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September 14, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 14:36  Feature request MC-2804 - Add native support to check completeness of data on backtest
Ettienne (et1hugo) : Issue created
Hello support,

Thank you for a great platform, I find it very helpful in investigating trading ideas and strategies.

Please add support to check the data against which a backtest is performed to see whether there are missing "holes" in the data. Obviously having large swathes of data missing renders a backtest useless. I've written a strategy that I think is a pretty good approximation of what I mean for the United States (you need to know the public holidays that's why it's country specific) - I'd be happy to share the exported pln with you.

Kind regards
feature_request_tiny.png 07:59  Feature request MC-2803 - Set statements need an option to prevent intrabar order generation
Mark Simms (Mark Simms) : Issue created
Set statements operate Intrabar-only. ...SetStop, SetBreakeven, etc.
Need a directive to allow them to only operate a close of bar:

Also, please document the fact that current Set statements are CPU intensive.
feature_request_tiny.png 07:56  Feature request MC-2802 - Set statements need a Name option
Mark Simms (Mark Simms) : Issue created
Currently there is no way to name the SetStop, SetBreakeven, Settrailing statements.
Ex: SetDollarTrailing_pt(Amount)

Need this:
SetNamedDollarTrailing_pt("My Trailing", Amount);

In this manner, no existing code will be broken.
August 29, 2022
bug_report_tiny.png 15:20  Bug report MC-2801 - Indicator on multiple timeframe chart breaks after zooming in and resetting chart scale
Ettienne (et1hugo) : Issue created
Hello support,

I ran into an issue where I'm using two timeframes (1 day and 1 week) with moving averages (I've seen this behavior with some of my own indicators) based off both timeframes BUT rendered only on the first chart when zooming in and then using the "Reset scales" or the "Reset price scale" menu options to zoom out the indicator based off the second data feed becomes disconnected in terms of price scale and seems to connect it's price scale to the second chart's scale. I should point it that this does not seem to occur when you use the "Zoom out" option to restore the first chart.

Thank you in advance for feedback and looking into the issue - at least the "Zoom out" option seems to be a temporary work around.

Kind regards
August 25, 2022
bug_report_tiny.png 03:03  Bug report MC-2800 - Bad/unhelpfull allignment of numbers on VP (imf, value area high)
Chris (Chris) : Issue created
The information shown when a VP is activated/clicked, like the imf and total volume, is quite sqeezed... but not an actuall bug...maybe there is a nicer way of doing that.

But, when a value area high is near the day high, then imf and VaH mix up so bad, that even giving enough wideness, it is not possible to read them.

A really nice way for a solution, I sugest a grid, like NT has it. There could be seperate configuration section with the VP area and maybe even selectable values...
August 22, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 07:09  Feature request MC-2799 - Request for support for TOS / TD ameritrade Data feed and order execution
Bimal (Bimal) : Issue created
Being a long time account holder with TOS / TDA - wanted to request the support for their data feed and Order execution so that i dont have to create a new account with IBKR - i have been working on creating some strategies on MC.net and would like the option to continue and work with MC and TOS.

August 18, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 03:22  Feature request MC-2798 - Upgrade ELLIPSE drawing tool to something far more advanced
AdrianP (AdrianP) : Issue created
Currently, the Ellipse tool is virtually useless, as it has close to zero flexibility.
Here are the additional features I would like added please:

1. The ability to ROTATE and/or set a particular angle or perhaps even some kind of Gann time/price ratio;
2. The ability to set the WIDTH, relative to LENGTH.

If you do a Google search for "Ellipse Trading" and look at the images, you will instantly get a feel for the type of flexibility I am talking about.
Also here : https://sacredtraders.com/phi-ellipse/
They are discussed in more detail in the Robert Fischer book "Candlesticks, Fibonacci, and Chart Pattern Trading Tools" (I can provide if desired)

The general goal is to be able to envelope price action via an Ellipse that can be infinitely variable in size, shape, and slope.
August 16, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 23:32  Feature request MC-2797 - BOOKMAP
mikeerooia (mikeerooia) : Issue created
Please add the
BOOKMAP in Multicharts


July 27, 2022
bug_report_tiny.png 22:03  Bug report MC-2796 - Uncheck "Break on Session" for time based bars on cumulative delta chart got lost in MC14
Chris (Chris) : Issue created
I just learned that in earlier versions than MC14 it was possible to uncheck "Break on Session" for time based bars when running a cumulative delta chart. That really needs to come back.
I am already writing with Kate about this, so I just wanted an "Issue" to make tracking easier.
July 21, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 17:16  Feature request MC-2795 - cancel open orders when autotrade stops but keep stop losses and take profits running
kinginhk (king yut quan) : Issue created
Hi all,

I'd like to add a choice for what to do when autotrade is turned off. Right now, we have the choice between cancelling all open orders or keeping them. But, I believe it's necessary to differentiate between opening new trades and stop losses / take profits, which should be kept running, while orders to open new trades should be cancelled to avoid adding risks when autotrade is off.

Many thanks!
July 18, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 08:15  Feature request MC-2794 - Quotemaner all configurated
mikeerooia (mikeerooia) : Issue created
All the trading platforms competing with Multicharts that offer trading with many brokers have by default all the instruments configured correctly: futures, stocks, options, and forex.
Is it possible to ensure that when the Quotemanger connects to a broker, it has already correctly corrected all the instruments configured?
Mc team see Tradestation, SierraChart, Cqg, etc
feature_request_tiny.png 08:14  Feature request MC-2793 - QuoteManager automatically configured instrument
mikeerooia (mikeerooia) : Issue created
All the trading platforms competing with Multicharts that offer trading with many brokers have by default all the instruments configured correctly: futures, stocks, options, and forex.
Is it possible to ensure that when the Quotemanger connects to a broker, it has already correctly corrected all the instruments configured?
Mc team see Tradestation, SierraChart, Cqg, etc
July 07, 2022
bug_report_tiny.png 07:23  Bug report MC-2792 - Order and Position tracker - Trade Summary dont have option for USDT
strelow (robsonstrelow) : Issue created
For Crypto trade "Order and Position Tracker" is not working because usually the USDT is used instead of Dollar .

My suggestion is open for other crypto currency like USDC,USDT and maybe stay this editable for other options .

This way "Order and Position Tracker" will return to works.

June 29, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 08:47  Feature request MC-2791 - Break on Session = No, but break Candle/Bar
Chris (Chris) : Issue created
Now, not activating "Break on Session" (i.e. Contract Bars) lets the whole chart run through and only closes a bar when number of contracts are reached.

I would find it usefull, to have the possibility to let the chart run through, but cut of the active bar on Session Break, so that there is some type of reconizing a change in Session/Day and with that taking into account, that number of contracts will most likly come in slower and are counte on a new bar.
So have an extra decission point: Break on Session for Chart and Break on Session for Bars.
June 28, 2022
bug_report_tiny.png 21:31  Bug report MC-2790 - Not "Break on Session" with Cumulative Delta Charts resets to "0" in real time on new day/new session
Chris (Chris) : Issue created
Contract Bars i.e 25000 build from cumulative delta (UP/DN ticks, same as Ask/Bid) and NOT "Break on Session" starts at "0" on new day.
I use Local Time, so being in Germany the S&P mini starts at 0 o`clock
I use that chart as Subchart2 Data2 (regular chart on Data1), but would have to check if its the same behavior when on Data1.
May 17, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 21:02  Feature request MC-2789 - Request to buld in connection with Futu in MC to trade!
John Ho (John Ho) : Issue created
I am currently using Futu Securities (US Stock code: Futu)'s Software FutuNN to trade.
This software is popular in China, HongKong and it's developing through out in Asia, US and worldwide.

However i tried to connect Futu's software with Multicharts to trade and I don't know how to write the codes for connection.
This is frustrating for ALL my friends who have Multicharts, a large group of people, very large.

I talked to Futu, they have open codes, but i am not majoring in computer science, it is hard for me and us.

Therefore, i sincerely and highly requesting, asking Multicharts to make build-in connection with Futu,
therefore we can trade Futu's software with Multicharts!

Thus this should increase the number of people using Multicharts!
May 11, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 02:19  Feature request MC-2788 - turn lines off in Volume Delta via width setting in profile style
Chris (Chris) : Issue created
For me, there are situations, where it is interessting to know where a minute based POC is, in addition to a tick-based VP.
Then I use the POC of a Volume Delta VP, but dont want to see the other lines of that profile, they just disturb the view of the overlaying/underlying tick VP.

However, I think it would be usefull, to be able to turn off whatever Line in the Volume Delta profile style. Even better would be, to integrate ARGB to the RGB colorsystem in generall, to set whatever is in the way, to transparent.
May 05, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 04:40  Feature request MC-2787 - Surpress automatic entires in symbol mappings when opening a chart
Lukas (lukasschniepper) : Issue created
Every time a chart is opened an automatic entry will be done in the symbol mapping table for the symbol in the chart.

If the data feed and the broker are different providers (for example, Tradestation for the data feed and Interactive Brokers as the broker), then the automatic entry in the symbol mapping table is incorrect and also causes error messages. The wrong entry can be deleted in the symbol mapping table, but it is immediately added again when a new chart is opened. Therefore, it would be very helpful to have a function that suppresses the automatic entry in the symbol mapping table.
May 04, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 12:12  Feature request MC-2786 - Integrating the two Synchronizers as built-in options like the Assign Initial Market Position to Strategy options
FidelisCapital (Fidelis) : Issue created
I really wish the two Synchronizers were built-in options like the Assign Initial Market Position to Strategy options. Currently, the two synchronizers are signals that must be put on the chart and It is important to configure timeouts properly otherwise, it may send changemarketposition orders not as expected. I would like the synchronizers to me built into the platform and activated by just clicking a radio button to use one or the other. I would like it so you don't have to configure the timeouts, but it that is required the configuration should be done in the Autotrading tab.

Here are the two options and the accompanying documentaton:
1) !From Broker To Strategy MP Synchronizer!
2) !From Strategy To Broker MP Synchronizer!

Manual Trading and Automated Trading on the Same Instrument at a Time:
April 29, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 04:19  Feature request MC-2785 - Receiving data is too difficult for foreigners living outside the US.
Chae Seongmin (Chae Seongmin) : Issue created

It is too difficult for foreigners to receive data. It is especially difficult to receive OPRA data. This is because most brokers and datafeeding companies require a local US bank account. If it is possible to mention the name of a specific company, 'webull' or 'dxfeed' is easy to access for foreigners. (You can blur the companies I mentioned.)
I'm requesting a more diverse data feeding company. In particular, please allow me to receive option data from the OPRA market.

I want to add one more thing. People who use the 'TradingView' service can easily purchase the data they want directly from 'TradingView' without having to go through a data feeding company individually.
It would be better if multicharts allow users to purchase data more conveniently.

thank you.
April 27, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 07:56  Feature request MC-2784 - More exchanges that possible make automated trade for crypto - Crypto.com Exchange
strelow (robsonstrelow) : Issue created
More exchanges that possible make automated trade for crypto - Crypto.com Exchange

Hello MC

Today only Binance exchange we can do automated trade . Please provide more options

- crypto.com

Crypto already have APIs only necessary create MC side.

April 26, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 03:50  Feature request MC-2783 - MAE and MFE Individual Trade Look Up Feature
FidelisCapital (Fidelis) : Issue created
Just like you can with the List of trades, I would like to be able to click on the Dots in the MAE and MFE charts and then have the chart move to the trade associated with that trade.
April 25, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 03:36  Feature request MC-2782 - More exchanges that possible make automated trade for crypto - Bitfinex
strelow (robsonstrelow) : Issue created
Hello MC

Today only Binance exchange we can do automated trade . Please provide more options

- bitfinex

Bitfinex already have APIs only necessary create MC side.

feature_request_tiny.png 03:34  Feature request MC-2781 - More exchanges that possible make automated trade for crypto - GateIO
strelow (robsonstrelow) : Issue created
Hello MC

Today only Binance exchange we can do automated trade . Please provide more options


Gate have APIs only necessary create MC side.

April 23, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 05:37  Feature request MC-2780 - Deactivate Studies with right mouse-click
Chris (Chris) : Issue created
Sometimes a study is "in the way" but still needed. Instead of having to open the "Format Indicators" window, it would be nice to just do this via a right-click option, in addition to "Remove Study"
April 21, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 04:12  Feature request MC-2779 - Set different MaxBarsBack length for each data series.
TW (TW) : Issue created
Able to set different MaxBarsBack length for each data series.
For example: Data1, Data2 in one chart.
Data1=1 minute, MaxBarsBack length=10 minutes.
Data2=1Day, MaxBarsBack length=10 Days.
If I set length be 10, currently MC works with 10 Days for both data1 and data2.

feature_request_tiny.png 04:07  Feature request MC-2778 - FTX.US Broker Plug In/Profile addition
FidelisCapital (Fidelis) : Issue created
FTX.US (https://docs.ftx.com/#overview) is creating a new means of clearing derivatives, without the intermediation of futures commission merchants. The proposal is currently being discussed with the CFTC. I would like to ask that Multicharts add a new FTX.US Broker Plugin so users can access FTX.US and this new opportunity.
April 11, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 08:35  Feature request MC-2777 - Visual Strategy Block Creator - non programming
bomberone1 (bomberone1) : Issue created
Several trading-related software companies have created different products that allow you to create block strategy without programming. Is it possible to have a tool that allows you to create strategies visually and in blocks in multicharts? Here are the main ones on the market


QCAID iSystem edition

Visual drag drop strategy editor

Adaptrade Editor

Visual Traders Studio

Visual Trader Studio - Connect: Drag and Drop MetaTrader Expert Advisor Builder

Visual Strategy Builder

April 05, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 07:01  Feature request MC-2776 - BINANCE MARGIN and AVAILABLE POSITION
Linda Kakon (Linda Kakon) : Issue created
BINANCE MARGIN and AVAILABLE POSITION don't exist. It's very difficult to trade with leverage without this.
feature_request_tiny.png 06:58  Feature request MC-2775 - BINANCE MARGIN AND AVAILABLE POSITION
Linda Kakon (Linda Kakon) : Issue created
Hello, it's very difficult to trade on BINANCE, without a vision of the margin and the available position.
feature_request_tiny.png 05:03  Feature request MC-2774 - Money Management Strategies in Porfolio Trader by default
j79 (j79) : Issue created
It would be great if you could add several money managent calculations for the signals in the Portfolio Trader.

I know there is the possibilitiy to make money management stratetegies for portfolios with powerlanguage code, but some money management strategies by default like Tradestation has would be useful.


April 04, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 07:13  Feature request MC-2773 - Adding Moving Averages / Probability Cones to Equity Curves
tony maldonado (tony maldonado) : Issue created
Being able to add a moving average to an equity curve in a performance report would help users determine the strength or weakness of a strategy and if it should be turned off. Similarly, a probability cone, based on Standard Deviations, would allow for Equity Curve Trend analysis.

Even more functional would be the ability to chart an Equity Curve, and set alerts when it moves beyond a predetermined threshold.
March 27, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 04:51  Feature request MC-2772 - Merge Multicharts and Multicharts.Net with Language Interoperability
FidelisCapital (Fidelis) : Issue created
I would like to ask that you consider Merging Multichart and Multicharts.Net into one package and platform where you can access all the MC languages, Powerlanguage, C#, VB, and Python API. I would also like all of the languages to be completely interoperable. This means that users could extend the power of Powerlanguage with the ability to integrate the other MC APIs (ie. Python, C#, and VB) into PowerLanguage code.
March 22, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 07:01  Feature request MC-2333 - Indicator line Transparency/Opacity selection
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue closed
March 12, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 04:59  Feature request MC-2771 - Dark Themes for all Modules
FidelisCapital (Fidelis) : Issue created
I would like the option to use Dark themes for all of the Multicharts Modules. Using MC all day with only having white themes is very stress full on your eyes. Please give us the option to use all dark themes across all of the Multichats Modules.
March 09, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 08:34  Feature request MC-2770 - Make Dom more useable
napalm (napalm) : Issue created
auto centre Dom without stopping for a few seconds.
Moveable columns to make things easier to look at. eg buy and sell columns nest to each other. Prce next to volume profile.
Please vote for this it will be a very handy feature for people who want to use depth of market.
March 07, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 07:22  Feature request MC-2769 - Urgently need additional data feed for crypto futures
kawing siu (kawing siu) : Issue created
Dear team,

We are anxiously waiting for the update to add additional exhange, especially with Future trading like FTX and Bybit to support data feeding and autotrading in MC. Binance is not supporting future trading. There is NO WAY for the MC users to trade with futures in MC!!!! The only way we work with algotrade is to leave MC, like Python. Please set priority to update the future data source. Thanks!
March 04, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 08:52  Feature request MC-2768 - Multicharts Python API
FidelisCapital (Fidelis) : Issue created
I would simply like to request that Multicharts create a Python API to add to their already existing MC.Net offering. Python is the fastest-growing language in finance. It would help MC to draw more customers from the growing Python Finance community.
March 02, 2022
feature_request_tiny.png 02:01  Feature request MC-2767 - New data and order processing service
akirda (akirda) : Issue created
I wold like to request access to a data and order processing services described bellow.

The data service is created and provided by another trading software called Sierra charts. It is provided thru their open source DTN protocol and it is called Denali data service.
- its comparable to IQ feed but costs in the region of $30 per month
- real time futures, FX and stocks data
- [10 years of tick data](https://www.sierrachart.com/index.php?page=doc/RealTimeDataFeedsAvailableFromSierraChart.php#Included)
- 18year plus of daily historical data depending on market


Hope you consider this as this is a great alternative to IQfeed and CQG which we already have access to via Multicharts.
February 22, 2022
bug_report_tiny.png 22:03  Bug report MC-2766 - Reload Workspace does not reload all charts/instruments within a workspace
Chris (Chris) : Issue created
Not much to describe, I have workspaces with three chart windows and several instruments within each window (for calculating term structure) and pressing "reload workspace" just not reloads all instruments within the workspace.