able to save that screen and then open it at an other time and still being able to click on a result and transfert the values to the strategy.

For now, as I saw it, we can save a excel format of the values but in order to test it later (after an other optimisation) we have to enter every values by hand.