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Advanced Strategy Pack (ASP)
  • Portfolio Trader
  • Matrix Optimization
  • Walk-Forward Optimization
  • Self-Adaptive Trading
  • Volume Profile Drawing
  • Historical Data Downloader with Scheduler
  • Strategy Orders Monitor
  • Fast Automated Order Execution Switch
Backtesting Edition (BTE)

Get an offline license with all the tools necessary for strategy development, backtesting, and optimization, including:

  • Access to historical data from your data source
  • Backtesting and Optimization on charts and in Portfolio Trader
  • Historical Data Downloader with Scheduler

BTE can only be purchased as an addition to a lifetime license with ASP.

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Make the switch to MultiCharts!

Receive a discount for lifetime license of MultiCharts if you already use a competing product. Simply contact our support team to check how much of a discount you qualify for.

Free FX data with lifetime license purchase

Free FX data for 1 year with purchase of a lifetime license of MultiCharts (combines with other offers). Data comes from our FX servers and covers 30 major pairs. There are 2 years of historical tick data, 4 years of minute data and 11 years of daily bars (ask and bid values).

Hurry up, these are limited time offers! Customer can receive only one offer in each proposal.

Upgrade to the Advanced Strategy Pack

Add the Advanced Strategy Pack to your lifetime license for $500. Click here to purchase it now.
If you own an active paid subscription, you will have to cancel it and subscribe to MultiCharts with ASP.
If you have any questions please contact our support.

License conversion

Now you don’t have to purchase a whole new license if you want to use C# instead of EasyLanguage, or vice versa. Use the convenient License Conversion option for a one-time switch between MultiCharts and MultiCharts .NET at your convenience — just $200 USD! This cost-saving option is available through this secure online payment link.

Price includes


MultiCharts PRO

  • Regular MultiCharts package;
  • Dedicated personal technical support line;
  • Bloomberg data feed plugin.

Purchase conditions

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A single license may be used by its owner on one computer at a time, we reserve the right to cancel your license if this rule is violated.

If you want to provide MultiCharts to your customers or employees, we offer special volume-discounted pricing models and customization services. You can contact us for further details.

Payment options and delivery

MyCommerce handles the payment processing for us. Payment methods include all major credit cards, PayPal cheques and wire transfers. You will receive all the instruction for installation of MultiCharts via e-mail within 24 hours after the payment (or the next business day for the selected products).

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