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April 21, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 08:07  Feature request MC-2918 - Portfolio Trader - Forward Performance Testing - sort by columns (double-click on column produces sorted re-arragement)
andb (andb) : Issue created
This is especially useful when doing Forward performance testing ... and one wants to quickly sort and have as top rows - just open positions (with Positions != from Flat), or by Net-Profit, etc.

April 09, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 11:25  Feature request MC-2917 - Exchange Traded Spread Contracts Support for TT2020
olia (olia) : Issue created
Please can we add support for exchange traded spreads via Trading Technologies 2020 broker.

Thank you.
April 06, 2024
bug_report_tiny.png 12:13  Bug report MC-2916 - A EOrderAction.Sell w/ UserSpecified Contracts, submitted for 15 lots - will shave 15 lots from EACH order submission
andb (andb) : Issue created
Having a for the SAME instrument (1 ticker, under 1 portfolio strategy, with PositionLimits=Allow-up-to-65000 regardless of who submits it):

longEOrder = OrderCreator.MarketNextBar(new SOrderParameters(Contracts.UserSpecified, EOrderAction.Buy));

you may submit .Send() multiple times - with or without the same label, with or without the same lots-size.

But essentially, all the above submissions add up to the SAME position for ticker X ... you can pull with CurrentPosition.Value.

When you submit a sell defined as:

longXOrder = OrderCreator.MarketNextBar(new SOrderParameters(Contracts.UserSpecified, EOrderAction.Sell));

with a simple: longXOrder.Send(oNameSort, 15);

you expect CurrentPosition.Value to be deducted with 15. Instead, what happens is - every long submission (every long .SEND() command sent from longEOrder ) is deducted with 15.
bug_report_tiny.png 12:02  Bug report MC-2915 - sellFromEntry.SendFromEntry(5, oNameLong) ignores number of lots (the first argument)
andb (andb) : Issue created
This is on latest 15 release .NET version.

submitting a sellFromEntry.SendFromEntry(5, oNameLong);

order will ignore the lots size (5 in the above) and pursue to liquidate all size submitted with oNameLong label.
feature_request_tiny.png 05:38  Feature request MC-2914 - Portfolio <- Trades <- Orders
andb (andb) : Issue created
There is a class missing: "Trade" or "Position". We have Orders, Strategy, Bars, etc. but not a Trade. A Trade would be attached to a symbol, and would be a full cycle of order executions, from flat, to "in-position", to "scale-in", to "scale-out", cycle through scale-in / scale-out multiple times, then back to flat.

A Trade would keep track of all these order executions, and their implications on the open PNL, Nr. Lots, drawdown / max-open-profit, etc.

Because there is no "Trade" class, working with Orders, various order types, defining scale-in / scale-out strategies - is a mess.
For example,

1) you send a long order for 10 lots at bar 1.
2) you are allowed to send a sell order at bar 2 to sell 5 - so you CAN scale-out, but you are not allowed to scale-in (send another buy order) with default settings.

To fix this, you need to specify a "Position limits" setting of "allow up to N" orders in the same direction:
a) when the order is generated by a different entry order.
b) regardless of the entry that generated the order.

There is an option missing in there: "when the order is generated by the same entry order" ...

Nonetheless, a more intuitive way, is to have a "Trade" or "Position" object that would own EVERY aspect of its position and order generation/management.
April 03, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 13:39  Feature request MC-2913 - Self Adaptive including in "Portfolio Ttrader"
Pietro Ficarra (Pietro Ficarra) : Issue created
Good afternoon, I wonder if your team of engineers is going to address following issue: every single workspace has a self adaptive feature included. When I introduce my workspaces into a portfolio within your portfolio manager module the self adaptive feature of every single workspace cannot be used any longer. Are you going to upgrade your portfolio manager module and integrate the self adaptive feature shotly''
April 01, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 05:22  Feature request MC-2912 - .NET - a workflow that enables developers add NuGet packages and resolve dependencies
andb (andb) : Issue created
For example, adding any NuGet package that uses Google.Protobuf (>=3.21.0) would have depenencies that fail, such as System.Memory (>= 4/5/3). Just try and add, for example, the package mathworks.prodserver.dotnetclient and see if it works.

The second clunky step is to add a reference in the MC.NET's Power Language .NET Editor (right-click > add reference) - this is archaic and sub optimal to say the least ... and it fails in the above example.
bug_report_tiny.png 05:04  Bug report MC-2911 - upgrade of .NET to .NET Framework >= 4.5
andb (andb) : Issue created
Multicharts.NET has been around and proven a reliable alternative to EasyLanguage, empowering .NET developers to extend the core functionality.
Nonetheless, the core engine needs to be kept up to date with the .NET evolution, and once in a while, upgrade to a Framework release that is long term maintained & patched, and that makes common sense. And beyond anything else, to move forward from the old dusty 4.0 Framework that's been decades old in the works.
This would empower users to make good use of NuGet plugins & extensions, and use the latest Visual Studio Express editors.
March 26, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 09:06  Feature request MC-1974 - Reset Scale should not include invisible plots
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue closed
feature_request_tiny.png 07:13  Feature request MC-2910 - Draqing tools very helpfull - dynamic line with percentage and points distance between two prices
filippo.milano (filippo.milano) : Issue created
a tool that once you press the mouse you drag it and it creates a line and tells you as you drag it the distance traveled in terms of percentage and points and the price of the tool. And if you leave it, it creates a line between the two points with the starting and finishing prices and the difference in points and percentage and the starting and ending price.

Many thanks for considering my request.

available for clarification.

March 20, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 07:17  Feature request MC-2909 - Orders should be shown at Strategy or Active Chart level not at Instrument level.
mattlewis (mattlewis) : Issue created
Autotrading against a Live Account.
Currently if I have more than 1 strategy against an instrument it will show ALL orders on the chart. I can either chose to show or not show them all. However what I need is the ability to see the orders that are relevant to the chart I am viewing and its strategy.

I do not have any value in seeing the orders from "Strategy 1" which is for the 15min chart on the "Strategy 2" chart window which is set at 60mins. If there are users who would have value in that I'd suggest the ability to chose via a toggle "show for Strategy/chart or for instrument" may be the way to go.

As it stands I now have to switch it off and cannot show due to it cluttering the charts and confusing the information.
March 18, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 14:20  Feature request MC-2908 - Create Text On Chart From Code with TRANSPARENT Back Ground
dean (dean) : Issue created
Currently if one creates Text on a Chart from the Text Drawing Object (selected from Drawing Tools) there is an 'Effect' checkbox to make the Back Ground TRANSPARENT.

However if one creates a chart Text object via PowerLanguage there is no ALTERNATIVE to having a solid colour back ground. There is no way of having JUST text without a back ground text box.

The mandatory coloured text box is always in the foreground. This is *annoying* because it invariably covers bars and other chart information.

IS it possible to add a function to make Text created from code to have a TRANSPARENT back ground? Eg, Text_SetBGColor(TextID, TRANSPARENT); or Text_SetBGColorOFF(TextID);

March 15, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 13:21  Feature request MC-2907 - Create Benchmark so we can compare performance between MC versions or computer hardware
FuManChou (Chou Heu) : Issue created
As a computer hardware enthusiast, I would like the capability of a built in benchmark into MultiChart, so that I can compare different MultiChart version or computer hardware so that I know how much my new hardware improved performance.

There are several synthetic benchmarks created or used specifically to benchmark the performance of a system. This is used to compare hardware such as but not limited to CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD, and others.

This will benefit in several ways:
1. MC Dev/QA Team can use this as a tool to ensure that every version that is released is performant.
2. MC users can run the same benchmark quickly
3. MC users can share results.
4. MC users can then compare computer hardware between each other
5. MC users can then use this knowledge to purchase new hardware when required.
6. Perhaps multiple benchmarks that is quick and a benchmark that is more accurate and takes longer.
March 06, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 06:24  Feature request MC-2906 - BYBIT Crypto Exchange - Broker and Data feed
tozzip (tozzip) : Issue created
Please consider to add BYBIT crypto exchange to MC Broker profiles and Data feed, since it is one of the few CEX with good trading volumes both for spot and futures.
March 05, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 12:20  Feature request MC-2905 - Online training videos/ Youtube !
Stephen Miller (Stephen Miller) : Issue created

For a company in the world of trading and backtesting software, you need more training videos and online content help. A wiki page/forum is not enough. You really should have a whole educational department designed to release content. On Youtube, the videos are 7 years old !!!! That's insane, have a look at Tradestation YouTube for example. I don't even know why this wouldn't be a priority to teach and drive sales.

You really should have a department designed to make videos and live streams on common topics on tradings and how to use the software/ best practices.

I hope I am not the only one who thinks this would be a good idea. Improve the whole MC experience.

feature_request_tiny.png 08:23  Feature request MC-2904 - Can we just incorporate TradingView into MC for winning combo
Stephen Miller (Stephen Miller) : Issue created

We all know TradingView has won the battle of best charting/plotting/ analysis of instruments and ease of use. Can we just bite the bullet and incorporate Tradingview into MC? It will make it a winning combination of charting and strategy/backtesting development. Would be good to not have to pay for TV in addition to MC. I am sure I am not the only one which would want the TV charting here...
icon_build.png 08:00 15.0
New version released
icon_build.png 08:00 15.0
New version released
icon_build.png 08:00 15.0
New version released
February 29, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 08:10  Feature request MC-2903 - Deribit SPOT data source
tozzip (tozzip) : Issue created
Please add the possibility to add spot symbols from Deribit data source. I've noticed now only Futures and Option can be added in MC.
February 28, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 11:11  Feature request MC-2902 - Shaddow trading & per symbol / portfolio shaddow pnl & performance estats
andb (andb) : Issue created
A nice feature no one else has would be - to keep a shaddow (un-effective) trading thread that would be the equivalent of Forward Testing ... in parallel with running a Live Trading Portfolio setup. Eg., a signal / strategy input could be "shaddow" signals / performance of existing "shaddow" / past PNL performance both at symbol but also at portfolio level.
February 27, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 18:11  Feature request MC-2901 - Portfolio - Order & Position tracker (live trading) - show individual symbol performance & chart with trades
andb (andb) : Issue created
Under portfolio real time auto trading, order and position tracker - would be great to be able to right click a ticker that has a position open and:

1) get an option to show its specific pnl detail. The report already has the performance broken against individual symbols, so exposing the performance data on each individual symbol on a right click option, would be a great enhancement.

2) get an option to show a chart with that symbols and the position taken on the past data:
- if it's in live trading, all the live positions already executed
- if its forward testing, all the theoretical past positions that this symbol had

feature_request_tiny.png 12:19  Feature request MC-2900 - Portfolio Real-time Auto Trading
andb (andb) : Issue created
Having a large number of instruments into a Portfolio, would be useful to have filter / sort functionality across the various columns such as:
- Position (Flat/Long/Short)
- Net Profit
- Risk Capital
- Equity,
- etc.
feature_request_tiny.png 09:55  Feature request MC-2899 - The ability to send alerts to Slack
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue created
From MultiCharts 15, it is possible to receive alerts from MultiCharts not only by e-mail, but also to Slack and Telegram.
February 26, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 11:23  Feature request MC-2898 - Portfolio Trader: Assign Initial Market Position to Strategy = Show dialog window only if broker different from chart position
andb (andb) : Issue created
On NET (but applies to both):
Switching a Portfolio Trader into Automate Order Execution while setting up Initial Market Position = always ask will trigger a confirmation dialog for every symbol on the chart - this is not feasible if you've got 200 symbols under your portfolio.
Setting Initial Market Position to Strategy = show dialog window only if market position on chart is different from broker, should show the dialog window only for those symbols where the (virtual) chart (as there is no chart under Portfolio Trader) position is different from broker (Paper trader in this case).

Well, this doesn't happen - instead, all symbols start from Flat.

This is very, very simple to reproduce (just make sure you have 500 - 2000 symbols under a Portfolio - high numbers might break the feature).
feature_request_tiny.png 09:12  Feature request MC-2897 - TradeStation Broker Connection
RolyT (RolyT) : Issue created
Hi There - in addition to TradeStation as a data source it would be incredibly useful to have them as a broker option as well. I use TradeStation extensively but their platform is very unstable and slow, and the 32bit architecture is a real limitation - MC is way better. I would purchase another 2 lifetime MC licenses if they were a broker option. Thank you!
February 18, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 09:59  Feature request MC-2896 - Bulk change of symbolmapping settings
LW1104 (LW1104) : Issue created
At this time, when data on a chart is obtained from a data source other than the broker, it may need to be adjusted manually, but this requires individual changes one at a time.

We would like to be able to change them all at once, which would save time and improve efficiency even when there are multiple symbols.

[Bulk change of symbol mapping](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-FHq3z0-O7k4DCtChmcYGzVHMeP6nET7/view?usp=sharing "Bulk change of symbol mapping")
feature_request_tiny.png 08:02  Feature request MC-2895 - Option to page up/down scroll half a screen rather than a full screen
janus (janus) : Issue created
It would be very useful to page up/down half a screen to still see some of the screen before the scroll and so not lose focus of attention.
February 12, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 09:30  Feature request MC-2894 - TastyTrade API
thetatrader33 (thetatrader33) : Issue created
TastyTrade is an up and coming Broker that has the ability to connect to their API. It would be great if Multicharts could look into connecting to TastyTrade API at least for data and also possibly trade automation.


Thank You!
February 09, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 14:51  Feature request MC-2893 - VS Code extension
BD. (BD.) : Issue created
Can you add an extension for PL for VS Code that will recognize reserved words and compile a code from VS?

I see people complaining about visual appearance and while I know it's not your priority, MC users spend a lot of time in PL Editor and it would be really nice to get a nice environment to work in. Besides from quick research, it's not even that hard to do if you already have the required files.

Again, unless there is something I don't know about, it's not that hard to do and for only N amount of time, you'll get the most popular IDE which is highly customizable and convenient. This is also not a high-maintenance project, it won't bring any bugs that you have to deal with.
January 29, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 13:32  Feature request MC-2892 - performance summary information request
Pietro Ficarra (Pietro Ficarra) : Issue created
Hi, have you got a list of performance measures used in your performance summary similar to the one of TradeStation with, on top of it, a formula for each measure?
January 26, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 13:00  Feature request MC-2891 - Add Chart position in Order & Position Tracker
sscarpon (sscarpon) : Issue created
There are some cases when, while using AA auto-trading mode, there could be a misalignment between real broker position and the position of the strategy applied on a chart and that could happen due to different reasons.

Considering the above, it is known there are 3 different kind of positions that may differs from each other at any time while using AA (Chart position, Auto Trading engine position and Broker position). In Order & Position Tracker, Strategy and Broker position are available to be tracked,but there is no way to be able to see Chart position in the same way and the other 2 positions. **Will you be able to create a third column reporting the Chart position like the other two**? That would be really useful for all of us in order to be able to easily check any kind of misalignment from a single screen, because otherwise it would be impossible to spot a misalignment if using AA (and I think a lot of people uses AA auto-trading because that's the easiest way to trade more than 1 strategy on the same underlying.
January 23, 2024
feature_request_tiny.png 11:54  Feature request MC-670 - Power Editor EL code Version Control
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue closed
feature_request_tiny.png 11:51  Feature request MC-2890 - AI Plug in to Powerlanguage Editor
FidelisCapital (Fidelis) : Issue created
I am writing this because I love MC. You have been very good to me. I love your customer service and I want to see your company flourish. The Power Language editor should have a special plug in for ChatGPT. Microsoft currently integrated ChatGPT into the Microsoft 360 platform with the Copilot plugin. I think you should do the same thing. Integrating chat GPT into the power language editor would put MC head and shoulders ahead of any other platform. ChatGPT is making programming languages obsolete quickly. You could market yourself as the first platform to integrate AI and open your sales up to Non-Programmers along with Programmers. MC was started to allow Non programmer types to use easy language in an open source environment. You should continue to be on the cutting edge and integrate AI in to your Power language Editor allowing the need for only natural language pseudocode to program a strategy. This would get rid of the barrier of needing to learn coding syntax, structure or philosophy. Please consider passing this on to your programming team

Custom ChatGPT Plugin Page:
feature_request_tiny.png 11:50  Feature request MC-670 - Power Editor EL code Version Control
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue closed
feature_request_tiny.png 11:48  Feature request MC-670 - Power Editor EL code Version Control
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue closed
bug_report_tiny.png 11:30  Bug report MC-2889 - Missing expand (Fit to screen) and minimize button on pop out Order and position tracker
FidelisCapital (Fidelis) : Issue created
There should be a button to expand the order and position track and minimize it in the top right hand corner of the window next to the close button. When you detach the Order and postion tracker that is connecting to a chart those buttons are not present. Please put those buttons on a future upgrade of the platform
December 28, 2023
feature_request_tiny.png 05:27  Feature request MC-2888 - Workspace Name Available In Scripts
dean (dean) : Issue created
Allow Workspace Name to be available within a script.
**An example** is in the use with an ALERT message - particularly useful in email alert
If CheckAlert Then Alert ("Open Long EURUSD ", **WorkSpaceName()** );
December 22, 2023
feature_request_tiny.png 11:02  Feature request MC-2887 - More exchange options for spot automate API trader : CoinEx
strelow (robsonstrelow) : Issue created
Hello MC

Today only Binance and Kraken exchanges we can do automated trade . Please provide more options for us please


CoinEx have APIs only necessary create MC side.


December 19, 2023
bug_report_tiny.png 13:01  Bug report MC-2886 - MC.NET 14 latest, portfolio trader - Order&Position Tracker pos. PNL is different from the Portfolio Real-time auto trading
andb (andb) : Issue created
please, check the attached pic
December 17, 2023
feature_request_tiny.png 10:28  Feature request MC-2885 - Support for Charles Schwab
andb (andb) : Issue created
It would be great to get support for Charles Schwab broker, especially in the context of them acquiring TD Ameritrade too.
December 09, 2023
bug_report_tiny.png 22:20  Bug report MC-2884 - can't see full date Daily Period Analysis report
binhsir (binhsir) : Issue created
As you can see in attachment,