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Oktober 24, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 22:42  Feature request MC-2745 - DOM api allowing event definition and subscription of external element
andb (andb) : Issue created
DOM could have API to allow definition of event, and possibility of event subscription by external component.
feature_request_tiny.png 22:41  Feature request MC-2744 - dom depth of market additional column with sudden delta's (sudden withdraw of significant orders)
andb (andb) : Issue created
DOM could benefit from an additional column that would show the sudden add-up or withdraw of "considerable" size.
Oktober 14, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 03:32  Feature request MC-2743 - Addition of 2nd Extension tool/choice
AdrianP (AdrianP) : Issue created

Currently MC only has one Extension Tool for projecting lines.
I would like to see one and perhaps 2 additions.
On Tradingveiw.com they also have a quick tool for drawing a trade setup (entry, stop,target) which can be nice to get a qucik sense of R/R.
MC has nothing like this.

The current extension tool can in theory have multiple projections, but it is extremely tedious to be constantly clicking some off and some on each time.
I would prefer either a 2nd Extension icon or a very easy way to switch between alternatives.

So I might want to do Fib projections on swings sometimes, or perhaps even different types of Fib projections.
Or I might wish to project multiple exit points based upon some expansion of R/R etc.
These could and would be totally different to each other.

But the choice needs to be made when starting to draw, not AFTER it is drawn, when you can go in and change the existing settings.
From what I see within MC, NONE of the small tool icons have choices. You eithe rselect it or you dont.
So you would need to think of a way to allow multiple Extension choices, rather than say simpy having more icons to fill the top and bottom of the screen.

Hope this all makes sense.
Oktober 09, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 19:05  Feature request MC-2742 - Recalulate Indicators Button On Toolbar
dean (dean) : Issue created
A trivial request but productivity positive.
Usage: One example. When going through opportunities by loading different instruments in sequence on the same chart window (eg. opportunities in scanner) when a new instrument is loaded I often find that some of the studies I've created are not calculated for the new instrument. Particularly drawings. I then need to do a right click on the chart and select recalculate.

It would be a bonus to just be able to click an icon on the toolbar. I mean that's what the toolbar is useful for - a convenience.

So it is a trivial request but none-the-less important.
Oktober 06, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 00:32  Feature request MC-2741 - Implementation of New Criptocurrencies Exchanges
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue closed
Oktober 05, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 23:09  Feature request MC-2741 - Implementation of New Criptocurrencies Exchanges
Unger Academy (Unger Academy) : Issue created
Due to the exponential growth of the cryptocurrency market and the countless trading opportunities it offers, we believe that the implementation of new cryptocurrency exchanges is essential.
Binance, the only exchange that can be used so far through Multicharts, has several problems with international authorities and future trading is now prohibited in several countries.

It would be desirable to introduce new exchanges chosen from the largest in terms of volume, such as FTX, which offers a wide variety of derivative and leveraged products, and Kraken, which has an excellent reputation.

Many trading platforms are moving in this direction and without any doubt this is the most interesting market and with the most development possibilities for the years to come.
Oktober 04, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 23:59  Feature request MC-2740 - Portfolio Trader : Ability to Add Instrument on the Fly
rc76 (rc76) : Issue created
Ability to Add/Remove Instrument on the Fly in Portfolio Trader


I have 10 crypto instruments running in PT. Each instrument has 5min and 1day as data1, data2. Applied to the same set of strategies (Script_Strategy_01, Script_Strategy_02).

When reached specific condition defined in powerlanguage script, I can add new crypto to the PT list, applied to the same timeframes (5min, 1day), and same strategies (Script_Strategy_01, Script_Strategy_02). This new symbol is already defined in QM. I can also do the same to remove a crypto symbol. The adding and removal of symbol will not stop the running PT. (or maybe pause it to allow the system to add/removal of symbol).

The existing positions of the new/removed symbol follow the same process how we handle the symbol positions when we start/terminate the PT.

September 29, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 23:08  Feature request MC-2739 - Collapsable Subchart - instead of moving them arround manually with the dividers
Chris (Chris) : Issue created
It would be very helpfull if subcharts would be collapsable. For Overview and for helping with restricted monitor size.
A collapse/uncollapse button on every Subchart.
September 23, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 02:46  Feature request MC-2738 - Add Weekday to Chart Hint
Chris (Chris) : Issue created
It would be very helpfull if, in addition to the Date that is shown in the Chart Hint, there also is a weekday infront of the date, like Mo. Tue. Wed.....
September 16, 2021
bug_report_tiny.png 04:44  Bug report MC-2737 - "Max number of bars" Auto-Detect does not work correctly in some cases (Multicharts .NET)
trd001 (w_clasing) : Issue created
In Multicharts .NET the max number of bars "Auto-Detect" function does not work properly and calls the StartCalc-Method twice if the Indicator logic is within a method and if "Format Study / Properties / Max number of bars study will reference" is set to "Auto-Detect". When changing the setting to "User Specified" it works correctly.
See example code below.
September 03, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 02:02  Feature request MC-2735 - Enable study / powerlanguage to access Binance's "Mark Price"
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue closed
August 29, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 12:35  Feature request MC-2736 - Degiro broker
bomberone1 (bomberone1) : Issue created
Please add Broker Degiro
August 28, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 21:38  Feature request MC-2735 - Enable study / powerlanguage to access Binance's "Mark Price"
rc76 (rc76) : Issue created
Mark Price, is there any particular reason MC didn’t implement this?

From my understanding, Mark price is critical to determine a crypto Future’s:
(1) Open Cost of a Contract (https://www.binance.com/en/support/faq/87fa7ee33b574f7084d42bd2ce2e463b)
(2) Unrealised PnL
(3) Protection against unstable Last Price (https://www.binance.com/en/support/faq/360033525071)

And Binance API do provide such API endpoint for Mark Price:
- https://binance-docs.github.io/apidocs/futures/en/#change-log
- New endpoint GET /fapi/v1/markPriceKlines to get mark price kline/candlestick data.

Will there be any chance for this API endpoint to be implemented?

Thank you
August 25, 2021
bug_report_tiny.png 12:30  Bug report MC-2734 - When more than one chart (multicharts) are open, the ticker price on the chart freezes for 30 seconds at times
Younis (Mohammad) : Issue created
This is a huge issue. Multicharts is named for that probably for the reason that we can open multi - charts (more than a single chart), and have all our signals/strategies working normally. But this is not the case. When I open 10 charts that are loaded with data, and enable trading on them, the ticker price on the charts starts to freeze for 30 seconds at times. This will ruin trading since it will cause delays in our trading, so this issue is a primary issue that has to be fixed in Multicharts and I think its of utmost priority.
August 24, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 09:04  Feature request MC-2733 - Ruler: Click and Drag between Two Chart Points for %age and Interval Between
dean (dean) : Issue created
MC has loads of great charting tools (which unfortunately I don't utilize enough, or have no need for) - there is one however that I would use all the time but it's missing. That is the **RULER** which provides percentage difference or just to measure the number of bars or days between two points.

It's a great tool feature that is well implemented in TradingView (which you no doubt know all about :) ). I think it would be a cracker of a feature, well used etc. and a benefit to all MC users.

There is one other draw(able) object that I miss and that is the **re-sizable ARROW**. It is kind of there in the form of an MC 'trendline'. Just need to update that same object with an arrow head. I suggest it doesn't need any properties - as in accessing from signals like trendlines. Just make it a simple chart placeable object.
August 18, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 07:47  Feature request MC-2732 - Webhook Alert Integration
tornadoatc (tornadoatc) : Issue created
Webhook Alert Integration

With the regulatory issues around crypto currencies it is not always possible to trade cryptocurrencies using Binance.com as a broker. Now there are many trading bot companies that enable webhook alerts as a mechanism for trade execution. Multicharts should enhance the Alerts() functionality to include Webhook configuration.

This would effectively enable many more broker / bot integrations for Multicharts cryptocurrency users.

feature_request_tiny.png 07:41  Feature request MC-2731 - Multi Timeframe Scanner
tornadoatc (tornadoatc) : Issue created
Multi Timeframe Scanner

Multi timeframe analysis is required in technical analysis. Currently, there are two limitations that are preventing the multi timeframe analysis when using the Scanner functionality.

First, scripted Indicators used for the scanner are not able to reference other timeframe data. For instance, if I created an Indicator and used within the scanner on symbols of Daily bars I am unable to reference weekly data within this Indicator. The idea is to first be able to filter a daily symbol based on the indicator status of weekly bars.

Second, the Scanner does not enable the ability to filter on a different timeframe than what is past to the bottom filtered list. Meaning, I would like to insert 25 weekly symbols in the Prescanner section and then apply an indicator that would be used to filter these weekly symbols. If I can filter just the symbol and then have filtered symbols apply to a different timeframe (i.e. daily ) in the below list I can then evaluate the daily chart which trade decision would be made on.

August 16, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 08:13  Feature request MC-2730 - Make possible Backtesting of Renko Charts Tick by Tick (BarMagnifier/IOG mode)
Younis (Mohammad) : Issue created
Please make possible the backtesting of Renko Charts Tick by Tick (Bar Magnifier/IOG Mode). Renko Charts are very popular charts all over the world. In stock terminology, noise refers to random or short-term market fluctuations that distort the picture of underlying trends, making it difficult to forecast the market's direction, and thus causing losses for traders.
Renko charts solve this problem by filtering out the noise/fluctuations/volatility, producing equal price-based renko boxes, that make analyzing charts much simpler and easier, and making easier to make a profit.
That is why it is needed to backtest these Renko charts Tick by Tick to obtain the results. Currently the only way to see the result of a Renko chart (tick by tick) is to do papertrading; but in order to see the results of these Renko charts longterm, it is needed to do papertrading for at least a year (in order to see meaningful results) which is a very long time.
feature_request_tiny.png 05:33  Feature request MC-2729 - Cryptocurrency Exchange Integration for US based Traders ( FTX.US )
william taylor (william taylor) : Issue created
Binance has recently modified requirements for access to their API which includes additional identity verification. For US traders who in the past were using a VPN or VPS to gain access to the exchange these measures were sufficient however with the additional verification recently required this option is no longer viable.

FTX.US could serve an option for US traders as the exchange is specifically designed for the market. The below link details the integration requirements:


This could serve as a great way to not only provide US traders with access to cryptocurrency trading through Multicharts but also provide a great marketing opportunity for the MC team.

August 12, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 15:36  Feature request MC-2728 - Ability to assign specific "leverage" value for the specific crypto trade (i.e. Binance Futures)
rc76 (rc76) : Issue created
Currently Binance Futures allow user to assign specific "leverage" value for the specific crypto trade, when they are performing the trade from the default Binance app.

Currently MC only allows to assign leverage value from Quote Manager, and not as specific trade level, but for all trades for that particular crypto.

It will be truly great for MC to have the ability to assign specific "leverage" value for the specific crypto trade (i.e. Binance Futures) from powerlanguage directly.

August 10, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 06:15  Feature request MC-1370 - Mobile App
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue closed
feature_request_tiny.png 02:10  Feature request MC-2727 - Add stock broker: Robinhood
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue created
Website: https://robinhood.com/us/en/
feature_request_tiny.png 02:09  Feature request MC-2726 - Add stock broker: Cobra Trading
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue created
Website: https://www.cobratrading.com/
feature_request_tiny.png 02:08  Feature request MC-2725 - Add stock broker: CenterPoint Securities
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue created
Website: https://centerpointsecurities.com/
feature_request_tiny.png 02:07  Feature request MC-2724 - Add Guardian Trading broker
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue created
Website: https://www.guardiantrading.com/
August 05, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 06:52  Feature request MC-2723 - Ability to reference Volume Multiplier from Code
rc76 (rc76) : Issue created
After various comparison of MC and Binance's 24h volume, we have found that there is always a gap (i.e. 100 or 1000 or 10).

This is due to Volume Multiplier. However currently we cannot access the Volume Multiplier set in QuoteManager from code, such that we can address this gap between MC and Binance's 24h volume.

It will be great to create a keyword to retrieve the Volume Multiplier of the specific crypto coin.

August 02, 2021
bug_report_tiny.png 23:32  Bug report MC-2722 - Market Depth not working from TradeStation datafeed
Faisal (Faisal) : Issue created
Market Depth not working from TradeStation datafeed, in the MultiCharts DOM. It simply shows as "Waiting for Data..."
Juli 28, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 02:56  Feature request MC-2721 - Command Line for "Go To Specified Bar"
rc76 (rc76) : Issue created
Can we add a command line code for:
(1) Go To Specified Bar
(2) Go To DateTime

Thank you!
feature_request_tiny.png 02:49  Feature request MC-2720 - Enable “paste” of DateTime string into "Go To Specified Bar"
rc76 (rc76) : Issue created
Currently the "Go To Specified Bar" does not allow paste of DateTime string into the "Date Time" input section. You have to manually select each individual date and time input.

It will be great you can paste a correctly formatted string into the Input DateTime box, for example:

7/25/2021 12:01:50

This will allow way faster input of datetime data? (i.e. since I have 50+ datetime I want to check for various symbols, it will be truly a pain to insert one by one, instead I can just copy and paste the datetime info directly into the box).

Thank you so much!
Juli 07, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 07:04  Feature request MC-2719 - Add the Date when Chart Optimization Took Place
dean (dean) : Issue created
Optimized Date - A useful feature that can be placed in the Settings page of the Testing Strategy Performance Report.
Place "Optimized Date" field below "Back-Testing Mode" field - if the Optimization method was Exhaustive (classic) or Genetic - fill field with Date. When Optimization is Continuous put N/A in date field.

Generally I put in my notebook the date and instrument when an optimization was done - I can't see why this information can't be provided in the generated Report.

It's important knowledge for a variety of reasons. I'm surprised it's not been implemented.
Juli 05, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 07:20  Feature request MC-2718 - "Apply Input Combo to Strategy" Dialog Box is Annoying and Unnecessary
dean (dean) : Issue created
After double clicking a combination of values (a row) in the Optimization Report a dialog box appears:
"Do you want to apply this input combination to the strategy?
Well yes! After all I double clicked - so I know what I want.

When one wants to apply a number of choices quickly in succession this dialog box becomes extremely annoying. Kind of takes me back to using the disaster Win95 and its dialog implementation.

Suggestion is to at least put a "Don't show this in future" checkbox on the dialog bottom left. To bring it back, for those that miss it - perhaps put a choice in the MISC tab of File/Preferences.
Other suggestion is to just get rid of it altogether - with respect, it really serves no useful purpose for users beyond the amateur.
Juni 02, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 01:42  Feature request MC-2717 - Adding Buy and Hold-Strategy to Performance Report
Erik L (Erik L) : Issue created
It would be advantageous if a graphical (and/or an arithmetically) comparison of trading strategy and** Buy-and Hold Strategy** could be implemented into the **Strategy Performance Report**.
Juni 01, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 10:26  Feature request MC-2716 - Commentary Function in Script Editor
Erik L (Erik L) : Issue created
It would be extremly advantegous if a commentary feature would be integrated in the script editor.

It should work as follows: Mark the corresponding codes lines, right click, context menu -> toggle comment and vice versa. Then "//" is inserted or deleted automatically at the beginning of the marked code lines. It is quite time consumimng to do this manually for hundreds of code lines.
feature_request_tiny.png 03:01  Feature request MC-2715 - Script editor
Erik L (Erik L) : Issue created

What I miss in the script editor is a functionality for toggling code lines can be shifted into comment lines, simply by right mouse click, "toggle comments". The "//" for comments must always be put in manually which is time consuming. A sophisticated solution would be to mark the corresponding code line, right-click on toggle comments and vice versa.
Mai 24, 2021
bug_report_tiny.png 09:56  Bug report MC-2713 - T&S window not working with Binance
chartsurfer (chartsurfer) : Issue created

the T&S window isn't working with Binance at all. It only shows "Establshing connection..." and nothing happens.

Mai 21, 2021
bug_report_tiny.png 23:26  Bug report MC-2712 - setting a binance broker api public key results in error object reference not set to an instance of an object
andb (andb) : Issue created
setting a binance broker api public key results in error object reference not set to an instance of an object
feature_request_tiny.png 17:00  Feature request MC-2711 - Add more cryptocurrency brokers and data sources
idnotbe (idnotbe) : Issue created
Now crypto market is growing really fast.
and more and more automated trading platforms support cryptocurrency exchange connections.

MC offers only Binance among the "major" ​crypto exchanges.
I think MC should add more crypto exchanges as brokers and data sources.

To prioritize crypto exchanges, coinmaketcap.com can be a reference. ( https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin/markets/ )
and considering many MC users want to trade perpetual futures, the followings are the top priority except Binance.

- Bybit
- Huobi Global

during the recent big drop on the crypto market, Binance couldn't handle the data feed and the order properly because of the overload.
Bybit did it properly without lag, though i don't have the experience of Huobi and FTX.
Mai 02, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 13:47  Feature request MC-2710 - Alpaca - stocks broker commission free
bomberone1 (bomberone1) : Issue created
It offers 0 commission to trade stocks.
Could Multicharts enable the trading to it?

April 29, 2021
feature_request_tiny.png 21:02  Feature request MC-2709 - Manually run task in historical data download scheduler
ragdoll (ragdoll) : Issue created
As the scheduled task could be interrupted, say like windows 10 automatic update and restart, system crash, there is no a convenient way to restart the interrupted task. Would you please help to provide a button to run the task manually. Thanks.
feature_request_tiny.png 01:09  Feature request MC-2708 - Portfolio Trader provide capital invested graph
Douglas Goullet (Douglas Goullet) : Issue created
This is a crucial measurement when backtesting a portfolio of instruments, you want to see a graph of the total amount of capital deployed over different financial instruments that the strategy invested in. thanks