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May 17, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 10:18  Feature request MC-2590 - Use IQFeed Symbol Refresh on Rolling Futures Contracts
TrendFirst (TrendFirst) : Issue created
I've posted this topic in the discussion forum, re-posting the issue here as a feature request.

[Your text to link here...](https://www.multicharts.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=51896 "Rolling Crude Futures")

During a futures contract roll, the IQFeed symbol database refresh happens overnight, as they have millions of symbol updates to do and that is the only practical way to do it. This takes a period of hours, and during this time the symbol shown in an MC chart is the old symbol, while the data shown in an MC chart is the new data. This can be confusing to a trader that is executing trades during this period. If I do a symbol search in MC during this symbol updating process, it will still show the old contract, even tho the data in the chart is the new contract. This is only an issue for a matter of hours, and by the next morning the symbol database, symbol in the chart, and the data are correct and match.

It is possible to use a symbol refresh that IQFeed sends with the new contract data, and show the symbol for the new contract immediately, along with the new contract data. MC currently retrieves the symbol from the symbol database, and while the database is being refreshed, MC will pull and display the old symbol. I would suggest that MC be modified to use the new symbol that is sent immediately with the new data, rather than pulling from the symbol database.

Thanks for considering my request.
May 15, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 18:54  Feature request MC-2589 - "Sort and Filter" Function in "List of Trades" of Performance Report
ragdoll (ragdoll) : Issue created
We develop new strategies on Multicharts. After back testing on several years history, there usually will be thousands of trades listed in the "List of Trades" of Performance Report. Currently, the functionality of "Go To:" is quite limited. We have to export that list to excel and do some job by the "sort and filter" in excel to find the specific trades we want to check. Would you please help to provide that function in the "List of Trades"? That will facilitate much of our strategy development work.
May 13, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 05:44  Feature request MC-2588 - Add style templates for signals
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue created
Configuring the style settings for entries, exits and connecting lines for each of the numerous signals can be very time consuming.
We consider adding a possibility of creating sets of settings/style templates for the signals to facilitate this process. Once created these templates will be available for each signal.
May 09, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 03:19  Feature request MC-2587 - Percentage Chart
Safa (bruno_safa) : Issue created
It would be great if MC had the ability to load percentage charts like TS does.
May 08, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 12:53  Bug report MC-2586 - Programmatically-drawn rectangles do not display in the correct UI layer when not based on data1
pburich (pburich1) : Issue created
When rectangles (and probably ellipses as well) are drawn by an indicator based on a datastream > data1, the UI layer to which they are assigned visually supersedes manually-drawn 2-dimensional objects (rectangles and ellipses). This makes it hard to annotate charts to share with others since a rectangle or ellipse drawn to highlight an area of interest on the chart disappears behind any programmatically drawn 2-dimensional objects.

This behavior is not observed for 1-dimensional objects, so the lack of consistency would suggest a minor bug vs. a new feature request.

May 07, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 02:51  Bug report MC-2585 - Open Position shows NEGATIVE TICKS on CHART and POSITIVE CASH on ORDER AND POSITION TRACKER
WildWex (gwexler) : Issue created
I have a number of charts open as well as open positions on those charts. Often, I see that the position reflects a negative number of ticks suggesting a loss vs. a positive amount of open position cash (unrealized profit). I've *attached* an image for your review.

Release: Multicharts64 version 12.0 Relese (Build 18038)

attachment: https://cl.ly/42d9254d7595

May 03, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 03:48  Feature request MC-2584 - Improvements for strategy position (total per underlying)
endystrike (andrea_nebiolo) : Issue created
Please give the possibility to check if the sum of all theorical position on an underlying matches with the broker position on that underlying.
For example, I have 6 systems on CLM9:
sys 1: long +1
sys 2: flat 0
sys 3: short -2
sys 4: long+4
sys 5: long +3
sys 6: long +1

at this point I'd have to manually do the sum and check if the sum is aligned with the broker position that in this case should be = 1+0-2+4+3+1 = +7
May 02, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 20:23  Feature request MC-2583 - Power Language-Chart Trading Panel extension
Having the ability to control certain aspects of the Chart Trading Panel from within Power Language.
I would like the ability to:
1) disable Buy/Sell buttons under certain conditions
2) set the # of contracts based on market volatility
Right now this has to be done manually....and you know how that goes.

I am constantly finding myself getting out of winning positions too early ...and want to disable the sell/buy based on my position until the market trend changes. This is a huge problem for me right now.
Also, I find myself trading the same number of contracts regardless of market volatility conditions. I'd like to set the default number of contracts based on a volatility measure. I am constantly having to change the default # of contracts in the trading panel. It would be great if the software could do it from an indicator or signal.

Here are some ideas for implementation:
Remember: With PowerLanguage any and all kinds of logic can be applied.
Setting the bet-size based on current volatility makes a lot of sense.

So all we need is a few getters and setters: CTP = Chart Trading Panel
v1 = CTPGetBuyButtonStatus; // returns true/false
v1 = CTPGetSellButtonStatus; // returns true/false
s1 = CTPSetBuyButtonStatus(boolean True/False); // true = enabled
s1 = CTPSetSellButtonStatus(boolean True/False); // true = enabled

v1 = CTPGetQty; // returns current size
s1 = CTPSetQty(long ); // sets current size

Wow, this would be a huge improvement for those who are semi-automated traders (like me !!).
feature_request_tiny.png 20:16  Feature request MC-2582 - Enhance Powerlanguage to support more robust Alerts
I use Alerts a lot..and that's the problem....they all look the same and distinguishing them clearly in rapidly moving markets (think E-Mini) becomes difficult....even with sounds.
I wonder how difficult it would be for MC Engineers to provide an extension for Alerts to be able to change:
1) background color
2) Font type, size, and color
3) Placement on screen
4) allow embedded images

In this manner with these features certain Alerts would stand out from others.
April 22, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 22:40  Feature request MC-2581 - Volume Delta charts colour shading
Al3cs (al3cs) : Issue created
I noticed that colour shading in Volume Delta Charts is only based on relative values inside single rotation.
I think it is far better to consider prevoius rotations values too for colour shading.
In this way you can fast spot on relative changes in market values, in the same way most of others charting softwares does.

April 08, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 02:22  Bug report MC-2580 - QuoteManager and TradeStation data
WildWex (gwexler) : Issue created
When I import data from TradeStation and keep a symbol 'connected' via Quote Manager, it seems that QuoteManager does not retain the data it collects. Each time I update the chart changing the timeframe from 10 min to 15 min bars (more or less minute based regular bars) the data is required from TradeStation rather than retrieved from data already collected and stored in QuoteManager.

I have no such problem when collecting data from Rithmic. However, the problem manifests when using TradeStation.
April 05, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 01:37  Feature request MC-2579 - Trading Journal
Goldfinger (lutz eberle) : Issue created
I would like to see an implementation of a simple Trading Journal in Multicharts.
This is really missing.
Examples for Trading Journals:
April 03, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 04:14  Feature request MC-2578 - Add Diagonal lines to the GannSqaure
AdrianP (AdrianP) : Issue created

I would like to see the option to draw diagonal lines on the Gann Square drawing tool.
The default settings use 0.25,0.5,0.75,1.0 creating 16 squares.

Please see the 2nd chart at this link for an example of what I am discussing. My main request is for the dark thick blue line options.
March 29, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 07:37  Bug report MC-2577 - Performance/ compiler isse
Zheka (Zheka) : Issue created
I have (again) stumbled upon a performance issue, where a script was taking too long to execute (some 26sec on 7yrs of 20min bars).

Investigating, I copied it block by block to another, fresh script, but it run in <6 sec altogether.

The only block left was the one which should not have been executed anyway (if false then...) - and when I copied it, the time got back to 26sec!

Somehow a block of code that should not have been executed dramatically influences run time!

!! AND - params passed to functions that are not supposed to be executed - influence run times!

Observation: this seems to be a problem with functions that call other functions and use arrays.

The below code takes 11 sec to execute on 7yrs of 1-min bars of EURUSD; if all function calls are commented out - 6+sec.
March 25, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 07:31  Bug report MC-2576 - CustomInstrument fails with the resolution same as primary data's
SUNRISUS (sunrisus) : Issue created
Hi from a new comer!

I have been playing with data retrieving using CustomInstrument, and noticed that it is working fine for retrieving instruments except the resolution the same as the primary data's.. I know I could do it with DataLoader, but the later is not bond with primary bars and would make plotting more difficult. It would be nicer if Multicharts would allow requesting new instruments with the same resolution as the primary data's, facilitating plotting.

I also know I could bypass the problem by loading data2 to chart, and using BarsOfData(2) , but if I were to manually load 10-20 instruments to chart every time, that would be a painful process.

I am not sure if not allowing the resolution same as primary series is by design or a bug.

The following is the sample code, with primary chart data resolution of 1 day. All resolutions works fine except the resolution the same as primary data's.
March 19, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 05:27  Feature request MC-2572 - PowerLanguage Code Examples Publishing
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue closed
March 18, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 07:41  Feature request MC-2575 - Show WICKS on LINE BREAK charts
WildWex (gwexler) : Issue created
I have found Line Break bars to be more effective than RENKO bars when used with specific indicators. On Ninja Trader, there is a 3rd party plugin (LineBreakWicked) that shows wicks which I've used effectively.. When ATR is calculated with wicks, the calculation, and thusly efficiency, is improved, vs. being blind and having no wicks in which ATR can use.

Request: Please offer a 'show wicks' option on LineBreak and show in candlestick mode if possible.

I have *Attached* an image for review so you can see how ATR is benefitted by having wicks in its calculation

Thank you.

March 16, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 00:16  Feature request MC-2574 - Playback - No Bars for a Symbol with " Global Mode " - Jump to Next Bar
Jobauma (Jobauma) : Issue created
The feature request is that when you have several symbols in " Playback - Global Mode ", and when 1 or more symbols have no data ( at a certain point ), all the symbols jump to the next bar of the symbol that have no data. If there are more than 1 symbol that have no data, the jump is the next bar for the symbol with the biggest gap. This way the playback is continuous for all symbols. Symbols with data that makes the jump, doesn't exclude any bars in the jump; the calculation of all bars in the jump is calculated, when a symbol without data makes the jump with 1 bar. This feature is important when using many different symbols in " Global Mode ", and not just many charts of the same symbol. Alternatively there can be an indication, highlighting or 2 timelines, of where the jump was, for symbols with data ( "Start" / "End" ), and just 1 timeline for symbols without data ("Gap"). A dropdown menu besides " Global Mode " would be nice to enable the function. Maybe highlighting can be included in this dropdown menu too. Another idea is to have timers for symbols without data, to see how much time there is for the next bar to occur ( based on playback speed ). Then you can manually decide to make the jump ( for all symbols ). This is done from the symbol that have no data. This time symbols with bigger gaps may not reach its next bar ( after the current gap ), but all other symbols with data has followed ( the symbol without data that made the jump ). I think that there should be an own button for jumping manually. :) I hope that this is something that is useful for others too. Please give some feedback on the issue. Best regards, Johannes Hillestad Baumann.
March 15, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 10:00  Feature request MC-2573 - Chart: Backfilling Complete Notification
WildWex (gwexler) : Issue created
When a chart is busy backfilling data, I would like to get some sort of audio notification when it has completed collecting the data (and potentially completed calculating any studies, etc). Because such calculations and backfilling can be done more often, and audio responses for such could be distracting, I recommend using simple tones or sounds (customizable by user?) or mp3 file referred by user(?) to indicate when the backfilling or calculation is complete.

This would be helpful to those who are working on other charts or other applications and would like notification when a requested task to multicharts is complete.
March 14, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 21:38  Feature request MC-2572 - PowerLanguage Code Examples Publishing
LRP (LRP) : Issue created
It would be a great service for learning purposes, to provide and publish (at TASC or at MC-Homepage) for the Multicharts community examples of PowerLanguage code from the "Trader's Tips" of the very well known and established TASC Magazine.: http://technical.traders.com/content/backissuearchive.asp with a large readership at Traders.com (http://traders.com)
feature_request_tiny.png 02:43  Feature request MC-2571 - Performance Report: Hourly Period Analysis
WildWex (gwexler) : Issue created
On the performance report, I'd like to see an **HOURLY PERIOD ANALYSIS** much like you currently have an ANNUAL, MONTHLY and DAILY PERIOD ANALYSES. This will help identify times of the day (during trading or overnight). Such may be favorable to overnight trending strategies which may identify after hours.

Potential similar Feature Request:
March 13, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 19:51  Feature request MC-2570 - Output performance reports as HTML5 documents
Xyzzy (Xyzzy) : Issue created
I'm not a TradeStation expert, but it seems that TradeStation provides its performance reports as HTML files. This makes it easy to save the output.

MultiCharts has its own in-app system for displaying performance reports. However, the current system makes it difficult and time consuming to export performance reports. The Excel worksheets also don't look very good, especially for purposes like blogging and sharing data with others. It also takes forever to export a list of all trades.

(I'm thinking about launching a blog to provide tips and tricks about MultiCharts. But the Excel worksheets look terrible. I would honestly be embarrassed to share them online. The TradeStation performance reports are much, much easier to look at and to share online.)

Would it be possible to re-implement the performance reports so that they are generated as HTML5 documents? That way, it should be trivial to view the reports and share them with others. The actual report could be viewed either in-app using a web browser component, or could be opened in the user's default browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
feature_request_tiny.png 19:41  Feature request MC-2569 - Snap to price grid
Xyzzy (Xyzzy) : Issue created
I'm using MultiCharts to trade the e-mini on a discretionary basis using the MultiCharts chart-trading features. The e-mini has a tick size of 0.25, of course.

When I'm moving the cursor on the chart, my expectation is that the cursor will snap vertically to valid price s like 2822.50, 2822.75, 2023.00, .... For example, if I want to draw a horizontal line at 2825.00, then the cursor should snap to exactly 2825.00 -- not to an impossible price like 2825.04.

Currently, MultiCharts does not snap to the price grid. This makes it difficult to draw precise figures (like horizontal lines) and to place accurate trades using right-click chart trading.

Could MultiCharts be improved to add an option for "snap to price grid" or "snap to valid prices" along the vertical axis, in the same manner as MultiCharts snaps to valid times/dates along the horizontal axis?
feature_request_tiny.png 19:30  Feature request MC-2568 - Rounded box positions for renko charts
Xyzzy (Xyzzy) : Issue created
A feature request concerning renko charts:

I often use renko charts to trade the e-mini. My expectation/hope is that if I create a renko chart with a box size of 5.00 points (as an example), then the boxes will align at even intervals like 2800, 2805, 2810, 2815, 2820, .... This way, the position of the boxes are independent of the specific data on the chart. In other words, the boxes will align to the "round numbers" regardless of the opening tick of the chart.

The reality is that renko charts currently depend on the first tick of data for Data1. For example, if I have a chart with ten days of data, and the first tick of the first day is 2802.75, then the chart will have box divisions at 2802.75, 2807.75, 2812.75, 2817.75, .... That seems weird and suboptimal.

It's worse if you enable the "break on session" option. In that case, each session will have a different box position, based on the opening tick of each session. For example, one day might have box positions at 2802.75, 2807.75, ....,, while another day might have box divisions at 2801.00, 2806.00, 2011.00, .... This seems counterintuitive.

Would it be possible to make the renko box sizes align to even intervals? This could either be the default behavior or an option.

March 04, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 07:34  Feature request MC-2567 - Duplication/transfer Settings Strategies in Portfolio Trader and on the charts!
buffetuoren (buffetuoren) : Issue created
Duplication/transfer of Strategy Settings in the trader's Portfolio (PT) and on the charts!
It would be very convenient and correct to add the ability to transfer settings from PT to chart by saving a template settings with scripts and parameters! this is the same pattern it would be possible to transfer and back - from the chart in PT! The fact is that when using a large number of trading symbols, scripts and their settings, configure everything in PT and then transfer everything to the chart to check the coincidence of the signals for a very long time and greatly increases the probability of an error! Moreover, such a template could be saved after the end of optimization/testing and immediately applied to the chart and in PT, which would greatly simplify the configuration and application in trading of those parameters for scripts that were found as a result of optimization!
February 27, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 05:25  Feature request MC-2566 - Allow Signal Drag and Drop in Multicharts (and PT to/from Multicharts)
Will (wilkinsw) : Issue created
Allow signal drag and drop in Multicharts (and PT to/from Multicharts) as is currently allowed between PT instances.

It would save me (and no doubt others) many hours of work.

feature_request_tiny.png 05:22  Feature request MC-2565 - Portfolio Trader needs a better commission rule setting
Will (wilkinsw) : Issue created
If I have a basket of instruments in PT, with greatly varying tick values and volatilities, commissions etc, and one signal applied (which I'm optimizing), I need costs per fill to be instrument specific and not signal specific. Otherwise the optimization will be steered by any biases (will over aggressively trade the underestimated cost instrument and under trade the overestimated cost instrument).

I suggest either:

-add the costs section to the dropdown menu when the user right clicks each instrument (and this will override the strategy level costs specified).

-or allow the user to specify a factor of QM specified "instrument default costs" under strategy level "commission rule".

I prefer the first option personally.

There's just a few details that need sorting in PT to make it a great back testing tool. IMO these are: instrument specific commission rules (detailed here) and bar magnifier. Sort them both out and I'd be happy to pay extra for a premium version of PT!
feature_request_tiny.png 00:32  Feature request MC-2564 - Change order quantity from DOM with number keys
Matt (jules190) : Issue created
It would be really useful when manually trading, if pressing a number key changed the quantity on the selected DOM window. When scaling in/out of positions in fast paced markets, it's not convenient to keep clicking in the order quantity box or entering the order and then modifying the quantity.

Platforms such as TT offer this feature.
February 26, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 13:42  Feature request MC-2563 - Backtesting LineBreak and FlexRenko on tick-by-tick resolution
WildWex (gwexler) : Issue created
I would like to see MC enable tick-by-tick resolution on back-testing similar to the marketreplay feature available in NinjaTrader. NinjaTrader enables users to download 24 hours of tick data and 'apply' that data collected as a tick-by-tick feed to the chart in order to enable a simulated 'replay' of the day's ticks on a chart and allowing users to back-test against in chart they offer including LineBreak and Renko charts. I believe this would be a fantastic feature for MC that is currently missing and limiting.

Currently your Data Playback feature is limited only to Regular bar charts and only supports the resolution available in Linebreak and FlexRenko. However, if you take a downloaded data feed of tick data and feed it into a chart, MC could offer better tick-based resolution on those alternate bar types.

Gregory Wexler
feature_request_tiny.png 13:19  Feature request MC-2562 - Quote Manager and Chart Progress Indicator
WildWex (gwexler) : Issue created
When requesting data for a chart from a data provider (e.g. Rithmic) it would be helpful to display some sort of indicator (% Downloaded) or progress bar to provide feedback/insight to the user so that they have some expectation or estimate re: data received, data remaining.

In a chart, the word "backfilling..." appears. Unfortunately, it's the same color as the rest of the text in the status bar and for some new users can be obscure from view. Preferred would be an indicator showing % backfilled rather than simply the text "backfilling". 1%, 2%, ... 10%, ... 50%... 99%. Or a filling pie/circle or a progress bar. Such text would be best rendered 'blinking' or highlighted (black text against yellow highlight background).

The QuoteManager does show progress on the event log for one or more instruments that are downloaded. If 30 days of tick data are being requested, and backfilling is being executed, one could easily parse the data being received to determine where we are in the expected data set using the date and time of data 'bundle' received and calculating how many days / how much time are remaining before we get to 100% downloaded.

Also, it would be great to take the same % downloaded and show that same information next to the symbol in the QuoteManager as well, or multiple indicators (one next to each symbol for which data is being collected).

Again, this would be a great indicator for all users to gain better insight and set expectation with regards to data requested.

Thank you,
Gregory Wexler (WildWex)
tel: 818-783-8807
February 21, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 04:17  Feature request MC-2561 - See the graph of the sum of the trade in OOS in Walk Forward Optimization
stefan84 (stefan84) : Issue created
It would be useful to see the graph of the sum of the out-of-sample trades in the Walk Forward Optimization report. It's not a difficult thing because the data to do it is already inside the report. Seeing the curve, however, would give us more information to be able to evaluate the strategy for live trading.

Currently those who want to see the graph of the WFA is forced to insert in a powerlanguage signal a script that writes the trade in a sheet of text, this makes the process of optimization longer. This leads to problems when new versions of MC are released
February 20, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 15:05  Bug report MC-2560 - MultiCharts .NET is going stale - UPGRADE
orad (orad) : Issue created
There haven't been any updates to the .NET specific features of MultiCharts.NET almost since version 8.5 (year 2012)

At this time I would consider this a bug than a feature request because it's getting very old.

**Remove dependency to .NET Framework 3.5**
New versions of Windows do not include .NET Framework 3.5 pre-installed, because there is a better, newer .NET 4.6.x or 4.7 installed. .NET Framework 3.5 is available for optional installation in Windows only for compatibility with legacy applications. Installing .NET Framework 3.5 will also install .NET Framework 2.0. Another reason these older versions of .NET Framework are not pre-installed in Windows is because of security considerations and reducing the attack surface on the machine. The fact that MultiCharts .NET still depends on older versions of .NET framework makes it a legacy application and installing it has security side effects. Targetting .NET Framework 4.6 should be only a matter of changing the compilation target in the build process. Please do it!

**Sign the installer**
When you install MultiCharts/MultiCharts.NET you get a Warning that this program is from an unknown publisher (see the attached image). Why not sign it with a TS Support certificate so Windows doesn't complain anymore? Notice that if there is a Group Policy that disallows installing unsigned applications then it would not be possible to install MultiCharts because of this.

**Support Latest Version of C#**
C# 8.0 is about to be released, yet MultiCharts .NET is based on C# 4.0. There is a long list of language features from C# 4.0 to 8.0 that we cannot use in MultiCharts .NET PowerLanguage Editor. See [here](https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/csharp/whats-new/csharp-version-history#c-version-50) for C# 5, 6, 7 and [here](https://github.com/dotnet/roslyn/blob/master/docs/Language%20Feature%20Status.md) for C# 8. Please support latest version of C#.
feature_request_tiny.png 14:32  Feature request MC-2559 - Hide/unhide instrument in PowerLanguage
janus (janus) : Issue created
Please provide a feature in PowerLanguage to hide/unhide an instrument.
feature_request_tiny.png 08:53  Feature request MC-2558 - choice to shift the x-axis "time" diaplayed 1-bar to the left, so time displayed is when a bar **starts** (not ends) on a bar chart
h.shim (h.shim) : Issue created
Please add the option (in window display preferences, maybe) so a user can choose to "shift" 1-bar to the left how time is displayed of the x-axis "time", so that the time displayed on the x-axis appears to be when a bar **starts** (not ends) on that bar chart. That way, a candlestick bar that starts at 10AM will actually read 10AM down below on the x-axis.

I know this option will only help manual trading, so this option should be able to be toggled on or off.
February 15, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 18:25  Feature request MC-2557 - Headless PortfolioTrader
orad (orad) : Issue created
Latest versions of Windows Server support headless installations which has most graphical user interfaces (GUI) taken out. Microsoft recommends to install a Windows Server this way since it highly limits the attack surface (better security) and requires fewer processes to run (better performance). The server can be managed by connecting a GUI remotely or by using the command prompt (PowerShell).

A headless installation of MultiCharts PortfolioTrader will be extremely beneficial for live trading as it enables deploying on headless servers. The regular desktop experience can be achieved when connecting a regular PortfolioTrader GUI to the remote installation. This will also make managing live PortfolioTraders easier.

Read more about [Windows Server Core here](https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/server-core/what-is-server-core).
feature_request_tiny.png 00:20  Feature request MC-2556 - Trading App Store
Faraz (faraz) : Issue created

Please introduce Trading App Store just like TradeStation have [TradeStationStoreLink](https://tradestation.tradingappstore.com/featured)

February 08, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 08:26  Feature request MC-2555 - Scanner "Off" Switch
TrendFirst (TrendFirst) : Issue created
I use the scanner to screen a list of approximately 600 stocks. When I open it, it immediately starts scanning. What I would like to see is a feature that allows me to switch the scanner to default to "Off" when the workspace opens. I want it to scan on my schedule, not when it opens. Because when I open the workspace and it starts scanning 600 stocks, other processes tend to temporarily freeze or slow down (and I have a pretty beefy workstation). This includes critical things, like Portfolio Trader in Auto Trade mode.

So what I am looking for is a switch somewhere in the settings that I could toggle to "Off", so that the scanner does not automatically default to Scan mode when the workspace is opened. Thanks.
February 05, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 01:59  Feature request MC-2554 - Report function PER strategy under an account for live trading, now only per account.
d.aspers (d.aspers) : Issue created
Request a feature, that can show reports in Order and position tracker, PER strategy and not as it is now, that i can only pull out reports per account. As we all know its not so common to be able to have one account at broker PER strategy, so pulling out reports per account does just show you the overall numbers of all strategies combined.
I would like to be able to pull out reports per strategy even if i have 500 strategies under one and same account at IB for example

I believe it would be simple, since right now i can see reports based on per strategy but only for paper trading accounts and strategies, why not make this happen also for live accounts?

Kindly vote in favour of this
February 02, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 23:33  Feature request MC-2553 - Developing POC plotting with points instead of line
CrazyNasdaq (CrazyNasdaq) : Issue created
It would be great if in the default setting of Volume Profile, the DEVELOPING POC could be plotted NOT only as Line, but even as sequence of POINTS
Vertical line conjunctions of the developing POC are not useful and it would be better if we can plot developing POC as a sequence of points (see images attached)

![Actual possible setting - Developing POC](https://postimg.cc/qt9Hy0bj "Actual possible setting - Developing POC")

![NEW Feature - Developing POC setting as points](https://postimg.cc/PPRHTmWg "NEW Feature request - Developing POC as sequence of points")
February 01, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 21:59  Feature request MC-2552 - .NET - access other signals input values from another signal
andb (andb) : Issue created
MC.NET comes with a default signals database.
It would be great to easily access (iterate through) other chart applied signals' input values from your own custom signal.