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January 19, 2023
bug_report_tiny.png 08:10  Bug report MC-2843 - Redefine of ASCII Mapping doesnt work per file
Chris (Chris) : Issue created
In ASCII mapping the redifine(i.e. setting a field from downticks to openinterest) should only account for one file, the one that is opened when redifining.
But, after redifining the first file, those settings also are set for further files.
Or, first file nothing was redifined, second file downticks to openinterest, suddenly the first file also has those settings.

Only if files from different folders are used, the redefine can be set differently, but also this setting accounts for all files within that second folder.

Is it intendet, that for individuall redefinition of fields, the files for every setting need to be in seperate folders?

January 17, 2023
feature_request_tiny.png 06:13  Feature request MC-2842 - Support for DARWINEX and Eightcap CFD brokers
Shehzad (Shehzad) : Issue created
Hi, can you please add some more CFD brokers in the list of supported brokers. For example would be really great to connect following two CFD brokers via Multicharts as they are supported by TradingView too:

1) DARWINEX: https://www.darwinex.com/eu/
2) 8eighthcap:: https://www.eightcap.com/en/
3) FXview:: https://fxview.com/

They can be implemented the same way as Multicharts + Oanda interface. However, Oanda does not allow trading via Multicharts for EU clients.

That would be really great help for lot of retail traders like me.
January 15, 2023
feature_request_tiny.png 23:14  Feature request MC-2841 - Ability to not show Plot() line item in Data Window
rc76 (rc76) : Issue created
The Data Window in Charts can display all the PlotXXX() info line item for each indicator:


However, sometimes we don't want "every" Indicators' PlotXXX() to be displayed in Data Window, since:

(1) Some PlotXXX() are supposedly only to be better viewed/examined in chart
(2) Some PlotXXX() are supposedly only to be better viewed/examined in Data Window
(3) Sometimes we do not want the entire Indicator's info to NOT displayed in Data Window, since the indicator info is better displayed on Chart.

So its is recommended to have the "optional" parameter under PlotXXX() to indicate whether such line item is displayed in Data Window or not, for example:

Current: Plot1(close, "CurrentBarClose", GREEN);
Proposed: Plot1(close, "CurrentBarClose", GREEN, 0);

- The final "0" is a numeric input, which is optional.
- By default, the final parameter is set to 1 (i.e. display such line item in Data Window).
- If purposely set to "0", than such line item will not be displayed in Data Window.

January 14, 2023
feature_request_tiny.png 12:52  Feature request MC-2840 - create a possibillity to update for daily eod data(price, volume, openinterest) without chart reload
Chris (Chris) : Issue created
as for now it is not possible to use prior days daily eod data(price, volume, openinterest) without
- reloading the chart
- or have an external data download and use ie. ELCollections.
because there is no way of getting it onto the chart (without reload).

Since that kind of data is only available at different (later than change of day) times, it would be great to have a possibility to call upon that data whenever it is available, at least after
- a reload in QuoteManager without reloading the chart
- or when the data comes available via ASCII mapping so ELCollection is not needed
so it can be used in a running strategy without reloading the chart.
January 09, 2023
feature_request_tiny.png 20:21  Feature request MC-2839 - Add a keyword to return current status of "Real-Time History Matching"
rc76 (rc76) : Issue created
There are times that we forgot to turn on/off "real-time history matching" when going into backtest or autotrading in signal study, either in MC Chart or PT.

Maybe we can have something like:

GetAppInfo(RealTimeHistoryMatching) = 0 or 1


RealTimeHistoryMatching = 0 or 1
feature_request_tiny.png 07:59  Feature request MC-2838 - Ability to "link Date Range" between symbols (Data1/Data2)
rc76 (rc76) : Issue created
I think it will be a great, value-add feature to allow user to select (i.e. a checkbox) to link also the date range of different data series (data1 / data2):

Feature: (1) on the same chart
![https://i.ibb.co/F3TVQT9/00.png](https://i.ibb.co/F3TVQT9/00.png "https://i.ibb.co/F3TVQT9/00.png")

Feature: (2) across different charts
- similar to how Portfolio Trader works, but available in Charts so we can see the indicators/signals
![https://i.ibb.co/kGHnS5D/01.png](https://i.ibb.co/kGHnS5D/01.png "https://i.ibb.co/kGHnS5D/01.png")

Maybe this can be implemented by a checkbox as well, when selecting the link color:
![https://i.ibb.co/zHwJK1b/02.png](https://i.ibb.co/zHwJK1b/02.png "https://i.ibb.co/zHwJK1b/02.png")

January 05, 2023
feature_request_tiny.png 07:50  Feature request MC-2837 - MaxDataStream should be available in Create method
jarym (jarym) : Issue created
Currently the `MaxDataStream` property throws an Exception if its accessed in the `Create` method. This prevents creating functions for each data stream using `new Function(this, DataStreamNumber`)
feature_request_tiny.png 03:29  Feature request MC-2836 - Export data value from a chart
BBurnout (Marzio Darrigo) : Issue created
Please insert an option directly from a chart window that export in a .csv format file all data value showing.
January 02, 2023
feature_request_tiny.png 04:17  Feature request MC-2835 - Adding the ability to trade Future Spreads and Arbitrage Pairs
malcevk86 (malcevk86) : Issue created
Despite  your platform profile  showes that MC allows to trade spreads https://www.multicharts.com/trading-software/index.php/Supported_security_types ,
but in fact it isn't true. Traders can only work with Futures Calendar Spreads and only in Paper Trading mode (forward testing and backtesting).  Despite e.g. Interactive brokers allows to work with calendar,intermarket and intercommodity spreads, and with stock arbitrage pairs also, and provides  their  synthetic instruments quotes - but Multicharts platform even with IB conection doesn't allow this option. Moreover via Interactive Brokers TWS traders is allowed to place LMT, LMT+MKT and REL+MKT orders for such types of derivatives wich is super important for some sort of intraday strategies and  for getting desirable Entry/Exit prices for these types of synthetic instruments.  Adding the posibilty to build, backtest and trade in algo mode Futures Spreads and Arbitrage Pairs (at least for IB) with using mentioned sorts of LMT orders would sugnificantly expanded range of trading oportuniries (especialy for the algo traders) and would attracted a lot of new clients for Multicharts platform because I don't know a lot of similar platforms which allows to work (especialy in algo mode) with these instruments. Thank you for the support this issue.
December 30, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 22:51  Feature request MC-2834 - VOTE: Support brokers SP Native API(Share Point System)
Mike_2021 (HP Jiang) : Issue created
Hi Teams,

Share Point(SP Native API) system is a futures trading system used by many people in Hong Kong. When will support this broker?

Thanks so much!

API Doc:
[https://spsystem.info/download/API/R875 ... I_8754.pdf](https://spsystem.info/download/API/R8754/SPNativeAPI_8754.pdf "")

What is SP Native API?:
bug_report_tiny.png 14:11  Bug report MC-2833 - [IntrabarOrderGeneration = true] Does not work on Kase range bars
Mark Brown (Mark Brown) : Issue created
As you can see the system will only execute the trade on the close

YET the same code will place an arrow where the code tells it.

The Blue and Red arrows the system - the Pink arrows are a text tool placed by the same code.

This means that SOMETHING IS WRONG

[IntrabarOrderGeneration = true]

var:intrabarpersist dnband2(0),intrabarpersist upband2(0);

dnband2= {the lowest lower band "outside lowest"}
upband2= {the highest high band "outside highest"}

if c<=dnband2 and c[1]>=dnband2 then begin sell short next bar market;

// code above will only sell on close of the bar no matter how you code it.

//yet code below will put arrow where instructed by the code above

value1=Arw_New_s(Date, Time_s,dnband2, true); //plots the sell arrow at the sell stop price

if c>=upband2 and c[1]<=upband2 then begin buy next bar market;

//code above will on buy on close of bar no matter how you code it.

//yet code below will put arrow where instructed by the code above

value1=Arw_New_s(Date, Time_s,upband2, false); //plots the sell arrow at the sell stop price

https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img924/8546/YX20zP.png < LARGER IMAGE

Please stop telling us it works - look into it

All I want is to buy where I tell it and sell where I tell it - why is that impossible?
December 28, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 08:34  Feature request MC-2832 - commandLine: Ability to change multiple data series date range in one command line
rc76 (rc76) : Issue created
Currently if I want to change the date range for multiple data series on the same chart using commandLine (i.e. testing to see if particular trade happened in history is working okay, or if a Multi-TimeFrame indicator is suitable to be added).

I have to insert multiple times the command, i.e.:

.csy dnum=1, name=DOGEUSDT, from=02/06/2021, to=02/22/2021
.csy dnum=2, name=DOGEUSDT, from=02/06/2021, to=02/22/2021

Since I am using 5m, 15m, 1hr, 1day on each chart, and I have 30 charts open, it will be extremely painful to do such inserts (many many times) per chart.

Can we make the commandline be able to take multiple data series change in 1 line? i.e.:

.csy dnum=1, name=DOGEUSDT, from=02/06/2021, to=02/22/2021, dnum=2, name=DOGEUSDT, from=02/06/2021, to=02/22/2021

That will be super efficient (a huge time saver)! Thank you!
December 19, 2022
bug_report_tiny.png 14:09  Bug report MC-2831 - BinanceServerHost loads although both Binance profiles are set inactive
Chris (Chris) : Issue created
BinanceServerHost.exe loads although both Binance profiles are set inactive in "Manage Broker Profiles".
listed in Task-Manager under processes and in services

I just updated to (Build 24200) two days ago, wasnt like that before.
December 18, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 21:10  Feature request MC-2830 - Feature Request: Add a keyword to return current "Max Shares/Contract per Position"
rc76 (rc76) : Issue created
From time to time, especially trading crypto, we forgot to set "Max Shares/Contract per Position" bigger than 65000.

Therefore we would like to have a way to check this in our signal script, say:

if MaxShrCtrtPerPos < 100000000
then Print("Warning");

So it will be great to create a keyword like MaxShrCtrtPerPos that will return current value in the Signal property.
December 16, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 05:52  Feature request MC-2829 - Potential Feature: A better way to use "Format Objects" window
rc76 (rc76) : Issue created
Format Objects window is one of the most frequently used window, especially the "Studies" tab, and many times spend to adjust the studies/indicators on:
(1) Up/Down Positioning among studies/indicators
(2) Choosing of Data # the study is based on

Therefore if we can make the following enhancement the "Format Objects - Studies tab", it will greatly save us alot of time:

![Info](https://i.ibb.co/ygVb8Yh/00.png "Enhancements")

(1) You can drag and drop each studies to move to upper or lower SubChart “groups”
(2) You can have a drop-down menu to select which SubChart you want the study to be in.
(3) You can have a drop-down menu to select which Data # you want the study to be in.

December 12, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 11:54  Feature request MC-2828 - Add possibility for "Data aliasing" variables via input
Chris (Chris) : Issue created
It would be helpful if it was possible to set the dataNbr a variable refers to/is calculated on via input, then it could be used within a function and work on whatever dataNbr.
Now it needs to be hard coded.
Vars: Test(0, data2)
Should be:
Vars: Test( 0,data(InputX) );
Vars: Test( 0, (InputX) );
December 10, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 10:53  Feature request MC-2827 - Add new parameter for .CSY command: category
rc76 (rc76) : Issue created
For crypto coins, usually there are Spots (cryptocurrency) and Futures for the same symbol, i.e. ETHUSDT, and when using .csy command to change symbol usually will not go to the correct crypto symbol.

Therefore, please add new parameter for .CSY command: category

Use Case:
.csy name=ETHUSDT, category=fut
.csy name=ETHUSDT, category=cry

With the following "category" inputs:
Stock: stk
Index: idx
Future: fut
Stock Option: opt
Forex: fx
Bond: b
Cash: c
Spread: spd
Cryptocurrencies: cry
Custom Futures: CF
December 05, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 12:25  Feature request MC-2826 - Volume Profile Drawing
Marco Magnani (Marco Magnani) : Issue created
We would like to access the Volume Profile Drawing data: now only the VPs activated on the symbol are accessible. We would like to access the user drawn Volume Profile.
The VolumeProfileByDataStream function allows to select the VP with symbol index. There is no method to obtain the Volume Profile Drawing.
feature_request_tiny.png 06:48  Feature request MC-2825 - Time frames in the bar charts that arrive until 100 years
Alessandro Riccardo Brenna (Alessandro Riccardo Brenna) : Issue created
Hello to All. I am a new user and so for sure i'll make some mistake in this post..sorry in advance for that.
Ensign allow to built bars charts at 2, 3,4,6,months. These times frames are the submultiples of 1 year
It could be a good inprovment.
Another inprovment that could help is also the possibility to have times frames for bars charts that are submultiples of 100 years (including it) : 100,50,25,20,10,5,4,2,1 years.
This allow to built support and resistance in the long term.
Only few data serie are so long so in case that there are not enoght datas the bars in the different time frames should be built with data available. For example if my data series start from 1950 the 100 years bar should contain only 50 years of quotes.

Also for the time frames below the week are important the submultiples but it is more complex because is needed the total minutes of trading in a week and many other precautions and tricks. Id you could be interested we can see it in the future.
Tk and have anice day.

December 01, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 03:27  Feature request MC-2824 - Profit trailing with limit order instead of at the market
kinginhk (king yut quan) : Issue created
Please help add a feature where SetPercentTrailing sends a limit order to the broker instead of trading at the market price. there's indeed a risk it doesn't trade so profits don't get locked but at least the profits for the trade would be as expected by backtests. thank you
November 30, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 05:59  Feature request MC-2684 - Dark background for systems work environment
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue closed
November 29, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 01:47  Feature request MC-2823 - Execution charts for portfolio backtester
Anis Nasr (Anis Nasr) : Issue created
Hi guys,

Relatively new to the platform, but I noticed that the portfolio backtester doesn't have execution charts. It's really useful to see the trades on a charts with indicators (the same as in MC) to confirm if your system is executing as intended. Attached is an image from wealth lab that does exactly that.


![execution chart](https://prnt.sc/3e-s9VkKQ4hI "Execution chart sample")

November 23, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 07:06  Feature request MC-2822 - Market Scanner trading Signal
mikeerooia (mikeerooia) : Issue created
Send trading signal from market scanner.

November 22, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 20:13  Feature request MC-2821 - Feature Request: Using GetAppInfo() to retrieve MC alerts and auto-disappear after X sec
rc76 (rc76) : Issue created
About the error messages generated by MC, i.e.:

![https://i.ibb.co/rcH5mLy/00.png](http://i.ibb.co/rcH5mLy/00.png "pic")


While we perform auto-trading:
we will not be able to see or track/log the error alert messages that pop up in MC,
there are times of multiple error alerts that will just fill the entire screen, and the earlier error alerts got pushed out of the screen.

Proposed Solution / Feature:

Is it possible to create a GetAppInfo() parameters, that we can:

(1) Retrieve:
the error message contents
we can use [0], [1] to get the latest, previous message contents. (Output = String)
i. GetAppInfo(aiApplicationError)[0]
Also maybe a key to indicate how many “unread” error messages (Output = number)
i. GetAppInfo(aiApplicationErrorUnread)
Using the above method, we can use Print() to output the error messages to txt files on C:\ to be processed/analysed later

(2) Set:
- Set after how many seconds, the yellow error message will disappear (Output = n/a)
- SetAppInfo(aiApplicationErrorDisappear_s) = 5
November 07, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 08:21  Feature request MC-2820 - The ability to change symbol using commandline during autotrading.
rc76 (rc76) : Issue created
It will be great if you can use commandline in MC’s Chart to change symbol in real-time live auto-trading, i.e.:

CommandLine(".csy name=" + MySymbolName);

It will create many new possibilities with MC Charts and can complement the lack of such feature with Portfolio Trader to update symbols during auto-trading.
November 01, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 09:46  Feature request MC-2819 - Enhance "Backfilling" message
Mark Simms (Mark Simms) : Issue created
There should be a differentiation between backfilling from the database vs. backfilling from the data source.
Right now, one cannot tell where the chart data is being loaded from.
So two different messages: "Backfilling from database" , "Backfilling from data source".
October 31, 2022
bug_report_tiny.png 20:03  Bug report MC-2818 - Multicharts slows down with too many signals in the chart
Erik L (Erik L) : Issue created
Especially in connection with Saxo Bank API, Multicharts freezes or slows down if the chart window is downsized, e.g. by using the magnifying glass (-) or pressing "STRG" and "-". At a certain level of reduction (compression) the system doesn't react anymore and takes a long time to recover after "STRG" and "+" is again for pressed serveral times.
October 27, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 11:06  Feature request MC-2817 - Set functions - add a parameter to change the description shown on the charts
Mark Simms (Mark Simms) : Issue created
SetPercentTrailingDesc_pt(iStopTrailTicks,iStopTrailPct,"My Description");

SetProfittargetDesc_pt(iProfitTargTicks,"My target");

Having separate function names prevents breaking any existing code.
feature_request_tiny.png 10:15  Feature request MC-2812 - Charting: Please support regular range bars
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue closed
feature_request_tiny.png 09:38  Feature request MC-2816 - CurrentTime_ms
Mark Simms (Mark Simms) : Issue created
In Power Language, please provide a** currenttime_ms** function.
It should return a datetime value...floating point format.
This is needed for implementing global variables.
October 20, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 11:17  Feature request MC-2815 - Break On Session checkbox
Mark Simms (Mark Simms) : Issue created
This Instrument, Settings option is poorly name IMHO.
Should be : Stop Data Between Sessions
feature_request_tiny.png 11:12  Feature request MC-2814 - AutoTrading - Trade Confirmation
Mark Simms (Mark Simms) : Issue created
Please allow for the "Trade Confirmation" option of AutoTrading to distinguish between ENTRIES and EXITS.

This way, a signal could trigger the trade or end the trade and one could enter use a manual entry for the other side.
Right now, trade confirmation is only for BOTH ways.

So we need:

Trade Confirmation on Entry: ?
Trade Confirmation on Exit ?
October 14, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 09:49  Feature request MC-2813 - Binance - Native OCO group
davide tagliabue (davide tagliabue) : Issue created
Due to frequent lag between Multicharts and Binance (especially in fast market) and frequent disconnections from the broker profile experimented during live trading, I think it is a very good solution to implement native OCO-grup for this broker plug-in, as this feature is already supported by Binance API.

October 13, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 08:50  Feature request MC-2793 - QuoteManager automatically configured instrument
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue closed
October 11, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 07:59  Feature request MC-2812 - Charting: Please support regular range bars
Mark Simms (Mark Simms) : Issue created
The closest thing MC has right now is Renko and Flex Renko bars. Regular range bars are somewhat different.
All major platforms support range bars.
October 10, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 20:06  Feature request MC-2811 - Strategy Optimization Report
Erik L (Erik L) : Issue created
It would be time-saving if you could create the possibility to implement a "Strategy Optimization Report" into the Charting Window (instead of creating an overlay window).
The disadvantage of the current design is that each time an optimization result is selected from the optimization spreadsheet, the table has to be closed before the results can be seen on the chart. If you want to try another combination of parameters you have to open and close the optimization spreadsheet again.

What we need is an implementation that allows the optimization spreadsheet to be placed near the chart (not as pop-up window), where optimization combinations can be selected while the spreadsheet remains open and the selected parameters/trading signals are shown in the chart synchronously.
feature_request_tiny.png 19:54  Feature request MC-2810 - Strategy Report
Erik L (Erik L) : Issue created
It would be useful to implement a (graphical) comparison between the Buy- & Hold-Strategy and the actual trading strategy.,
feature_request_tiny.png 19:49  Feature request MC-2809 - Formatting dashed/dotted lines
Erik L (Erik L) : Issue created
It would be extremely helpful if you could implement the possibility to change the thickness / weight of a dashed or dotted line under "Format Study/Style" for Type: Line.

Unfortunately, at the present moment the weight of a dashed line cannot be changed. Only the thickness of a solid line can be modified.

October 09, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 08:46  Feature request MC-2808 - Strategy Perf Report - Needs a Date Range selection option
Mark Simms (Mark Simms) : Issue created
It would be very useful to be able to target a single day or range of days in the performance report.
Right now one has to change the settings in the instrument to do this....very awkward and bulky.
October 07, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 05:28  Feature request MC-2807 - Create a "Show Alerts Manager" Function that shows all Alerts Currently ON in MC
I believe it would be a great help to many of your clients IF you add a "Show Alerts Manager" function in your VIEW menu options! It's easy to get confused when multiple alerts start going off, or if people forget about an alert they set weeks or months ago. A central Alerts location may also remind users of things they meant to keep an eye on, etc. It would simply be a fantastic convenience, especially since there is NO ICON that currently appears in MC on an Alerted Chart, say like the BLUE "A" that appears in the top left corner of Alarmed TradeStation charts.

In the "Alerts Manager" window that would pop-up we'd see:
1 - A list that shows all Alerts that are currently set to ON in MultiCharts.
2 - There would be Columns in the Alerts list for the alerted WORKSPACE'S NAME (as saved by the user), ALERTED CHART, ALERT NAME, ALERT SETTINGS, DATE THE ALERT WAS TURNED ON (aka, "Date Alerted"), etc.

So, the Window layout would be simple similar to an Excel spreadsheet or the TradeStation TradeManager window with Columns, an example would look like this:

============= ===== ========= =========== ==========
Untitled-1 BTCUSD 10M BitFinex Mov Avg 1 Line Length 500-Price Close 2022-10-07
Untitled-2 BTCUSD 60M BitFinex Horizontal Line #1 $21,200 2022-10-06

Thank you for your time and consideration!