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March 16, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 02:49  Feature request MC-2420 - Strategy Performance Report & Optimization Reports assigned to toolbar buttons
wildmur (mc_7735509902) : Issue created
Strategy Performance report assigned to a toolbar button for faster access. Fastest way to access it currently is through '.rep' on the command line. Strategy Optimization report should also be assigned to a toolbar button ('view' menu option is clumsy and slow for accessing these reports). Thanks
March 15, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 07:32  Feature request MC-2419 - Some futures contracts are quoted in cents, not dollars, and this messes up back testing calculations.
bdwg (bdwg) : Issue created
There are a few contracts that are quoted in cents, for example a price of $1.38 (one dollar and 38 cents) is quoted as 138.0 (or 138 cents). MC sees this as a quote in dollars, and thus any calculations are incorrect. A somewhat easy hack/fix for this is to just reduce the big point value for the contract by 100x. While I believe this solves the problems with backtesting calcs, I bet it might cause problems I have not yet thought of. I am requesting that a check box be provided in quote manager's edit symbol that could be selected when prices are quoted in cents.

Example Contracts:
SB - Sugar - ICE
CT - Cotton - ICE
HG - Copper - NYMEX
SI - Silver - NYMEX
And the list goes on, but these are probably some more of the popular ones.

Thank you.
March 08, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 11:28  Feature request MC-2418 - Expand the performance variables
Ettienne (et1hugo) : Issue created
Hi guys

I'm trying to work with some performance metrics using the custom criteria or even using a CustomFitnessValue set from within the .NET code. Unfortunately not all the performance values are readily available within the custom criteria script or even the SignalObject class. It would be nice if these values are computed and exposed so a trader could compute more complex performance metrics, some of these values are exposed on the performance report already they are just not available within the coding environment:

Account Size Required
Annualized Rate of Return
Average Trade Drawdown per Trade
Largest Losing Trade
Largest Winning Trade
Long Trade Count
Open Position P/L
Percent of Time in the Market (can be exposed potentially as the count of bars in trades and count of bars in back test - that would be bar count on Data0)
Return on Account
Return on Initial Capital
Return Retracement Ratio
Select Total Net Profit
Select Gross Profit
Select Gross Loss
Select Profit factor
Short Trade Count
Total Commission
Total Slippage

Kind regards
March 02, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 13:47  Feature request MC-2417 - Data Playback Enhancement: Loading options to enhance speed
Sebastian Vermont (sebastianvermont) : Issue created
When MultiCharts initially loads data to playback, it obviously must load all of the data on the chart, so there is a delay dependent on the amount of data. After that, jumping around is extremely fast (almost instant) because the data is already loaded. If data playback is ended, and a new bar prints, then all of the data must be reloaded. I propose the following ideas:

1) Have some kind of option (or a permanent change) that remembers previously loaded data when data playback is exited, so that only the additional bars since the last load need to be loaded. This way, intraday traders that use data playback regularly can load data playback much faster.

2) Have some kind of option that "pre-loads" data upon the close of a new bar. This way, intraday traders can replay recently closed bars very quickly.
feature_request_tiny.png 04:24  Feature request MC-2416 - Requesting a PowerLanguage key word to set the chart's background color
MikeCondra (mikecondra) : Issue created
A color change set in this fashion would persist until next recalc. (One could make a color change survive a recalc by storing the desired color in a recalcpersist variable, then setting chart color by a script command in a "once" block.)

Please do this.

Embarrass me by telling me it's already possible.
February 27, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 21:11  Feature request MC-2415 - AlphaVantage as Data Source
nuno-online (nuno-online) : Issue created
It would be great AlphaVantage as Data Source
Requires an API key

February 25, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 16:15  Feature request MC-2414 - Price Range Count Display
Anjoy (joyceyip) : Issue created
Highligh from bar to bar, can show the price range (points) and time range

I would to post the pic here, put not successful, let me know how to provide more information

February 24, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 18:41  Feature request MC-2413 - Horizontal Chart Scrolling via Left Mouse Click: Customize this feature to align clicked-on timestamp at a selectable distance from right chart edge
MikeCondra (mikecondra) : Issue created
The goal of this feature is to let the user recreate, by mouse click, the way prices looked at some time in the past. Currently this can only be done by either: (1) manually scrolling all charts, placing the same timestamp at the charts' right edge; or (2) jumping Data Playback in global mode.

Please add a global preference to say where, as a percentage of chart width from the right edge, the clicked-on timestamps should appear. To duplicate the way charts looked in the past, the user might choose 0% or maybe 5%. Leave the new option off by default, so as not to startle people accustomed to current behavior.
feature_request_tiny.png 09:43  Feature request MC-2412 - Strategy Hound
bomberone1 (bomberone1) : Issue created
Add the same tool for multicharts

[Strategy Hound](https://tradestation.tradingappstore.com/products/StrategyHound "Strate Hound")
[Web pages](https://tradestation.tradingappstore.com/products/StrategyHound)

StrategyHound is a TradingApp that allows you to use the powerful strategy optimization features in TradeStation to find trading opportunities by evaluating multiple strategies and intervals across multiple markets in a single integrated tool. With StrategyHound, you simply specify a list of symbols, along with the intervals and strategies of interest, and then click Run. It evaluates all possible permutations and presents you with an easy-to-read report that displays each permutation along with its associated fitness values such as Net Profit, Maximum Intraday Drawdown and Profit Factor. You can then sort by any fitness value to find the combination of symbols, intervals and strategies that provides the best results according to your own trading criteria.
there are two optimization method:
• Exhaustive – Select Exhaustive for a comprehensive method
that calculates all possible combinations of all strategy input
parameters within the range specified. Since all parameter
combinations are calculated, the exhaustive method
guarantees that the algorithm finds the optimal set of strategy
parameters of those compared.
• Genetic – Select Genetic for an optimization method based
on an evolutionary algorithm. Genetic optimizations are
preferable when the number of tests in the exhaustive method
might be too time consuming or processing intensive.
Running optimizations in shorter times will also allow
you to select wider range of parameters in your strategy
optimizations. Genetic optimizations do not calculate all
possible strategy parameter combinations but will use an
algorithm based on natural selection that will arrive to an
answer that is statistically significant.

bug_report_tiny.png 09:19  Bug report MC-2411 - Make clicable the windows of mc at 1366x768.
bomberone1 (bomberone1) : Issue created
I use screen max resolution at 1366x768.
I can not make the change that i want because i can not click OK or other button.
February 23, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 22:42  Feature request MC-2410 - Indian broker Sharekhan
bomberone1 (bomberone1) : Issue created
Please add top Indian broker Sharekhan
February 21, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 01:46  Feature request MC-2409 - Order & Position tracker window > Position History, have AVERAGE PRICE listed for both opening/closing positions
Bkessler (bkessler) : Issue created
Under the Order & Position tracker window > Position History, I would like to have the "Average Price" show for both an opening AND closing positions. Currently it only shows the "Average Price" for opening positions (and not the price at which you closed the position ).
February 18, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 15:00  Feature request MC-2408 - Provide license for the Pine Script
peter (pranas) : Issue created
I'd like to start using Pine Script in my own software, but not sure where to find the license.
Would you mind publishing one?

feature_request_tiny.png 02:30  Feature request MC-2407 - Optionally extend cursor tracking to all open MCDs
MikeCondra (mikecondra) : Issue created
I would like this:

-- to move the mouse in one chart, and have the crosshairs in all charts in all MCDs track it.

-- to left-click in price-time graph of one chart, and have a scroll-to-that-coordinate message sent to all charts in all MCDs.

These things can be done now only within the current MCD. Because symbol color linking works across all MCDs,it can serve as an example of how to extend cursor tracking.

I'd suggest enabling cross-MCD cursor tracking with a new checkbox in the File/Preferences/Charting property sheet.

Thank you for everything.

February 16, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 09:32  Feature request MC-2406 - DOM more Master Strategy slots and convert Exit Strategy icon list to text list
hurleydood (hurleydood) : Issue created
I would like a modification to the DOM where you can have more than 4 master strategies and have the Exit Strategy list window show the strategy template name instead of icons only. Maybe show smaller icons next to the template names.
February 10, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 23:40  Feature request MC-2405 - Please raise max ticks per bar significantly, e.g., from 1 million to 10 million
MikeCondra (mikecondra) : Issue created
This ought to be pretty easy. Hope you have time for it. **Спасибо за все.**
February 09, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 08:07  Feature request MC-2404 - Modification to a bracketing strategy
Anna (ann789) : Issue created
I would like a stop loss option which is similar to the breakeven strategy for the upside. If the price moves against me, I'd like to be able to specify that when it hits either a certain price or number of ticks loss, like with the breakeven, it sells, but on the pullback to a certain price, tick, or percentage loss. So, for instance I can tell it that if I get to a three tick loss, I want it to wait till I get back to a one tick loss and then sell at that price. And if it doesn't bounce, then I want it to place a regular stop loss order at a four tick loss.
feature_request_tiny.png 04:07  Feature request MC-2403 - Create A Currency Conversion Server for OANDA
Bkessler (bkessler) : Issue created
Since MCFX's currency conversion server goes down at times, there should be a currency conversion server separate of MCFX for OANDA clients (similar to what is provided for IB and LMAX).
February 06, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 17:33  Feature request MC-2402 - Range Bar icon
Joyce (joyce) : Issue created
is that possible to make a Range bar icon ?

it was show in here

thank you so much !!!
February 05, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 05:59  Feature request MC-2401 - Genetic Optimizer needs reworking to make better use of multiple cores
Will (wilkinsw) : Issue created

Genetic Algorithm "learning" efficacy diminishes with cores as it is conducted in parallel, not sequentially, like it should be.

It is becoming more and more affordable to run optimizations on machines with more cores. Meanwhile the extent to which Multucharts' Incremental Genetic Algorithm can find "fit solutions" dimishes with cores. I believe this can be reworked to maintain a near linear efficacy relationship with core utilized.
February 04, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 12:52  Feature request MC-2400 - Connect trading system to the scanner
bomberone1 (bomberone1) : Issue created
I suggest how they implemented in tradestation, you provide the ability to connect the strategies to the scanner in order to avoid keeping many graphs open. This way it is practically possible to connect a very large number of strategy without weighing up multicharts and the pc on which the systems are loaded. Now for each strategy created, a graph must be opened.
February 02, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 08:50  Feature request MC-2399 - Add way to do manual trading in market replay mode.
jstrading (jstrading) : Issue created
Develop capability to enter manual trades in market replay mode.

As part of that, keep track of profit and loss of manual trades while in market replay mode. This can be used for practice and education.

After trades are place retain ability to go backwards and forwards in time seeing trades removed and reappear.

Ability to "clear" the trades, and "save" trade sets in market replay mode.

Track manual changes in limit and stop orders to the times of those changes while in replay mode, then be able to replay them or remove them.

January 29, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 04:14  Feature request MC-2398 - Adding support for synchronization (order of execution) of different studies to Multicharts
ME (drmalikam@gmail.com) : Issue created
MC doesn't support for synchronization (order of execution) of different studies.
For instance, if we have 2 studies applied to 2 charts of a chart window, and 2 of
these charts have just closed their bars on the same time, then we have no means
to instruct MC which of the 2 studies should be executed first.
This too important to have if we have data dependencies between the 2 studies,
yet one study may need to receive results of calculations by a global variable before
it does its calculations each time.
I suggest to consider adding priority/order of execution between studies
(indicators) that appear in a list of chart window, i.e. the order of studies in the
Format>Indicators window is the order/priority of execution of indicators
regardless of the chart each indicator is applied to. The order of execution is
preserved unless a triggering condition is not valid on that chart (a bar is not
closed,...). This would allow the users to build more sophisticated strategies in
January 17, 2018
bug_report_tiny.png 04:11  Bug report MC-2397 - Monte Carlo produces incorrect results for many signals and setups
Will (wilkinsw) : Issue created

The Monte Carlo sim is discounting the correlation effects derived from having multiple signals with positions at the same time, which is wrong. Please see the above link.

The fix is to add radio buttons that allow the user to chose the sampling dataset: trade list OR daily p&ls

That way Multicharts will have a monte carlo sim that can produce correct figures for all but the most basic of signals. More importantly it will correct the production of very misleading and dangerous outputs in its current form (which is why it is a bug and not a feature request).
January 16, 2018
bug_report_tiny.png 01:25  Bug report MC-2396 - Partially Filled Orders Replacement - Strange behaviour in MC11 15566
Will (wilkinsw) : Issue created

Partfills are typically getting immediately cancelled (this is without the convert to market option turned on).
January 12, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 17:00  Feature request MC-2395 - Minute data (having source TradeStation) takes ages to load up (even when set to save upon download in QuoteManager)
andb (andb) : Issue created
Do the following:

Open a 15 minute @GC chart in Tradestation
Open exactly the same chart in Multicharts after Tradestation finished downloading its data.


In TS, such a chart would load under 20 seconds - you could see download speed of 3-7Mbps.
In Multicharts this will take ages - and I mean 5 - 10 minutes. Just for one symbol. Imagine how it is with 5 or more symbols in a Portfolio Trader session ... plainly unbearable.

January 10, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 23:40  Feature request MC-2394 - Update performance window of a chart (with a strategy applied on it) once we switch to another chart (Tradestation style)
andb (andb) : Issue created
This is a very nice TS feature that I find is missing from Multicharts ....
When having multiple charts with strategies applied on, when browsing through those charts, it would be ideal to get the Performance View Windows getting updated with the data of chart window with latest focus.
This way, one can browse through a series of charts just glancing through their PNL or any other related graph.
January 08, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 04:11  Feature request MC-2393 - SESSION TEMPLATES INCORPORATES SECONDS
avera33 (avera) : Issue created

In a market that increasingly demands greater speed in decision-making, creating sessions is a tool that can be very useful, in the high-speed ttrading, this small modification could make users develop new alternatives for their trades. Currently the sessions can be created in HH: MM. It could be very useful and interesting if you could create in HH: MM: SS which would allow you to take advantage of seconds to make decisions.

Adding Session Templates
Open QuoteManager window
see how
On the Tools menu, click Session Templates, or click the Session Templates QM SessionTemplate.png icon on the toolbar.
Click Add.
Enter the Description (up to 50 characters long).
Select Session Time. This option indicates the time used for setting sessions.
Use the Add/Delete buttons to add or delete sessions.

January 05, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 05:54  Feature request MC-2392 - rolling values for performance ratios such as: sharpe, calmar or profit-factor or return/dradown
andb (andb) : Issue created
Would be great to be able to get such performance values from within a bar while executing a backtest.
Things like:

calmar or
profit-factor or

and their time-variation could provide helpful info for a strategy.
feature_request_tiny.png 05:47  Feature request MC-2391 - whenever optimization occurs, please disable "print" commands. Leaving them active will crash the PowerLanguage Editor.
andb (andb) : Issue created
And the Editor needs to be killed from memory ...
feature_request_tiny.png 03:08  Feature request MC-2390 - documentation bug: https://www.multicharts.com/trading-software/index.php/PMM_Keywords does NOT contain all PMM(S) functions
andb (andb) : Issue created
for example,

1) the link:


does not contain pmms_strategy_allow_short/long_entries

2) The keyword reference file:


does not contain a definition of Sort2DArray ...
feature_request_tiny.png 00:33  Feature request MC-2389 - portfolio trader - performance report - break down performance also per broker account, when multiple strategies defined under portfolio tree
andb (andb) : Issue created
Assume one has 3 strategies under portfolio manager, each using a different broker account.
Currently it is impossible to see the pnl evolution experienced by each broker account - this would be a very useful feature in certain circumstances.
feature_request_tiny.png 00:31  Feature request MC-2388 - portfolio trader - add strategy/signal name into a trade's details within Trade Analysis of a portfolio performance report
andb (andb) : Issue created
Say you have a symbol placed within multiple strategies under portfolio trader.
You only get a "list of trades" in a performance report.
It would be very useful to know what strategy issued that trade for a given symbol.

January 03, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 19:43  Feature request MC-2387 - Better Renko / Upgrade Flex Renko
zzzipline (zzzipline) : Issue created
Flexrenko does not have the “fixed-price” option available to select -- only points and percentage. As a result, the open and close values in the data window are not the full box size value as expected. I’m getting ranges such as .35 that vary per bar when the box size is set to 1 point. 
December 27, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 01:53  Feature request MC-2386 - report backtest performance also in terms of Van Tharp's R multiples (risk, profit, etc)
andb (andb) : Issue created
Would be great to have a system performance description in R multiples according to Van Tharp's Definite Guide to Position Sizing work.
December 20, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 03:27  Feature request MC-2385 - when unable to draw "Ask Traded vs Bid Traded" Cumulative Delta chart, display a warning message
leon (gztanwei) : Issue created
In a support query, Svetlana advised that on a "Ask Traded vs Bid Traded" Cumulative Delta chart, when "there is no Ask/Bid data in the database, “Ask Traded vs Bid Traded” algorithm shall be switched to "Up Tick vs Down Tick"."
I found this a very risky problem because "Ask Traded vs Bid Traded" and "Up Tick vs Down Tick" are two very different methods to draw CD chart, and they deliver different information to traders.

So my request is that: if the program falls back to "Up Tick vs Down Tick" method to draw the CD chart because necessary bid/ask data was not available, -> display a warning message of this behavior, so that user can handle accordingly.

> Hello, Leon,
If there is no Ask/Bid data in the database, “Ask Traded vs Bid Traded” algorithm shall be switched to "Up Tick vs Down Tick".
But some data feeds including GAIN capital, the data feed you use, provide data with tick statuses (Ask Traded vs Bid Traded). It means, in your case “Ask Traded vs Bid Traded” algorithm is executed without Ask/Bid data in the database.

In case you have any questions-feel free to ask our support team.

Contact me for a special price for MultiCharts License!

Best Regards,
Svetlana Chunosova
Customer Care Specialist
6:30 am - 2 pm EST
Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and our Traders’ Blog
December 15, 2017
bug_report_tiny.png 20:26  Bug report MC-2384 - Portfolio Performance Report - incorrect trade date when export to OpenOffice format in List of Trades list
Andrej (Andrej) : Issue created
Hi Multicharts Support Team,

when I open Portfolio Performance Report (in Portfolio Trader) at the end of my trading day (22:15 CET) and export all to OpenOffice format then all data in Date/Time column in List of Trades is OK, but when I export the same report next day morning (for ex. 9:00 CET but before a new trading session which starts for me at 15:30 CET) and export all to OpenOffice format then in Date/Time column of List of Trades is date of actual day and not the day before when all trades executes. So when I compare the same reports but one generated the day before (the day of trading) and next day, the date/time trades are not the same and difference is 1 day.

When I open Portfolio Performance report (from Portfolio Trader) the day before and next day, data in the report is the same, difference is in exported files only.
December 14, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 01:11  Feature request MC-2383 - Add shortcut key for "Reload - 1 day back".
WZero (wzero) : Issue created
Currently only "Reload all Data" has a shortcut key associated. Reload All Data could be too much data to load, slow. I hope there is a shortcut for "Reload - 1 day back".
December 06, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 05:36  Feature request MC-2382 - Saving data portfolio trader after shutdown
buffetuoren (buffetuoren) : Issue created
Good day! I would like to see in the package of improvements the following functionality: portfolio trader today does not save any data of trading after the shutdown, however, it would be very proper to have the ability to save accumulated data from auto trading even turning off the portfolio of the trader. To the stored parameters
November 30, 2017
feature_request_tiny.png 14:19  Feature request MC-2381 - Chart Printing all lines black.
bowlesj3 (bowlesj3bt) : Issue created
For those of us who don't use colour cartridges in our printers since we never need them it would be nice if there was a feature to have all chart printing lines printed in black. This would include price bars, bollinger bands, RSI, %R, moving averages, etc. Unfortunately my printer's gray scale setup setting does not seem to work for all colours that MultiCharts uses and this renders the chart printing useless for me.