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March 25, 2020
feature_request_tiny.png 07:55  Feature request MC-2640 - whselfinvest broker
mikeerooia (mikeerooia) : Issue created
Add whselfinvest to broker supported.
feature_request_tiny.png 02:33  Feature request MC-2639 - 1 second bar vertical dotted lines to match minute bars.
bowlesj3 (bowlesj3bt) : Issue created
Not sure if this would help other traders but for me yes. I am using 1 minute bars and 1 second bars. I just noticed that your vertical dotted lines in the 1 second bars are somewhat random as far as I can tell. It would be very useful (for me at least) if the vertical lines on the 1 second bars matched the completion time/second of a 1 minute bar. I personally think that traders using 1 second bars would also be using 1 minute bars so I think this idea may be well received. I use to use 10 second bars (bad idea). However even when I was using 10 second bars I was using 1 minute bars and back at that time it would still have been useful to have the 10 second bars vertical dotted lines marking the end of a 1 minute bar. I would be really surprised if there are traders (at least day traders) not using 1 minute bars with your software. So yeah, I am pretty sure this idea would be very well received.

And you know, as a bit of an aside (off topic), way back when I was very active on this forum I suggested a set of features related to forum users being able to get emails of feature requests so they could know to vote yes/no/etc. I would still love to get those emails. I find I don't know what is changing in MC and emails like that would make me more aware and more involved.

February 22, 2020
feature_request_tiny.png 11:49  Feature request MC-2638 - powerlanguage reference words for Aask - Bid volume levels in volume delta charts
CrazyNasdaq (CrazyNasdaq) : Issue created
Please ADD coding powerlanguage reference words to call and manage by powerlanguage the price and volume at ask or bid side of Volume delta chart (imbalance chart or profile chart or Volume delta chart).
It can be very usefull to add the possibility for a script which tells me which is the volume at ASk or Bid side of that volume delta chart
If there are some powerlanguage reference words we could have very new various possibility to script ancd create new logics and indicators based on volume

Take a look at the picture attached

February 20, 2020
feature_request_tiny.png 03:06  Feature request MC-2637 - Multiple SetCustonFitnessNamedValue ("name", value) NOT available in Portfolio Trader Optimizer
UMANOT (nicola.antonucci@umanot.com) : Issue created
Im' happy to see my 2018 feature request was delivered in Version 14 Beta3!
But now, I understand Multiple SetCustonFitnessNamedValue ("name", value) is available ONLY wth MultiCharts Single-Stock Optimization but NOT available in Portfolio Trader Optimizer.
Please, this will be a very effective optimization tool when managing Portfolios.
Thanks for your support on this
February 19, 2020
feature_request_tiny.png 04:33  Feature request MC-2636 - Chart window look & feel
Mydesign (mydesign) : Issue created
We are in 2020 and still have to deal with these ugly old fashionned windows 7 look & feel chart windows ! Please update them to Windows 10 style, as it is already the case for any other dialog in MC/PT.

[Discussion here](https://www.multicharts.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?t=52444)

Thank you.
February 17, 2020
feature_request_tiny.png 23:44  Feature request MC-2635 - Save All
Mydesign (mydesign) : Issue created
We definetely need a "Save All" command. This is trivial yet not implemented. Right now, one has to select each individual opened workspaces in order to save them. Sadly it is sometimes just faster to close MC (with 'Save workspaces' On in preferences), then reopen it (with 'Open all wsp from previous session' On).

At least an option to Save Workspaces too when saving a Desktop would do the trick...

Thanks !
bug_report_tiny.png 12:26  Bug report MC-2634 - Wrong Profit Factor format in Trades Summary
automaton (automaton) : Issue created
Profit Factor in Trades Summary within Order and Position Tracker window displays in percentage format. The proper industry format for profit factor is always displayed in decimal using the following formula:

gross profit/gross loss = profit factor
Example: 4000/2000 = 2.00
February 13, 2020
feature_request_tiny.png 12:03  Feature request MC-2633 - PLEditor "Editor Options" - Add Background Color
dataheck (dataheck) : Issue created
The highlighting style editor that pops up when one selects Tool -> Editor Options allows the user to set the foreground and background color for text, keyword, comment, documentation comment, string, and number items.

You cannot set the overall background of the editor. If you set the text background to black, only characters that exist have black backgrounds. The overall space is fixed as white and cannot be changed.

If this behavior was changed to use the text background color instead of a hard-coded white background, this would be useful to me. Otherwise it is kind of pointless as a feature.

I don't mind if I have to reload the entire editor after setting the text background color, just so long as I don't have to do it every time. I would appreciate being able to use a black background when coding.

I know I can get this with Visual Studio, but since I have to use PLEditor to compile, that work flow is really inconvenient.
February 10, 2020
bug_report_tiny.png 10:58  Bug report MC-2632 - Implementing IChartCustomDrawer sometimes results in blurry text
gkiff (gkiff) : Issue created
When drawing text in the upper-left corner of the chart, after several ticks the text becomes blurry almost as if it's being rendered on top of itself.
When a bar closes or you scroll the chart left/right, the initial draw is clear again, but blurs after several ticks.
The same does NOT occur if I render the exact same text in the exact same manner in the upper-right corner of the chart.
February 04, 2020
feature_request_tiny.png 16:23  Feature request MC-2631 - Auto Trading Broker Data available to Indicators
bowlesj3 (bowlesj3bt) : Issue created
Hi, Unfortunately the IIROC (Investment Industry Regulatory Organization Of Canada) has blocked Interactive Brokers from taking API orders for all Canadian exchanges for all Brokers world wide. https://www.iiroc.ca/industry/Pages/Dealers-We-Regulate.aspx
I dumped a response to my complaint to the IIROC below. I am currently doing a lot of programming to both control IB's TWS and to get data from IB's TWS as a work around for this problem. I will be emailing IB's API department to ask if they are going to implement DEA as mentioned below. At the same time it would be useful if the commands in MultiCharts which are available to signals were also available to indicators. I tried several commands to get open position data and they all return zero. The only data available seems to be insidebid and insideask which I am using but I have to go back in manually and adjust these values to get my actual price for putting lines on MultiCharts accurately through GVs. I am actually sending key strokes to TWS to export my trade log and grabbing it from that csv file (very Micky mouse as they say). Of course the other alternative is to stop trading Canadian Stocks completely and only trade US stocks. I told the IIROC that I might do that. If these programming changes do not work out that is what I will do.

I am thinking it might be better MC to work with IB to implement DEA as mentioned below. Then I would do what I had planned on doing before I discovered this problem. However who knows how long this will all take (maybe never). In the mean time I plot on to get out of the ditch a they say.


Dear Mr. Bowles,
Thank you for your email.

The IIROC rule prohibiting order execution only (OEO) clients from using their own automated order system to transmit or generate orders has been in place since March 2014 (IIROC Notice 13-0184 – Provisions Respecting Third-Party Electronic Access to Marketplaces (July 4, 2013)). This prohibition is specific to OEO clients.

Clients that wish to use an algorithm to generate orders can do so as long as they access the marketplace using direct electronic access (DEA). The difference between OEO and DEA is that dealers who provide DEA are subject to additional requirements, such as having the ability to override or disable a malfunctioning “runaway” algorithms.

For a complete list of IIROC regulated investment dealers, please see the Who We Regulate section of our website. Unfortunately, IIROC does not publish a list of investment dealers that specifically offer DEA access.

IIROC is the national self-regulatory organization that oversees all investment dealers and their trading activity in Canada’s debt and equity markets. IIROC sets high quality regulatory and investment industry standards, protects investors and strengthens market integrity while supporting healthy Canadian capital markets. IIROC carries out its regulatory responsibilities through setting and enforcing rules regarding the proficiency, business and financial conduct of more than 170 Canadian investment dealer firms and their more than 29,000 registered employees, the majority of whom are commonly referred to as investment advisors. IIROC also sets and enforces market integrity rules regarding trading activity on Canadian debt and equity marketplaces.

Harry Apostolatos
Sr. Complaints & Inquiries Specialist
Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada
121 King St. W., Ste. 2000, Toronto, Ontario M5H 3T9
Toll free: 1-877-442-4322 | Fax: 416-364-0753
IIROC: Protecting Investors and Fostering Fair and Efficient Capital Markets across Canada.
February 02, 2020
feature_request_tiny.png 07:03  Feature request MC-2630 - Quote Manager Export Scales Poorly When Exporting Large Data Sets - Make Parallel?
dataheck (dataheck) : Issue created
If I export a great deal of data from Quote Manager, it exports each item one-by-one in serial. While this is underway, my CPU, memory, and disk are all under-utilized. It takes a great deal of time to process all of the symbols for export. It looks like it could drastically improve performance by processing the items in parallel.
January 28, 2020
feature_request_tiny.png 22:26  Feature request MC-2629 - Better integration between MC and Portfolio Trader
Mydesign (mydesign) : Issue created
We need simple way to work efficiently back and forth between MC and PT. Right now, one has to rebuild entirely a strategy when going from MC to PT, which is very time consuming and prone to errors.

Ideally a copy/paste function which would allow to copy a chart from MC, including all signals and settings, translated as a Strategy in PT (we already have this ability for a list of symbols from the scanner). Better yet, a syncing function which would maintain exact equivalent of MC Chart/ PT Strategy combo, or even MC Workspace / PT Portfolio (minus their respective particularities).

This request goes along with this one: https://www.multicharts.com/pm/public/multicharts/issues/MC-2520
feature_request_tiny.png 07:19  Feature request MC-2628 - Please add "Enable Status Line" to the KEYBOARDS SHORTCUT
dvdkite (dvdkite) : Issue created

As stated in the title could you please add "Enable Status Line" to the KEYBOARDS SHORTCUT? It is seems to be the only missing things.
It would be really useful to enable/disable the status line with just one click....

It should be done within minutes....

January 15, 2020
feature_request_tiny.png 05:22  Feature request MC-2627 - QuoteManager Data Report (First Entry, Last Entry, Largest Gap)
dataheck (dataheck) : Issue created
I mostly like QuoteManager and use it to manage data collection from my data sources. I focus on futures, and as a result I have a lot of symbols in my QuoteManager (currently 1000). Inside of QuoteManager, I have no at-a-glance way of telling how complete my data is without forcing a full download of all symbols. I am concerned about gaps and managing them efficiently.

QuoteManager knows what data it has and could help me, though I think it would have to iterate over all symbols and process the data.

I propose a "report" feature that would list all symbol-resolution-fields on one side and report the first entry, last entry, largest gap (in days, or hours, or whatever), and the location of that gap. I'm happy to wait for this report to generate, I understand it probably would take some iteration.

It would be very cool if I could trigger a download to target only those data gaps, but it's okay if that's not available.

I am finding it cumbersome to manage my data in QuoteManager and this would help a lot.
January 09, 2020
feature_request_tiny.png 21:21  Feature request MC-2626 - BAR DELTA FUNCTION - very important request. we are at the disadvantage
rsloboda (rsloboda) : Issue created
I contacted support a while ago and was told its not available but there is an indicator someone has contributed. After careful examination and testing (backed by years of experience working with concept) came to sad conclusion that all of the sophisticated analysis tools we have at this platform are great but they are peripheral in away by missing the main point and making the analysis more difficult then it should be really be.

First of this user contributed study you have is some sort of guesswork playing with volume averaging in relation to close an open , etc. This has nothing to do with delta, great job but this is not bar delta ! Copy of the relevant section below. So I need to get this out of the way first.

I WILL USE VOLUME ANALYSIS TO EXPLAIN THIS. THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR ANYONE WORKING WITH THE CONCEPT. Say we have no volume information as it was in the 80 ' s or as deliberately hidden by some brokers. Then someone like this company does great job in developing dozen of tools to estimate it and measure it and how it possible distributed around the bar. Great by no means. Excellent job. But if there is single number such as bar volume available no need to guess. THIS IS THE STARTING POINT OF ANY ANALYSIS. This is what I or any rational trader wants to know first. Look, there is so many variables I need to look at and think about their meaning the last thing I want to to have the whole screen of tools to try to figure out what he bar volume is. First I need to see what total volume is and how it related to many things conceptually and only then zooming in and using all the great tools we have.

Same with delta. Say I have volume of 1000 contract below a bar. I want to relate this to delta. This is all anyone needs really to start with. We have bid ask delta with numbers. Great! But only show one price point. We have imbalances highlighted. Great, very valuable but for more advanced and more specific analysis. Actually ability to reference all the above in easy language would also be extremely useful as well at being able to monitor totals of imbalances horizontally. Getting back to the point, I can wright pages and pages that probably no one will read in detail for will get to main point. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: throw in a function "bardelta" same as volume so it is in the list of indicators. Competitors had it in 2010, and that is only what I seen. When major institutions had it I can only guess. Can we please have it in 2020? Elementary math really you add all bid and ask columns in the bar vertically and provide a difference between the totals as an output. Even simpler actually, as volume is already there we need to subtract total bids or totals asks from volume and there you have it. This is what I an doing with a calculator as I write this.

What is there on the distribution as a delta in profile is great but most of the time traders need dynamic analysis in relation to time. Say we have a trend correction. If it on a lower volume or higher volume? That I can ascertain. Is it on a significantly higher delta or lower delta as that correction progresses? I am scratching my head and straining my eyes and brain doing he numbers to get a sense of it. I really just want to plot it below volume and move on to other things. I want to throw some moving average on it.

As of this month you will charging 2k for access to a platform as you have delta analysis advertised as part of it everywhere with wonderful colorful screenshots that NASA control center would be jealous of. That is a lot of money for access. and.. I am using some silly approximation that any kid can throw into any free software out there. The internet is full of such indicators.

This is really really needed. Just trust me on that one. There are leading providers like CQG and MarketDelta contracting them ask asking for an expert on the matter and his opinion would prove my point best. Some very reputable traders also rely on this.

Thank you for your time and attention. I hope that managed to make a point. If I had access to the platform code and new how I would not be asking this. Would have done it myself.

sample of someone's code:

If volume > 0 then volumework = Volume
else volumework =1;

myclosedelta = close/volumework - open/volumework;
myhighdelta = high/volumework - open/volumework;
mylowdelta = low/volumework - open/volumework;

if myclosedelta > 0 then begin
diff = myhighdelta - myclosedelta;
January 08, 2020
feature_request_tiny.png 17:43  Feature request MC-2625 - chronic paintbar misalignment
rsloboda (rsloboda) : Issue created

Have what I think is a simple question. I cleaned up my charts by converting some studies into paint-bar. However, I run into a visual scaling issue that I cannot resolve.

PlotPaintBar (open , close, "down", rgb(170, 1, 0));

The problem is that above formula requires manual setting of a paintbar width (screenshot below). I do that and charts look great as long as I do not touch them. When I expand and contract them on the horizontal axis however ( and I do that a lot everyday) it is either too wide or too narrow ( as you can see below). Result is that I lose a sense of order as this visual mismatches confuse my perceptions.

Please suggest how to adjust the code so paintbar width is auto adjusted to candle body width.??

I was told by support this only works by .net version. Please realize that is not not feature request but a fault. Paints bars do not work as they are expected so what the point of having them if they only mess up the charts visually.?

I tried to play with bringing them into background by using "visual order" and found a bug in your system. You do that several times with few indicators and dragging stops working vertically only horizontally works. One frustration led to more frustration.

More on candle colors If you do not want to support paintbars why not have an ability to set candle colors from custom conditions in easy language. I am sure that does not require any resources if we can set up and down candle colors in menu I am sure adding a simple keyword "setcandlecolor" like you have "setplotcolor" to override the menu or something of that nature is no programming project by any means. Small thing but will help. I am in this for over 20 years I am sure others will appreciate too. Thank you.
January 02, 2020
feature_request_tiny.png 14:48  Feature request MC-2624 - Dragging a chart
janus (janus) : Issue created
Often it's very annoying trying to click on the chart with a mouse to drag across when it's compressed and lots of drawings are plotted. A far better approach like what virtually all other platforms use is to click anywhere on the background to drag the whole chart across.
December 27, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 13:44  Bug report MC-2623 - If QuoteManager is busy (ASCII Export or Downloading), the database cannot be used by Portfolio Trader or MultiCharts
dataheck (dataheck) : Issue created
I've been exporting large data sets and downloading lots of historical data today. I have noticed that while either operation is underway, my charts do not load in MultiCharts and Portfolio Trader is unable to retrieve historical data from the database. It appears that the database does not support concurrency.

I'd think it should be possible - even if not to fill in missing data, to fill in stored data. I guess QuoteManager locks the database while it works on it.

It's really inconvenient as these operations take a great deal of time. I know I could schedule them, but I shouldn't have to. I have a "beefy" computer that can handle the load.

I am on MultiCharts .NET Build 19286.
December 26, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 20:05  Feature request MC-2622 - Multicharts Upgrade for Options Trading
ProMindForex (trademarketsglobal) : Issue created

A product like Multicharts is incomplete without functionality for Options Trading.
While its possible to trade stocks with Multicharts, the inability to trade Options with Multicharts makes it difficult for hedging strategies using options to be implemented with Multicharts.
This limitation has to be overcome.

Also Options **in and of itself** is a great product to trade with so many option strategies and day trading, weekly options trading and so Multicharts should look at bringing in the options trading ability within Multicharts to make it **All Assets Trading Platform of Choice.**

I request all traders reading this to vote and contribute so Multicharts can take up this feature request for the benefit of all traders.

December 23, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 03:41  Feature request MC-2621 - Risk to Reward drawing tool on chart analysis
ProMindForex (trademarketsglobal) : Issue created
A very important part of chart analysis and trade plan is working out the risk and reward. To do that, we need a good Risk to Reward drawing tool as its very essential on chart analysis. Please bring this feature as soon as possible pls. I like to give reference to The risk to Reward analysis tool we see in Tradingview charts to explain the requirements for this tool.

I request everyone seeing this post to vote for this feature as more votes will enable Multicharts to consider this feature and introduce soon within Multicharts Platform.
December 09, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 05:53  Bug report MC-2620 - Chart Trader Strategy Parameters Stop Loss Offset Percentage bug (very easy fix)
bowlesj3 (bowlesj3bt) : Issue created
Hi, I would classify this as a bug and probably an extremely easy to fix bug.

I find entering adjustments into the "Chart Trader Strategy Parameters Stop Loss Offset" difficult when it is set to %. For example, I will clear the box and start typing in something new such as 1.45 it tries to anticipate as soon as I put the 1 in by inserting two zeros. So when I type the .45 it ends up giving me this "1.45.00" or something else very strange such as 51.40.

I have actually auto programmed the filling in of this box from MS-Access (see below) and thought I had it down pat. However it messed up and I am trying to figure out how to program it to work and it keeps throwing me these very strange curves. So much so I am having trouble doing it manually. Any fix A.S.A.P. would be much appreciated. I think a simple clear the box upon entry and let us type whatever we want would do the trick.


Call AppActivate("MyMarketWaves", False) 'Activate my MS-Access program that I use as a market assist program
Call funcSetInitialStop("Y") 'This gets the ATR value used below. It uses global variables to pick up the highest ATR value from multicharts
sngMyRound = Me.fldADT_SLE_StoppedOutPerc * 100 'This moves the decimal over
sngMyRound = Round(sngMyRound, 2) 'This rounds the above adjustment to two decimals.
If funcJWYNSmallTalk("Have you opened the initial stop dialog box to have the initial stop percent of " & sngMyRound & " inserted into the chart trader? If you have enter yes.") Then
Call AppActivate("Strategy", False) 'Activate the initial stop stretegy dialog box of multicharts
Call funcJWPause(0.3)
SendKeys "{TAB 5}", False 'tab over 5 times to get to the offset which is set to % rather than ticks
Call funcJWPause(0.1)
SendKeys "{DELETE}", False 'clear the text box.
Call funcJWPause(0.1)
SendKeys sngMyRound, False 'Insert the value you selected from the highest ATR (average true range) for the chart you selected.
Call funcJWPause(0.1)
SendKeys "{DELETE}", False 'Delete everything after the amount you submitted.
Call funcJWPause(0.1)
SendKeys "{TAB}", False 'tab to move to the save key.
Call funcJWPause(3) 'This long pause lets me see if it actually worked since I have had problems with it.
SendKeys "~", False 'press enter.
Exit Sub
End If
November 27, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 09:22  Feature request MC-2619 - Ability to select which studies display in the status line
Retest (Retest) : Issue created
For the sake of visual clarity/useability it would be helpful to be able to choose specific studies to show in the status line rather than the current all or none options. Thanks.
November 19, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 14:29  Feature request MC-2618 - Customizable Chart Labels: Needed in Order and Position Tracker Data
bboles (bboles) : Issue created
1. Auto Trading with many charts
2. Many charts trading the same Instrument (e.g. ES), same time/bar data (e.g. 15 min), same Signal/Strategy
3. The difference between similar charts would be the Signal Settings are different: e.g. different EMA, overbought/oversold settings, etc.

I compare how my charts are trading for real vs back-tested data. The back test data is fine, however the efficient means of exporting all the trades that actually take place is through the Order and Positions Tracker window [Orders] tab. Unfortunately, I can not determine which trades came from which chart--and hence, which strategy settings.

Please add in the Chart window Format properties the ability to add a custom "Chart Name" . This could be a default to a number within that Workspace. (Chart1, Chart2, etc.). The Chart name should show in the window Title bar. ***This Chart Name needs to be added to the fields output in the Order and Position Tracker - [Orders] data that is exported.

This would be a tremendous help to analyzing the real performance of live strategies.
November 07, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 17:15  Feature request MC-2617 - TPO PROFILE CHART RESOLUTION / DATA HANDLING ( critical for interpretation to make sense)
rsloboda (rsloboda) : Issue created
I already wrote to support with all the theory and logic. I will just file here a short summary so everyone can see.

For TPO chart to make sense time needs to be constant. **This is an axiom. That is the way they were designed.** There is literature on it available.

In normal charts say 1 week resolution, all the past data is held constant and current week bar starts from Monday morning and builds itself up as the week progresses.

Multicharts created TPO charts using the same principle. Look at the attachment below, I have 5 day resolution profile. I expanded them so everyone can see. What do we have? Current profile is half the size in terms of time of the previous.



(It only works well a the end of 5 day period when by coincidence they are the same/ 20 % of the time)

As nobody knows who I am I will use Dr Keppler (industry top authority on Market profile) for theoretical support. In his talk at one of the conferences he spoke extensively about this. The wheel has already been invented and I see no point in arguing further why it has to be round.


*One way is to have a box with a "reverse fill" option. That reverse fill option would make TPO chart redraw themselves at the end of each time block ( may be add an option for redraw intervals). This way current profile is of the same number of TPO's as the previous. THIS IS WHERE PREDICTIVE VALUE IS !!!

** The other option I can think of of make a resolution by number of time blocks

*** At the very least please give me an option to choose which day I want to start this 5 day TPO to be build from. Currently software decides ( probably Monday). If I could adjust manually I can click it every day and use it. Today I am looking at this and scratching my head.

PLEASE PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. This is not a suggestion for improvement, this is rectification request.![atach](https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am08zEjH5QhxtC4lOx3ldQKhGARv?e=hRxMnR "incompatible intervals")

feature_request_tiny.png 04:13  Feature request MC-2616 - Option to disable Chart double click to format window
bowlesj3 (bowlesj3bt) : Issue created
Hi, I use a lot of mouse click capture of chart location data for EL programming purposes. Unfortunately maybe every 4th to 5th click I accidentally do a double click and I get the "Format Window" screen coming up. I never use the double click method of getting to this window. Instead I use right click. After a while this popup starts to get a bit annoying. So since these two features I use conflict with each other and since it probably occurs for other users and since some people probably like this double click feature I an thinking it would be handy if there was a checkbox on that popup at the bottom which would give the user the option to turn off the display of the window upon chart double click. I can't see myself ever wanting to turn it back on since I don't think I have ever used the double click method even before I did all the mouse click data programming. I always used right click. It is not as if I have to go in to that popup all that often now that everything is programmed.

November 06, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 07:59  Feature request MC-1935 - Crosshair pointer tool price increments do not match Instrument Settings.
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue closed
November 05, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 17:40  Feature request MC-2615 - Horizontal Line Custom Toolbar or Line Right Click Presets Menu
rsloboda (rsloboda) : Issue created
Every time I analyse something I draw a horizontal line on a chart. Different lines of different colors, styles and thickness mean different things for me. I can testify in congress :) that horizontal lines are most used tool by traders. Even prop firm and fin institution traders use them in the same way . So where do i waste most of my time when I use this package. Yes, on changing colors and thickness. This is like 10 years overdue really. Absolutely necessary thing and easy to implement. Given that you have your default toolbars ( 90 % of icons I never use actually) you probably will not like changing the way software looks by adding an option to create custom toolbar with 8-10 buttons for horizontal lines presets. The easiest way to implement without changing anything is to have an option when right click on the horizontal line for a menu to pop up. That menu would have an option "save as a preset" say 1 to 9. That should be more then enough for every trader out there. Better even if custom names could be given. This is like a set of pencils for an architect. There is no need to take my word for it, easy to research by sending above paragraph to traders and asking what they think of it ( not too many traders read this long forum so I would not rely on votes here along).

November 01, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 08:05  Feature request MC-295 - Invisible lines affect scaling & can be clicked on
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue closed
feature_request_tiny.png 08:04  Feature request MC-26 - Invisible plots and scaling
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue closed
October 29, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 05:25  Feature request MC-2614 - Make Multicharts works with Brokers that offered $0 commission.
CNguyen (CNguyen) : Issue created
It would be great if Multicharts can expand its broker supported list to all of the big brokers that offered $0 Commission fee recently (E-trade, TD Ameritrade,....).
October 19, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 13:09  Feature request MC-2613 - footprint improvement
fibdax (fibdax) : Issue created
[[https://www.multicharts.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?t=52268|link to images for explanations]]

Is it possible to display some of the following useful values ​​for a quick reading of the footprint even in the long term? They should be values ​​already present and the problem to be solved is visualization. These are images of an indicator for another platform that allows for very detailed information and different types of visualization. Even the possibility of having the volume on the left and the delta on the right makes the scene better understood
October 15, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 08:19  Feature request MC-2612 - Status Line + Active Orders & Positions
Andrew Ryan (Andrew Ryan) : Issue created

I don't understand why the "status line" and the "active orders & positions" change font sizes simultaneously.

I'd like them to be different sizes
October 12, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 18:49  Feature request MC-2611 - "User" or "Custom" tab in Insert studies
Roy (roydogan) : Issue created
Add a 4th tab called "User" or "Custom" in Insert Study that lists only Studies that the user created or the user imported that is not part of the standard list of studies in Multicharts.
i.e. "Indicator", "Signals", "Add-Ons" and "Custom"/"User".

1. This makes it easier for the user to manage and update their own custom studies (indicators, signals).
2. It saves the user time of having to go through all the studies to find a particular one they created
3. It is a better way to group studies rather than having to use a "workaround" and add prefixes to segregate ones custom studies to top of list or clustered somewhere.
It is not always practical to add add prefixes to study names to sort ones own custom studies to the top of the list.

It would be a simple feature to implement as user studies would have a property that would make them appear in standard tabs and exclusively in "Custom"/"User" tab in Insert Study window.
October 09, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 00:25  Bug report MC-2610 - Setting a signal input to blank (empty string) doesn't work
gkiff (gkiff) : Issue created
When a string input is blanked out by the user, the empty string is not given to the signal, instead the previous non-empty value is used
September 29, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 17:20  Feature request MC-2609 - make once keyword persist thru reloads & symbol changes
rrams (rrams) : Issue created
Please change the operation of the "Once" keyword to only execute the one time it is called per use in the current MultiCharts process instead of every time data is reloaded.

I understand "Once" needs to adhere to the EasyLanguage legacy meaning from where it originated, however:
1. It is trivial to program that same logic functionality of executing one time per new symbol or data reload (without "Once") using existing PowerLanguage boolean flags.
2. It is currently impossible to run a "CommandLine" statement in indicator code which will reload data on the chart without repeating in an infinite loop.
once CommandLine(".rld int = 1 day"); // executes constantly in indicator code, so why have it?
3. The intuitive lexical meaning of the word once does not contain a bunch of clauses where it is allowed to repeat after certain actions. Once means literally one time only.
4. There is no other way even using Global variables that will save state after chart reload or symbol change.
5. Making this change to "Once" is the easiest way to have variable memory persistance without having to add a whole new data type or other difficult change.
September 25, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 01:04  Feature request MC-2608 - Enhanced option for KASE-Bar
signalworks (signalworks) : Issue created
Kasebar is known to show almost real "Rangebars", with which there are no serious differences between backtest results and live results.
When casebars are generated, the tick exceeding the box size becomes the opening tick of the new casebar. I would like to add the option that this tick should be the last tick of the finished rangebar. Here is an indicator that shows both variants. #Range_Mode=1 is the classic (Kasebar implemented) bar mode. #RangeMode=0 shows the above desired option.

Could this be added as an option in the instrument dialog by MC at short notice?

see this topic in discussion-forum: https://www.multicharts.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=52243

Thanks & regards
September 20, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 19:42  Feature request MC-2607 - Display object id in drawing properties
janus (janus) : Issue created
Right-clicking on a drawing object -> "Format xxx" ->"Properties" should also display the id of the selected object. It would be very useful when debugging code.
September 16, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 04:53  Bug report MC-2606 - MC.Net 12 (Build 18187) When starting a workspace - hidden data stream causes indicator based on it, to not appear also
John (johnromeronc) : Issue created
If I put an indicator in a sub chart and it is based on a hidden data stream, it also does not appear, as if it is hidden. Changing data from hidden on any subchart , then OK, then I can go back in and return data to hidden and indicator stays visible. for the rest of the time. Until next time I load work space, either because of complete MC.Net reload, or close workspace and reopen.

September 09, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 02:49  Feature request MC-2605 - additions to doc and updates idea -- Suggestions I think would be helpful for others
John (johnromeronc) : Issue created
As I am trying to get better at c# as it is implemented in MC.Net, I keep finding info over here, and over there.

0 - Update the Programming reference manual. It looks like back in 2015 and ver 1.2 of the doc. It is missing a lot of the newer capabilities. Or maybe I just missed them. What I think would be helpful is that instead of putting the info about new things is to put them in the programming guide and point the blog has only having a title / 1 liner about the change / addition and then link to the page section of the programmers guide. This way we see the change and can see how it relates / fits in. Also, I would like to see in a column off to the right, be a field that is either a-> the date added or b-> version # when the info / feature / API was added/changed/ enhanced.
1 - I would really like to see the help file which starts from the Editor to have many more snippet examples.
2 - to have that as a 2nd example up in the WiKi . 4.7.6 Volume Profile.
3 - Also would it be helpful to have the structures - Iprofile and ILevel also listed in the following area? Collections Elements - with the other collections / data structures
4 - A wish ->-> is to have many more examples, snippets, to be included in the supplied indicators , studies ... They could be in a sub folder to distinguish from other type of code. They could come from your test cases. Maybe even take all of the supplied solutions you provide while responding to users on the forum, Add all of those things to the User Contributed section. It would save a lot of time digging through the forums, looking for code.

Any way - it is a journey as I am self learning C#. I have an old programming degree, and no formal learning on OO, just online stuff. I like the Msft Bob Tabor lessons on C# general stuff. For examples of things specific to MC.Net, where is the best place to find examples? As a resource I use Visual Studio and the ability to search entire solution. So I search on possible keywords involved in whatever I am looking for. ex - VolumeProfile. If I find a match, I look at it as a example.

September 06, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 03:53  Feature request MC-2604 - Stop/Limit Price Emulation only within the custom session template
Paulmako Lee (Paulmako Lee) : Issue created
It is common for auto-trading that the trader trades several strategies of different instruments using different trading sessions (custom session templates). The traders normally switch on Multicharts for trading once a day or once a week (even once a month) and keep Multicharts running for days and weeks without turn-off the strategies. Currently, Multicharts send strategy orders wither directly to brokers or emulate locally until the price is touched and then sent market orders to the brokers. With the Emulate Locally function today it still possible that the stop/limit orders will be filled outside the session time if the price is touched outside the session template. And this is normally not what the strategy wanted.
So if Multicharts can further emhance the Emulate Locally function to have it only emulate the prices within the session template time, and not perform the emulation function when outside the session template time. This would be very useful and appreciated by auto-traders.
With this function, it actually make the backtesting result in line with the real trading result (the backtesting result will not have any order fill outside the session template).

Please consider this and make it happen as soon as possible.


Paulmako Lee